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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COVERED

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Astrology, 97:of Correspondence brings of the final death is covered by the words liberation, relinquishment andAstrology, 110:underlying theme of any specific zodiacal sign, covered by the ideas of recreation, regeneration,Astrology, 206:angle of the experience in Scorpio can be covered by two words: recapitulation and reorientation.Astrology, 209:much anent the Fixed Cross has already been covered and there is no need for me to repeat theAstrology, 410:into Aquarius as is now the case, the period covered is approximately five hundred years. These areAstrology, 410:life cycle of the ego or soul. The lesser zodiac covered - from the angle of extreme illusion - inAstrology, 418:twelve constellations into four triplicities, covered by such qualifying terms as earthy triplicityAstrology, 467:of being. This threefold process can also be covered by the three words: Sensitivity, IlluminationAstrology, 482:not enter into an analysis of them as this was covered when we studied each of them earlier andAstrology, 561:be said anent the three Crosses has been already covered in scattered form when dealing separatelyAtomas each lecture briefly reviews the matters covered in the preceding addresses. As newcomers wereAtomto present a bird's-eye view of the ground covered and the reasons for the position [6] then taken.Atom, 112:aspect of meditation, he will find that he has covered the hardest part of the road. The person whoAutobiography, 283:doors to you, for you will be found to have covered the necessary preliminary work, to haveBethlehem, 75:there, we are told nothing. All that we know is covered by the words: "They returned into GalileeDestiny, 116:the contact. The stages of this import might be covered briefly by the following words: Contact,Discipleship1, 254:What I have to say to you can be adequately covered as I consider with you the five rays whichDiscipleship1, 482:meditation. The four points to be dealt with and covered in your diary are as follows: What things,Discipleship1, 530:wall. To the left on the lawn is a rustic, moss-covered well-house, enclosed by bushes of sweetDiscipleship1, 732:Much has been written about this stage. I have covered every practical angle in my many books andDiscipleship2, 93:true of J.W.K-P. I have not, as you will note, covered the whole ground. I have, however, indicatedDiscipleship2, 221:biologists, physicists, etc., who are usually covered by that term. The organizing, defining powerDiscipleship2, 234:- it could be proved that the word "spiritual" covered every phase of living experience. Ponder onDiscipleship2, 313:third divine Aspect. This is essentially what is covered by the symbolic and pictorial phrase "theDiscipleship2, 346:at this time. The general theme has been covered by me to date under four groups of thoughts orDiscipleship2, 363:to grasp. This, therefore, concerns you. I also covered their description and significance in twoDiscipleship2, 393:mean to you?" The entire story of evolution is covered in these few words. The Christ put it inDiscipleship2, 397:illumination. The remaining two hints will be covered in my next communication, and then theDiscipleship2, 401:on to the fourth Point of Revelation, we find it covered in the following words: "Purpose itself isDiscipleship2, 455:thinketh in his heart, so is he." When you have covered these nine themes for reflection, I wouldDiscipleship2, 553:which through its directive injunction covered the remainder of your life events - as I foresawEducation, 35:unifying the three aspects of himself which are covered by the general title of mental aspects: TheFire, 51:combustion. This subject has been somewhat covered by science, and is hidden in the mystery ofFire, 483:step. The whole subject of transmutation is covered by the work of the Hierarchy in all its threeFire, 707:First, that the subject has been sufficiently covered for our purpose in an earlier section, andFire, 738:of a root race until a certain cycle has been covered; then he may undergo a pralayic conditionFire, 1180:are here indicated. The ground is by no means covered but enough has been shown to indicate itsFire, 1208:Hierarchies. Much that concerns them has been covered in the section of this Treatise which dealsFire, 1264:and the entire body of the serpent is closely covered with written Sensa characters; theseGlamour, 5:qualities or aspects of the intuition and can be covered by the word, universality, or the sense ofGlamour, 11:to a gradual inclusion of the entire field covered by the symbol. Secondly, an intuitive perceptionGlamour, 123:their names are legion, and I have by no means covered the possibilities or the field of glamor. Glamour, 140:correspondence, the intuition, because I covered the ground very thoroughly in the sectionGlamour, 271:it is not my intent to deal, for I have covered much of these matters in my other books. Here IHealing, 67:frame, are a group of symptoms which are loosely covered by the terms: fevers, tumors, congestedHealing, 67:It might be said that all diseases can be covered by two definitions, from the standpoint ofHealing, 86:occult healing, and the technical matter to be covered is, in the last analysis, less intricateHealing, 99:soul that the disease should be cured. We have covered much ground of importance in this sectionHealing, 100:maleficent [100] indications. These are fully covered in any ordinary medical treatise and textbookHealing, 480:or their treatment because that is fully covered in the textbooks available; they can likewise beHealing, 569:point of friction. Much of this statement I have covered above. I would, however, call yourHealing, 685:the highest limits of spiritual possibility, are covered by four words, applicable at variousHealing, 695:indicating the ground which must still be [695] covered before the healer arrives at correct andHercules, 92:as they pass through the various constellations covered by this immense sign, that instinctHercules, 122:the chart of the personality. This warning is covered in a positive statement by the Tibetan: "TheHercules, 156:himself the sound was so intolerable, he covered both his ears with pads. At twilight when theHercules, 172:Why? Surely because his all inclusive love covered the so-called "lost souls", since we are toldHercules, 202:Full Moon of June 1945. The point of decision covered, therefore, nine years, a relatively briefIntellect, 57:points of contact with the physical organism are covered in my book, The Soul and Its Mechanism,Intellect, 170:regions of psychic events ordinarily covered with darkness. The fact that, in connection with this,Intellect, 172:working in them... the human soul is a lamp not covered over with a bushel. The lamp emits not theMagic, 8:disappears when the form aspect vanishes is covered by many terms, of which for the sake ofMagic, 90:and for the first two initiations, is covered by the word "Service". He grasps, gropingly at first,Magic, 152:of the evolutionary unfoldment of God in nature covered. It is the process whereby the Life, theMagic, 184:to the impress and control of the soul. This is covered sufficiently in the first two or threeMagic, 296:the experience that lies ahead upon the Path is covered in the following esoteric phrases: "WhenMagic, 378:until it flowered forth as manifested mind. This covered a vast period of time, and though theMagic, 423:sentient activity. This will all be eventually covered by a new psychological approach which willMagic, 524:of forms. So we leave the vast expanse of lives, covered by the unmeaning phrase "atomicMagic, 525:intelligent and the unintelligent - all who are covered by the word man. Meditation, 24:largely paramount. It corresponds to the period covered by the Lemurian and early Atlantean days.Meditation, 155:when the pupil has made the desired progress and covered certain specific stages and attainedMeditation, 202:In the above statements I have by no means covered the ground. I have but indicated the broadMeditation, 265:that might be said upon this matter has been covered in that earlier series I communicated to you.Meditation, 347:moment wisely occupied, leads to long distance covered and a life well spent. Those Who guide thePatanjali, 11:held before his seeking eye. The past is briefly covered in the next verse. Patanjali, 67:imposed by possessions and belongings. This is covered in many places in the various sutras andPatanjali, 76:complete quiet and calm. The idea is well covered by Charles Johnston in the words of hisPatanjali, 84:mysticism, has been frequently and adequately covered. Patanjali, 130:he can contact the three worlds, the period covered in this awakening is immense. The oldPatanjali, 185:the medium of the tongue and voice. This is covered in the aphorism in Light on the Path. "BeforePatanjali, 186:This commandment to abstain from avarice is covered by St. Paul when he says "I have learned inPatanjali, 228:It is made of sattva particles, but is covered by rajas and tamas particles, and by pranayama thisPatanjali, 252:than this, that realization which is covered by the term unity, but as yet it is not his. This is,Patanjali, 267:manifesting or latent. Much the same idea is covered in this sutra as in the previous one. In timePatanjali, 282:etheric body from the dense physical. This is covered by the word "abstraction" and entails: [283]Patanjali, 288:reward or recognition. This has been beautifully covered by H. P. Blavatsky in The Voice of thePatanjali, 314:more technical side of this matter has been well covered in the words of W. Q. Judge: "There arePatanjali, 351:upon the particular sense concerned (this is covered above) as upon the peculiar attribute of thePatanjali, 354:vision and on up to that inconceivable mystery covered by the terms the "All-seeing Eye" and thePatanjali, 378:unfoldment of these higher powers which can be covered by the terms direct knowledge, intuitivePatanjali, 381:fervent aspiration) and by meditation has been covered in the other books and need not be enlargedPatanjali, 411:is dissected and discussed and so completely covered that practically all our modern schools can bePatanjali, 414:last means of yoga seek to do. As this has been covered earlier it is needless to enlarge upon thisProblems, 132:[132] 3. The Protestant Churches. The church, covered by the generic name of "protestant", isPsychology1, 5:break down, given varying conditions. The field covered by psychology today is so vast, its schoolsPsychology1, 101:their forms. Flowers and trees that once covered the surface of our planet have now entirelyPsychology1, 225:man as yet to see the relations, for the cycles covered are so vast, the action of the fire inPsychology1, 312:upon the mud and slime with which his feet are covered. But when his open eyes are lifted for aPsychology1, 400:The above is a broad generalization. The period covered is so vast, and the ramifications down the
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