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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CREATED

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Fire, 556:processes of concretion which he carries on, are created, built and carried on within the physicalFire, 613:12, 13, S. D., II, 79, 81. 92 The Lunar Pitris created the physical man. - S. D., I, 114, 197. TheyFire, 712:approximation of the two polarities, light is created. By an analogous type of electricalFire, 745:sets in separate motion the thought-form thus created. We will now consider the mystery of rebirth,Fire, 774:In each round one of the spirillae has been 'created,' and in this fourth round (through theFire, 837:the Larger Self... It is, then, true that God created evil; but yet it is true that God is Spirit,Fire, 864:center, but is of a temporary nature, and is created by the aspirant himself during the process ofFire, 875:demonstration which is the germ of the created Son, and Whose Life is embodied in the Son. TheFire, 942:to demonstrate through the medium of the [942] created forms. Then the next two groups of SephirothFire, 948:[948] light which intensifies the maya already created. This secondary reflection has been producedFire, 948:as the sumtotal of that great manifestation (created only by man) called "The Dweller on theFire, 948:Karma it has to be dissipated by those who have created it; the work of the Masters has to beFire, 968:form his idea. Most of the thought forms created by average man are only relatively effective, andFire, 974:as the eye of the Creator is upon that which is created, just so long does it persist; let theFire, 975:Just as long as the "Eye" is directed to the created form, the current of force will be transmittedFire, 999:between it and the work of the solar Logos as He created "the Heavens and the Earth." The [1000]Fire, 1004:things engage the solar Angel before the sheath created passes downward: the condition of theFire, 1004:of energy that the man, the magician, has now created upon the mental plane, has reached aFire, 1005:and he becomes the prey of that which he has created. The devas who form the body of the idea whichFire, 1006:streams of thought energy, vitalizing the forms created by men, and thus carrying on the work ofFire, 1007:says: "When the eye is blind, the forms created revolve in circles and fulfil not the law. When theFire, 1011:builders, and hold any thought form He may have created within His sphere of influence, and uponFire, 1013:is no longer the case. The human vehicle then created is as much a thought form in this case as anyFire, 1017:be so pure and so equally apportioned and the created form so justly balanced that it cannot beFire, 1017:path. RULE X As the waters bathe the form created, they are absorbed and used. The form increasesFire, 1026:to the general sense. The gaseous sheath is created, and the hour for the formation of the sheathFire, 1036:interlaced serpents, and the illusion will be created that the diamond is cycling up and downFire, 1068:penetrating every solid thing. So the world was created." - Emerald Tablet of Hermes. Fire, 1113:mental unit, and the triple stream of force thus created on the mental plane, has its planetaryFire, 1119:spark, and in the intensity of the blaze thus created is reabsorbed into the Monad or the One. ThisFire, 1193:on the physical plane which will not be simply a created mayavirupa. This is done in one of twoGlamour, 30:around which are grouped lesser thought-forms, created by those who respond to these forms, and toGlamour, 46:of his ideal of freedom, - an ideal which he has created. He becomes the prisoner of freedom. HeGlamour, 58:but most attractive. All of them have been created by man at some stage or another of hisGlamour, 59:and between those which are purposely created by the Hierarchy and those which are created byGlamour, 59:created by the Hierarchy and those which are created by humanity. Between racial thought-forms andGlamour, 78:disciples (mark that phrase) a rich glamor is created which prevents Them ever reaching theGlamour, 106:and hindrances against which the soul in all created forms must struggle, gaining strength andGlamour, 106:itself. Slowly, step by step, humanity has created and intensified that glamorous condition ofGlamour, 119:illusions of many kinds, such as control by self-created thought-forms, sensitivity to existingGlamour, 136:and purposes working out through the manifested created worlds are brought to his attention, and heGlamour, 200:by the recognition of that which man has himself created and, as has occultly been said, "Man onlyGlamour, 200:when he has destroyed that which he has himself created." These forms fall into two major groups:Glamour, 200:all the forms which the desire nature of man has created down the ages and are the nebulousGlamour, 200:Those forms which are being constantly created and ceaselessly produced in response to theGlamour, 208:itself, for it is only an aggregate of forms, created by individual man, by nations and by races,Glamour, 208:inherent light as do other forms. They are not created as a form of expression for some dynamicGlamour, 217:all the will he has behind the light thus created by the fusion of the three lights. This refers toGlamour, 221:of what is known as the astral plane - a man-created sphere of activity. The subhuman kingdoms ofGlamour, 225:humanity was ready to destroy that which it had created. Glamors have also been pierced before nowGlamour, 231:a greater brilliance of the sphere of light thus created. The sounding of OM indicates both theGlamour, 232:of the great searchlight which they have jointly created by their unified light on to the glamor toGlamour, 239:visualize the great searchlight they have created turning its light upon the astral plane. A pauseGlamour, 240:the creation of his intellect. He has, however, created a barrier between himself and that which isGlamour, 242:body (dense and vital or etheric) is produced, created, motivated, energized and conditioned byGlamour, 242:is not identified with the maya which He has created, and which has its purpose in eventuallyGlamour, 244:dissipate and devitalize all that has been created - using those words in their fullestHealing, 115:when he succumbs to his own thought-forms, created constantly in response to his mountingHealing, 150:be determined at that time and for a particular created expression of life. This must be borne inHealing, 197:the monad, via the antahkarana, using that self-created path as a direct channel of communicationHealing, 268:itself through matter. In this solar system, the created world is intended to be the expression ofHealing, 287:Creates a thought of healing power. That created focal point of concentrated attention becomes theHealing, 292:substance which pour into and through the created world, including the lower three worlds whereHealing, 303:forces and affirmed His intention to create. He created that which is outer and can be seen. He sawHealing, 336:and note its occult correspondences to the created world, and to the whole problem of light? TheHealing, 471:the astral plane has no true relation, being created entirely by the human soul and not the divineHealing, 512:As evolution proceeds, the three vehicles - now created and developed - become potent, and theirHealing, 518:drama of conscious creation, and the first form created by the soul is a substitute for theHealing, 518:an instrument for service in the three worlds is created. This time, however, it is an instrumentHealing, 518:between the monad on its own plane and the newly created personality, via the antahkarana. TheseHealing, 518:substitute for the personality and can only be created when the old personality (built andHealing, 614:physical body; they are therefore a part of that created manifestation which is not regarded as aHealing, 626:includes the gland which the center has created, formed or precipitated and energized. The conceptHealing, 631:borne in mind that there is nothing in the created world but energy in motion, and that everyHealing, 638:ever present, during form life or the phase of created manifestation. It is here that the WillHealing, 638:state of consciousness into an isolated form, created, occupied and indwelt by a soul, by a livingHealing, 639:of the earth has its correspondence in the created expression of the spiritual man; it is to beHealing, 655:[655] The order of the triangle of energies created is different. The means of contact are subtleHealing, 655:as in the case of magnetic healing. The triangle created is a simple one, and there is no physicalHealing, 674:great heresy of separateness; he has therefore created an unclogged channel for the inflow of pureHealing, 674:force and the patient, and that the barrier is created by him and not by the patient. The emotionsHealing, 676:altogether) destroy not only the thought-form created by the healer, but it can also build aHercules, 65:is the objective. It was this problem that created the devious and prolonged search that HerculesHercules, 108:he then has to slay that which he has created; he has to render helpless that which has been theHercules, 208:aware of the work to be done, a World Savior is created, and we see in the last two labors how thatHercules, 220:said that the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter created a brilliant, arresting appearance. [221]Initiation, 29:that which we see and know is the direct self-created manifestation of pure spirit itself. HenceInitiation, 87:will not be (as is the case with those created by the mass of men) disjointed, unconnected, andInitiation, 204:to the higher, and preserve that which is created through the fire of the midway point. This means,Initiation, 204:through the agency of mind. That which is to be created must then be nourished and sustained by theInitiation, 221:for phenomena or objective appearances that are created by the mind. Mayavi Rupa Sanskrit,Initiation, 221:"Illusive Form." It is the body of manifestation created by the adept by an act of will for use inIntellect, 76:about happiness and truth which others have created and after which we endlessly run, only to findIntellect, 103:is swept into activity, and thought-forms are created and mental images built in connection withIntellect, 182:surpasses all the savor, all the light of created beings, all reason, all measure, allMagic, 35:in man. The soul is the attractive force of the created universe and (when functioning) holds allMagic, 94:- Soul Light and Body Light This thought form, created by the aspirant, is brought into being byMagic, 141:magical work of the Hierarchy. Thought forms are created for the embodiment of ideas and theseMagic, 144:of the phenomenal world. The thought form created by the Sound is intended to be a source ofMagic, 151:form for manifestation in the three worlds is created through intense meditation, which is ever the
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