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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CREATED

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Astrology, 63:misuse of the [63] various energies which has created the illusion. This illusory path isAstrology, 239:appearing of the thought-form which God has thus created and in which is embodied His desire, HisAstrology, 244:this is the externalized symbol of that which is created by the bringing together of spirit andAstrology, 246:affinity and concretized energy - that money is created. It is here that many mystics and worldAstrology, 399:of the needed fashioning: A process wherein is created a form of great potency in which selfAstrology, 615:manifestation, and conditions that which is created. Brings about eventual fulfilment. OvercomesAstrology, 636:guide it. (S.D. Vol. III, 337) "...our Earth was created or fashioned by terrestrial [637] spirits,Atom, 14:which posits a God outside the solar system, Who created it, but was Himself extraneous to it.Autobiography, 41:up to believe in a God Transcendent, outside His created world, inscrutable, unpredictable, [42]Autobiography, 42:to save others and it was too bad that God had created hell but, naturally, I assumed that He knewAutobiography, 241:Light between soul and spirit, just as man has created a path between himself and the soul. HeBethlehem, 180:in each case the myth-making tendency of mankind created a legendary and inspiring figure andBethlehem, 216:God suffering through the sufferings of His created beings. Justice can be forgiveness when theBethlehem, 277:There has been a tendency to think that when God created man His will to expression had beenBethlehem, 278:shall we achieve that for which we have been created - the fulfiling of the will of God, as ChristDestiny, 119:An emblem is man's formulation of a concept, created by man and embodying for him the truth as heDestiny, 124:will permeate down into the very depths of the created phenomenal world, even into the mineralDiscipleship1, 34:of forming and the others will gradually be created to meet advancing need. It is essential thatDiscipleship1, 91:of thought-form building. It is with these self-created forms - embodying spiritual ideas andDiscipleship1, 132:of illusory activity which men have themselves created. You are taking the place of a creativeDiscipleship1, 329:up to the issue which each has for himself created and this involves facing one's life with truthDiscipleship1, 337:or limited by that which they themselves have created. They must learn to live with vision in theDiscipleship1, 461:soul in all things and the inward beauty of all created forms. This awareness will be of such aDiscipleship1, 462:pour forth and bathe my soul and the soul of all created forms. Within those forms, the life of GodDiscipleship1, 522:with the thought of service. That which is thus created and used, exists. Today I would like toDiscipleship1, 568:are things; they are creative, creating and created entities, and every time anyone sees thisDiscipleship1, 710:of responsive organisms, in contradistinction to created forms. I would ask you to reflect uponDiscipleship1, 714:A path of light and energy is established or created between these two divine aspects. As time goesDiscipleship1, 718:Eternal Now and with the dynamic life which has created the past, which controls the present (theDiscipleship2, 65:applied by the Masters who take pupils. This has created temporary [66] difficulties which will notDiscipleship2, 105:of intuitive perception - a field which has been created, or a sphere of energy which has beenDiscipleship2, 163:energies in matter itself for the benefit of all created things on Earth - these are the immediateDiscipleship2, 183:of heart, mind and will. Thus is a world server created. This alignment exercise (when correctlyDiscipleship2, 193:the antahkarana. Where that bridge is not created the consciousness of the aspirant cannot focus inDiscipleship2, 193:These symbols are true and living forms, created through the power of thought by the disciple, butDiscipleship2, 197:invocation of the spiritual Beings who have created - or more accurately - have formed Shamballa,Discipleship2, 207:thus a great channel or Path of Light is created by cooperative meditation, and along that Path -Discipleship2, 209:and thus to bind all together into one great created whole, tending ceaselessly to the greaterDiscipleship2, 212:into an habitual life tendency. Thus is a Master created. The creative meditation of the New GroupDiscipleship2, 213:XIII See you, therefore, how all that is, is created by meditation, by desire merging intoDiscipleship2, 216:in nature; in their turn, modern men have created this present civilization. This civilization isDiscipleship2, 216:It is implemented by the world religions and it created that path of return to the center or sourceDiscipleship2, 233:eternal fact that the entire universe has been created and its evolution processed through theDiscipleship2, 233:major thought-form of the spiritual Hierarchy, created by joint ashramic meditation, is called byDiscipleship2, 234:material and what is not; in so doing they have created sin and [235] greatly complicated humanDiscipleship2, 265:of seeing, of a Seeing One, looking on at the created Whole. This same concept is to be found inDiscipleship2, 265:directed gaze the power flows outward to its created Whole. In the case of the human spirit, it isDiscipleship2, 281:and which is to the thought-form eventually created what the etheric body is to the dense physicalDiscipleship2, 284:affect them, but to death as it affects God's created universe, producing release or finality, orDiscipleship2, 291:with all the reactions and sensitivities of his created world and to participate with fullDiscipleship2, 294:and for which no terminology has been created, and which only initiates above the third degree areDiscipleship2, 303:to analysis and take shape eventually as created thought-forms. They are then subjected to aDiscipleship2, 321:to concern yourselves but with the triangle created and the lines of force set in motion when theDiscipleship2, 323:each human being and humanity as a whole have created, and (note this well) the setting in motionDiscipleship2, 348:for their comprehension has not yet been created by the disciple. We might therefore word thisDiscipleship2, 367:of thought-forms which humanity as a whole has created and the setting in motion - by humanity andDiscipleship2, 377:which enable him to recognize it as a man-created whole or world or state of consciousnessDiscipleship2, 377:consciousness: That the astral plane is not God-created, or divinely "inspired," but is the productDiscipleship2, 377:which the Divine Thinker, Sanat Kumara, has created, and with which the desires of mankind -Discipleship2, 378:which is unknown until the antahkarana has been created, thus linking the Spiritual Triad and theDiscipleship2, 399:abstract mind, a direct channel for vision is created. The medium of revelation at this initiationDiscipleship2, 400:triangle of procedure, location and objective is created, flashes into being, and then - at theDiscipleship2, 406:and the antahkarana is being rapidly created and effectively used. To phrase it otherwise: as theDiscipleship2, 425:Light. These seven energies have ever, untidely, created the "light supernal" upon the highestDiscipleship2, 448:is founded upon what he creates. Yet the created thing is only an effect - an effect of what, myDiscipleship2, 524:some cases, the thought-life of the disciple has created so many thought-forms that temporarily heDiscipleship2, 533:own soul and your personality mental processes created a dominant test in your life. In consequenceDiscipleship2, 562:for a stated and qualified time, he quits his created threefold lower vehicle and "travels inDiscipleship2, 579:with the Network of Light which must be created in the world, and with the furthering of theDiscipleship2, 615:however, this attitude of yours has created an ashramic situation, because of your relation in theDiscipleship2, 625:faculty of the mind, and the thought-forms thus created (embodying the mind's reaction to the worldDiscipleship2, 625:arc, wherein the various bodies and forms are created by the descending, involving Spirit, and theDiscipleship2, 625:mind. But, as on the involutionary arc Spirit created as it descended, and appropriates as itDiscipleship2, 699:played by the great symphony orchestras. God created by the power of [700] sound, and the "music ofEducationAdults, a subdivision of the Ford Foundation, created to express the growing concern of our timesEducation, 27:The antahkarana is woven, evolved, and created as the result of this primary creation, and worksEducation, 32:and with the two basic threads which have been created by the soul, constitute the five types ofEducation, 32:man a conscious human being. The triple threads created by man are anchored in the solar plexus,Education, 147:process is materially hastened. These three self-created lesser threads which constitute the thirdExternalisation, 133:such countries as Italy and Germany which were created out of many smaller states, duchies andExternalisation, 145:has succeeded in doing is the retaining of the created thought-form upon the mental plane; he failsExternalisation, 146:the planetary thought-form which men have created in the past and which has had (and is having)Externalisation, 287:possible, a living Triangle of Energy is created and focused through three great spiritualExternalisation, 303:a triangle of loving, purposeful energy will be created which may prove a more effective way ofExternalisation, 324:of understanding throughout the world can be created; and a beginning has already been made. ThisExternalisation, 450:could count, and thus a foundation could be created for the far more difficult internationalExternalisation, 472:of human activity and aspiration; it has been created by humanity. Its members are human beings whoExternalisation, 496:a pitch of demanding energy that a channel was created which greatly facilitated the work of theExternalisation, 547:(since the time of H.P.B.) have so consistently created and presented to the enquiring public asExternalisation, 554:whose eternal mission is to bring light to all created lives. From the Heart of God, He will bringExternalisation, 564:This ancient and intelligent effort has created and conditioned what you know as the Hierarchy.Externalisation, 565:prepared for affiliation with the Hierarchy has created a new type of problem; it connotes to theExternalisation, 565:bewildered, interested and curious public have created anent Them. 4. The use by the Hierarchy ofExternalisation, 565:5. The new group of world servers has been created as an [566] intermediate body between theExternalisation, 579:by their efforts the new civilization will be created, in which humanity will have time forExternalisation, 592:greater, vaster and more inclusive than His created world, is universally recognized and has beenExternalisation, 605:(as an adult) visited the Temple of the Jews, He created a disturbance! Humanity is passing fromExternalisation, 642:when He, the Buddha and the Lord of the World created a Triangle of Light at the time of the WesakExternalisation, 660:which men, down the centuries, have created in anticipation of His coming or advent. The movementFire, 326:etheric sphere the dense physical bodies are created. It is the sphere of physical
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