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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COVER

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Psychology2, 599:the ancient Puranas or in the Apocalypse. These cover all the ground from the formulation of thePsychology2, 686:inner planes in 1936 and 1937 was extended to cover five days, - two preceding the Festival itself,Psychology2, 713:future and the laying of those plans which will cover the coming destiny of humanity during theRays, 132:note, therefore, that these words in reality cover or deal with life processes and not with formRays, 305:Path) by the lower concrete mind. They cover a familiar case history and one which is well known toRays, 323:now to be given, however, I shall endeavor to cover the ground [324] not already considered, andRays, 334:the higher planes. The activity engineered must cover the three worlds of human evolution as wellRays, 337:between one initiation and another. This may cover a period of many lives or prove relativelyRays, 422:though in both cases the time embraced may cover vast periods, from the point of view of humanity.Rays, 486:will appear with greater clarity. These words cover a building technique or a process of energyRays, 529:as far as humanity is concerned. These concepts cover our presentation of truth and of our theme upRays, 576:his life. This takes a very long time and may cover a cycle of many incarnations. He is constantlyRays, 594:include all that which the educational processes cover or are supposed to cover, and such a usefulRays, 594:educational processes cover or are supposed to cover, and such a useful science as medicine.Rays, 604:as it is for the individual. I would like to cover this theme by dividing my subject into theReappearance, 54:The cloud received Him; today the clouds which cover our planet are waiting to reveal Him. He isReappearance, 82:He is the first of the great world Teachers to cover two zodiacal cycles - the Piscean and theReappearance, 167:out of the twenty-four (or perhaps two) would cover the time given to the Master's work; he hidesTelepathy, 2:and the enunciated basis of the fact which we cover by the rather meaningless word: Omnipresence.Telepathy, 63:Law of Evolution and the Science of Impression cover the unfoldment of consciousness and bringTelepathy, 84:affect humanity. These - from the human angle - cover reception of impression and of ideas, andTelepathy, 87:via the antahkarana. [87] The first two stages cover the period of the first two initiations; theTelepathy, 101:energies) become more extensive and, therefore, cover a much wider range of activities. TheTelepathy, 109:The word telepathy has been used primarily to cover the many phases of mental contact and theTelepathy, 109:is thus understood in this modern usage does not cover the higher aspects of "relationship withinTelepathy, 141:because of utilizing the word "astral" to cover a mass of information anent the etheric as well as
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