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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CREATE

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Astrology, 57:(or 10th) and the 6th. These, in collaboration, create man and, at the same time, constitute theAstrology, 139:The Moon brings about the inclination to create these conditions which lead to the great andAstrology, 191:and to walk the Way, and also the ability to create in the higher and spiritual sense. ThisAstrology, 196:- we call self-will. Aries, in which the will to create or to manifest makes its appearance and theAstrology, 219:are Vulcan, Neptune or Uranus. These three create and influence certain aspects of the MotherAstrology, 240:great creative process and purpose. He begins to create his own body of expression upon theAstrology, 247:These five, with Libra at the point of balance, create one of the six-pointed stars of evolutionAstrology, 334:These relationships, it will be found, create quite definite geometrical forms just as the crosses,Astrology, 334:as the crosses, formed between the opposites create the three crosses of the heavens. I commendAstrology, 547:to the emerging new concepts of truth - will create the needed new forms of appropriate expression.Astrology, 573:They focus this aspiration on the mental plane, create a thought-form embodying the objective andAstrology, 585:to realized and determined desire. It could then create such a driving force, directed to selfishAstrology, 619:into our solar system. It embodies the will-to-create that which will express the will-to-good. ItAutobiography, 213:and matter, energy and force in order to create forms through which life can express itself. ThisBethlehem, 245:inner, divine incentive to progress, to create and to benefit others, that seem, to those who haveDiscipleship1, 66:with the right impression. Hence our effort to create these groups, and to use people likeDiscipleship1, 71:ever that light is substance; their effort is to create - as individuals and also as a group ofDiscipleship1, 75:that golden network of light which will serve to create a powerful focal point; this focal pointDiscipleship1, 91:or corroborate an already known truth, or to create illusions or responsibility until it is eitherDiscipleship1, 127:certain things for you and in you: [127] t will create a temporary upheaval in your life and,Discipleship1, 207:and their united effect in the present will create one of the levers which will open for you theDiscipleship1, 229:keep your spiritual diary in terms of crisis. Create not these crises for yourself. They are not ofDiscipleship1, 334:and that which is not so good. The three of you create in fact a triangle within my group and thisDiscipleship1, 439:soul and with me, your friend. You will thus create a triangle of light between your soul, yourDiscipleship1, 522:of beauty. First of all, I had to lead you to create it; later I taught you to perfect it and thenDiscipleship1, 610:consideration are as follows: "The fire that I create must heat, not burn; it must draw into itsDiscipleship1, 621:They find easily the way of detachment; they create with facility a protecting shell and theyDiscipleship1, 634:she has had to learn (and is still learning) to create a tower of strength and of resistance toDiscipleship1, 696:visualizes; he speaks and that which he seeks to create and to materialize (in line with theDiscipleship1, 771:on it is necessary consciously to preserve and create that field of living, loving energy whichDiscipleship2, 34:close consideration of these statements you can create fresh aspiration and a renewed tendency toDiscipleship2, 40:and the cry of suffering humanity. This will create a curious false peace, but it will at the sameDiscipleship2, 40:false peace, but it will at the same time create a channel of approach for new spiritual forces andDiscipleship2, 106:they can complement each other and together create and present a perfect team in world service. OneDiscipleship2, 108:of you all to each other and it will also create an energy body - an etheric body - for the entireDiscipleship2, 108:and procedure. Therefore we ask: How can we create extra-ashramic groups out of aspirants andDiscipleship2, 118:one spontaneous movement. This will in due time create a magnetic field of light and life, withinDiscipleship2, 125:months - consistently and consciously - it will create a state of mind and of awareness which willDiscipleship2, 148:day as you can remember to do so; you will thus create a seed thought or a clear-cut thought-formDiscipleship2, 162:to the ideal and to take those steps which will create the form of that ideal upon the physicalDiscipleship2, 174:for right human relations, to a determination to create a better and more peaceful world and to aDiscipleship2, 179:You have here a technique whereby you create a line of related energy between the solar plexusDiscipleship2, 185:a training given and a process instituted which create a still greater fusion. It is this that theDiscipleship2, 185:they mould human ideals and consequently in time create its current civilization, thus [186]Discipleship2, 189:meditation is intended to teach the disciple to create - with deliberate intention - his own cross,Discipleship2, 213:creating (and all men, under the Law of Karma, create their own world) no longer satisfies; theirDiscipleship2, 216:concentrated aspiration - do [216] definitely create that which is desired. This is equally true ofDiscipleship2, 223:night of the time when [223] he decided to create this planet of ours for strictly redemptiveDiscipleship2, 313:that soul; he becomes the soul in fact, and can create in the world of thought those living formsDiscipleship2, 321:and when placed in their correct order create, a most potent magical and mantric formula. It has aDiscipleship2, 332:which are higher than the fifth degree; these create vacancies, and at the same time cause aDiscipleship2, 342:Is the Will aspect in my life beginning to create situations which are related to the hierarchicalDiscipleship2, 385:and his fixed mental intention. In order to create a material world, he directs his thought fromDiscipleship2, 385:which have led the planetary Logos to create this planet of suffering, sorrow, pain and struggle;Discipleship2, 404:together by the planetary Logos in order to create a manifestation adequate to his unfoldingDiscipleship2, 427:the initial steps will then be taken to create the "new heavens and the new earth." You will needDiscipleship2, 432:of energy in order to energize, stimulate and create that which is needed in any immediate field ofDiscipleship2, 436:remain unknown, and therefore hidden. We create light; we employ light; we discover greater lightsDiscipleship2, 448:Is your creative work the result of a desire to create, or is it impelled by love of humanity and,Discipleship2, 459:and personal conditions meet in your life and create a perfect whirlpool of difficulty and aDiscipleship2, 508:your Master. You thus, through the imagination, create a triangle of energy: [509] As familiarityDiscipleship2, 561:the world of time and space radiate light, create a light, transmit the light, and treading thusDiscipleship2, 589:needed constructive steps is great. They must create the forms which these subjective ideas mustDiscipleship2, 677:be - to the problems of humanity, and thus help create the thought-form of solution. This F.B. andDiscipleship2, 679:that the work of that group is mainly to create a subjective channel of spiritual love, light andDiscipleship2, 680:and uniformity of technique, or else - you can create, engineer and run your own goodwill movement,Discipleship2, 693:and mental concepts before he can successfully create under direction of the Ashram. When the LawDiscipleship2, 700:that phrase). The soul on its tiny scale can create "the new man" by the power also of sound, and aDiscipleship2, 749:of spiritual forces of a strength sufficient to create a reservoir of this energy of which theDiscipleship2, 749:that is required; teaching the students to create a line of light between themselves and allEducation, vi:of the kind of [vi] society one is trying to create or preserve as a suitable home for the culturalEducation, x:the habit of reflective synthesis and find or create a body of wisdom for human evolution andEducation, 8:with information relayed to it by the brain. [8] Create thought-forms in response to impulsesEducation, 21:leads to release and to the eventual power to create. This is one of the attributes which educationEducation, 32:what God has already done. He must himself create, in both the world of consciousness and of life.Education, 96:and the later work of training the disciple to create is then made possible. It might be added hereEducation, 126:of lighted consciousness" which we unfailingly create, and which eventually form the antahkarana,Education, 138:the race as it enters into the new age is to "create in the light through the ordained activity ofExternalisation, 132:Hierarchy. The U.S.S.R. expresses the will-to-create and to produce new conditions and a new orderExternalisation, 185:brought about these terrible conditions can also create the new world, the new order and the newExternalisation, 186:motivating power has given man the ability to create beauty, to discover the secrets of nature;Externalisation, 238:resort to violence. To this order that we shall create, all nations have their contribution toExternalisation, 346:to realized and determined desire. It could then create such a driving force, directed to selfishExternalisation, 468:Here are the two words around which I wish to create my theme: Resurrection and Reconstruction. ItExternalisation, 481:and use certain word-formulas which will create the nucleus of the thought-form and present theExternalisation, 488:day as you can remember to do so; you will thus create a seed thought or a clear-cut thought-formExternalisation, 530:manifestation; It is also endeavoring to "create" the needed responsive apparatus which will be ofExternalisation, 547:national cultures, which should unitedly create a beautiful whole and not provide barriers ofExternalisation, 563:which is new, and humanity's determination to create a new and better world, adapted moreExternalisation, 567:human being, but which will eventually create a situation in which our planet will become [568] aExternalisation, 578:of that synthesis of effort which will create a new intuitional consciousness and - consequently -Externalisation, 614:world anxiety and world insecurity in order to create another point of world tension. Until theseExternalisation, 626:Powers and of the capitalists which they all create. Yet all the time, the one humanity - no matterExternalisation, 649:subsided; then men will be free to think and to create the new forms for the new ideals; then theyExternalisation, 663:- the Christ, the Manu and the Master Morya - create a triangle of energies into which (and throughExternalisation, 697:for some time. Some of the Masters will create what is called in the language of the East theExternalisation, 697:and of concrete mental substance. This They can create at will, use at will and cause to vanish atExternalisation, 697:as is that of the initiate who cannot thus create to suit his purpose and his service. Will all theFire, 65:relative. The destiny of each atom is to create a brahmanda. Brahmandas like or smaller or largerFire, 191:his temporary limitations, and other causes create a seeming confusion, but in the great scheme as
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