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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CREATED

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Magic, 151:of contemplation or retention of the breath, the created form is sent forth into the phenomenalMagic, 157:things engage the Solar Angel before the sheath created passes downward; the condition of theMagic, 159:attention and the breath, as the purpose of the created form is mentally defined, and finally, theMagic, 162:that the man falls a victim to the thing he has created. This is the "idée fixe" of theMagic, 164:with steadiness, contemplate that which he has created, and with equal steadiness inspire it withMagic, 164:focus his attention on the ideal for which he created his thought-form and can link the form andMagic, 236:soul sounds forth its note. A thought-form is created in consonance with the united meditation ofMagic, 251:early stages of the work) then the thought-form created will be distorted and incorrect, unbalancedMagic, 257:be so pure and so equally apportioned and the created form so justly balanced that it cannot beMagic, 258:become more potent, and the thought-forms - created with definite purpose and in the meditationMagic, 266:inner realization so will be the adequacy of the created form, and so will be the strength of theMagic, 267:- as wielded by the soul - is lacking. The form created is constituted of mental matter, of astralMagic, 267:and their Unity within the One Life. All forms created at every stage are either confined to theMagic, 268:is of so potent a nature that the thought-forms created have a life cycle of their own and neverMagic, 268:identifying themselves with the form they have created instead of remaining detached from it, andMagic, 269:which it veils and hides. All work and all created thought-forms (whether they materialize as anMagic, 273:Building RULE TEN As the waters bathe the form created, they are absorbed and used. The formMagic, 278:universe, a kingdom in nature, or a thought-form created by a human thinker. In all form-buildingMagic, 285:is shared by man with the animals and with all created forms, and his capacity to move freely in aMagic, 320:are pure. Then think. Let the thoughts thus created enter thy brother's mind and blend with his.Magic, 345:which causes a powerful thought-form to be created. This circulates between you and the fearedMagic, 449:by the true esotericist, are as true of a created universe, solar system or planet as they are trueMagic, 455:and carrying out the purpose for which it was created. The "formula" therefore might be regarded asMagic, 458:[458] will eventually be completed by the created form. But in the early stages there is as yetMagic, 458:possessed of form, animated by desire, and created by the power of the mind. The desire plane isMagic, 465:were made, Governed by the same law, forms were created and became material expressions of the lifeMagic, 476:of the creating agent from the form which he has created, and the emancipation of that form fromMagic, 478:and carry out the purpose for which it was created. All that has been given out hitherto inMagic, 481:exerted by the thought-forms we have ourselves created. Salvation from the power of the threefoldMagic, 541:thought-forms and these thought-forms would be created in order to express purely selfish desireMagic, 554:need to understand that this form which he has created will persist just as long as the dynamicMagic, 559:from identifying himself with that which he has created or has attempted to create. The secret forMagic, 566:who, through the power of his thought, may have created a thought-form. This thought-form he hasMagic, 615:is a figment of the imagination and has been created through the uncontrolled use of the creativeMagic, 617:which he has made. Let him project the forms created on the mountain top in such a way that theyMagic, 617:light so-called are but the cinematographs created by man himself. What man has created he can alsoMagic, 617:created by man himself. What man has created he can also destroy. More as to the magical work I mayMeditation, 55:the key to all, - it is the Breath of fire. It created a similar vibration to that of the cosmicMeditation, 58:the seed is dropped and the vacuum is then created, not so much between the higher and the lowerMeditation, 59:be automatically made, and the necessary vacuum created, eventuating in a downflow from above. AllMeditation, 65:for the transmission of teaching. A vacuum is created that corresponds somewhat to the vacuum thatMeditation, 67:be tabulated and checked. The geometrical forms created by the individual, and by the group, inMeditation, 200:greater moment in the calendar when a funnel is created directly between the earth and the supremeMeditation, 356:for phenomena or objective appearances that are created by the mind. Mayavi Rupa Sanskrit,Meditation, 356:"Illusive Form." It is the body of manifestation created by the adept by an act of will for use inPatanjali, 20:Patanjali, fancy. Those thought forms which are created by the race, the nation, the group or thePatanjali, 20:hint to the earnest aspirant. That thought form created by a man since his first appearance inPatanjali, 20:and called the "Dweller on the Threshold!" Being created [21] by the lower personal self and not byPatanjali, 21:to function as the soul this "image" he has created, through his "fancy" or his reaction toPatanjali, 40:Real. These forms are either self-chosen or self-created. This leads to a condition of truePatanjali, 87:knowledge of the "images" which the Deity has created can be contacted and seen. Thus the adept canPatanjali, 95:form in order to discover the sound which created it, or the aggregate of forces which produced thePatanjali, 108:our planet and its inhabitants, and with forms created by those vibratory impulses which expressPatanjali, 108:used by it) that he contacts the thought forms created by the guides of the race and justlyPatanjali, 125:solar system, wherein forms are found whether created by God, man or deva. One object of aPatanjali, 164:not take this sutra to mean that all that is created exists for him. The sense is much wider thanPatanjali, 276:actual experience and those astral pictures created by imagination and keen desire. The planetaryPatanjali, 369:10. Desire to live being eternal, these mind-created forms are without known beginning. 11. ThesePatanjali, 369:without known beginning. 11. These forms being created and held together through desire, the basicPatanjali, 385:just so long will the vehicles or organs be created whereby desire can be satisfied, materialisedPatanjali, 386:become increasingly suitable until the "organs" created enable the spiritual man to enjoy the sensePatanjali, 395:10. Desire to live being eternal, these mind-created forms are without known beginning. AnotherPatanjali, 396:- Book 4 - Illumination 11. These forms, being created and held together through desire, the basicPatanjali, 404:"Things" or forms of matter do exist; they are created or in process of creation and for them someProblems, 22:led to her insidious propaganda. [22] Russia has created fermentation in other countries before sheProblems, 117:appear but only when men have themselves created the right setting and by the wonder of their ownProblems, 123:factually - of the love of God, immanent in His created universe. Churchianity has, however, laidProblems, 124:doctrine, materialism, politics and money have created a vast dark cloud between the churches andProblems, 142:God immanent in every human being and in every created form. Today we should have the churchesProblems, 142:of Myself, I remain". God, greater than the created whole, yet God present also in the part; GodPsychology1, 42:intelligent activity and producing a world of created forms which embody or veil the loving purposePsychology1, 43:with fire by friction, produce the world of created and creative forms. These proceed under the lawPsychology1, 46:to that of a solar system. They have been created in the great process of satisfying desire and ofPsychology1, 47:dominating all appearance and driving the created world on to a full display of the divine nature.Psychology1, 57:in His mind nature; the world that He has created and pervaded with His life, goes forward towardsPsychology1, 58:forward towards the goal for which He has [58] created it. Within, however, the radius of HisPsychology1, 60:Breaths, animating all forms which have been created by Them to carry out the plan. It may perhapsPsychology1, 62:life, and to fulfil the objective for which he created his body of manifestation. Each of the sevenPsychology1, 77:connection with man (since man was originally created), that it has not been easy to choose thosePsychology1, 83:suited he is to the work for which he has been created, and which he has as yet failed toPsychology1, 84:is ready; the craftsmen are prepared. God has created in the light. His sons can now create. WhatPsychology1, 163:all states of consciousness and throughout the created universe. Psychology1, 304:not negate the greater fact that man has been created by God to marry. That all are not in aPsychology1, 334:magnetic love of God pours through His created universe; it emerges in the consciousness andPsychology2, 89:lives in all kingdoms of nature and in all created worlds. Thus they could progress. The work, inPsychology2, 247:a closer approximation in the world of created forms to the inner emerging truth. It might be saidPsychology2, 360:of Life, I stand, enmeshed within my self-created glamor. Surrounded am I by the fabric I havePsychology2, 375:I love power. I love to see the forms emerge, created by my mind, and do their work, fulfil thePsychology2, 455:is often not grasped. All that can be created in the future will be based upon the expression ofPsychology2, 455:thought vitalization. It is only later that the created thought form will descend into the world ofPsychology2, 460:and deeply preoccupied with their self-created thought forms and with their created world ofPsychology2, 460:their self-created thought forms and with their created world of thought, centered around the onePsychology2, 469:in a position to tap the stream of thought forms created by Them and by Their [470] disciples. ButPsychology2, 491:telepathically the powerful thought forms, created by world thinkers or Members of the Hierarchy.Psychology2, 501:Master, the Christ or the Buddha. Thought forms, created by the similar wishes of the multitude,Psychology2, 568:of real being plus a world of illusory forms, created by man himself and by his imaginativePsychology2, 570:around each sitter a group of astral forms (self-created) of those who have departed physical lifePsychology2, 571:there seen the thought forms which humanity has created of the spiritual Hierarchy or thePsychology2, 571:and the humanly constructed with the divinely created. Forget not, that the astral plane is thatPsychology2, 707:man's understanding of the beauty of God's created world, whether it was the phenomenal wonder of
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