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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COURTS

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Autobiography, 15:His mother was the guardian, appointed by the Courts of Chancery, to take care of my sister andAutobiography, 43:and aunts when we came of age, passed out of the Courts of Chancery and were definitely on our own.Autobiography, 84:hundred men prepared to terrify them into the courts of heaven. It was an immense room, with longDiscipleship2, 135:that "the point of the triangle is based in the courts of Heaven (Shamballa) and from that pointDiscipleship2, 288:Sacrifice; he eventually turns his back upon the courts of Shamballa and upon the Way of the HigherDiscipleship2, 387:and all - demonstrate eventually "within the courts of Heaven" and at the place of initiation, theDiscipleship2, 514:you. You hate publicity and yet much that you do courts it. You are sensitively humble and yet canDiscipleship2, 563:spiral, the Ashram is to the disciple what the courts of Shamballa are to the Master. That is why,Discipleship2, 564:next to the Christ himself), can "walk into the courts of Shamballa" at will. Masters of my degreeHercules, 116:and the solar system. To this fact our divorce courts bear loud testimony; and competition arisesHercules, 149:that they are victims of mental torture; the courts and hospitals produce cumulative evidence ofPsychology1, 269:tendencies and unsatisfied desires, divorce courts which devastate the life of the family and inPsychology1, 373:organized objectively and subjectively; its courts and holy places will then be accessible to theRays, 190:through the veils, giving access to the several courts. Walk on that path, wielding destruction andRays, 529:outside that of Those Who can function in the Courts of Shamballa. When these stages have beenRays, 735:the initiate the right to "come and go in the courts of Shamballa" as Their work may dictate and
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