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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CREATES

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Astrology, 375:destruction; it forges the chains which bind or creates the key which unlocks the mystery of life;Astrology, 591:of the life as it manifests through and creates those external conditions which are qualified andAtom, 32:that power as a great creative Agent, Who creates and guides the objective universe and yet isAutobiography, 237:every atom of the solar system [237] and creates the medium through which the Sons of God develop.Bethlehem, 213:was fellowship. "It is only thus that Jesus creates fellowship among us. It is not as a symbol thatDestiny, 128:importance: Energy follows thought. Right motive creates right action and right forms. These twoDiscipleship1, 208:be and that which is at any given moment which creates you, the personality, and [209] this is forDiscipleship1, 515:courage, my brother, and fear not. Fear itself creates a glamor and the glamor hides the light.Discipleship1, 698:which this takes place is the Mind. The mind creates or formulates those thought-forms (or embodiedDiscipleship1, 721:from [721] the use of this fire inevitably creates a gap or barrier. Among the majority ofDiscipleship1, 725:who fails to make the required changes himself creates a barrier which he must in time destroy byDiscipleship2, 106:present but it is fundamentally the factor which creates the higher antahkarana, uniting theDiscipleship2, 182:The ajna center and the heart center. This creates a peculiar triangle: This is in reality more inDiscipleship2, 182:esoteric triangle of energy which the disciple creates. Later comes the creation of a spiritualDiscipleship2, 195:registers these events; it therefore builds or creates that stream of ascending energy which isDiscipleship2, 196:conditioning the life of humanity. It therefore creates a stream of ascending energy which isDiscipleship2, 198:in nature. In the disciple it is the agent which creates or builds the antahkarana, controls - viaDiscipleship2, 215:reflection; it is creative in nature, for it creates the "new man in Christ" or produces theDiscipleship2, 222:It is invocative of the higher energies, and creates a channel of contact between soul and spirit.Discipleship2, 222:"vertical meditation." It is also evocative and creates a ferment or dynamic movement in that levelDiscipleship2, 245:and aid them. May the thoughts which my soul creates reach and encourage them." Of the twoDiscipleship2, 322:producing a condition wherein the disciple creates a situation analogous to the phase - the longDiscipleship2, 333:of energy" (as, for instance, two disciples) creates inevitably a point of tension which canDiscipleship2, 448:activity and attention is founded upon what he creates. Yet the created thing is only an effect -Discipleship2, 542:which I would ask you to cultivate, for it creates - when achieved - the understanding work withDiscipleship2, 553:precede the first initiation. Every disciple creates his own burning-ground; he then takes hisDiscipleship2, 570:of yourself to my proffered suggestions and this creates a glamor. Forget not that contact withDiscipleship2, 582:by seventh ray potency. This builds and creates within matter and within the periphery of the threeDiscipleship2, 708:of others. You are impulsive, and this at times creates temporary difficulties, but the generalEducation, 20:forms for revelation. Thus the soul of man creates. This creative process can be described, as farEducation, 20:as its steps are concerned, as follows: The soul creates its physical body, its phenomenalEducation, 20:phenomenal appearance, its outer form. The soul creates, in time and space, in line with itsEducation, 20:limited by form. Ponder on this. The soul creates through the direct agency of the lower mind andEducation, 32:of the human being. The threads which man creates are triple and with the two basic threads whichEducation, 148:Therefore, through the life thread, the soul creates and reproduces a personality through which toExternalisation, 56:work of the magician who - under the law - creates the new forms, as expressions of the inflowingExternalisation, 552:energy. Relates the will-to-good to goodwill. Creates new constructive tensions and new ashrams. AExternalisation, 680:of the Christ, as He formulates His ideas, creates the thought-forms needed prior to manifestation,Externalisation, 695:his soul may have over that personality. This creates barriers, but the insulating and separatingFire, 61:stimulation of the nervous centers, and which creates electrical response to contact between theFire, 175:Nirvana is governed by causes which he himself creates out of the exigencies in which he findsFire, 219:three-sided Vedic power, that the power as Rik creates, as Yajus preserves and as Sama destroys.Fire, 255:feminine. A Heavenly Man in His planetary scheme creates in a similar manner. See S. D., II, 626. Fire, 552:studied human thought-form is the one the Ego creates through which to function. He builds hisFire, 556:is that - for man - all substances with which he creates, all forms which he builds, and allFire, 613:energy which, through action on negative force, creates bodies of manifestation through which heFire, 628:being (be he Adept or ordinary man) builds and creates his thought forms - consciously orFire, 656:the planetary Logos of the scheme, Who as truly creates His body of Manifestation under the LawFire, 656:physical planet) as man - under the same Law - creates his physical body, or as the solar Logos (atFire, 656:the solar Logos (at the other end of the scale) creates His body, a solar system. This has aFire, 763:body of temporary manifestation which the Adept creates on occasion through the power of the willFire, 934:6. The etheric doubles of all that man creates. These are a special group of etheric builders who,Fire, 1004:of the waters, the safety of the one who thus creates, and steady contemplation. Thus are theFire, 1040:stages of development. Spiritual man, as he creates that which will destroy the "Dweller on theFire, 1234:for concretion. [1234] Man, who builds forms and creates symbols in his work of every day, but whoFire, 1251:Learning. This is the destructive fire which man creates under the working of the Law of Karma. TheGlamour, 106:and, in the early stages, impossible. It creates an aura which is today of such a general natureGlamour, 117:the line of least resistance. The glamor that he creates as he tackles life through the medium of aGlamour, 242:and the macrocosm may help somewhat. The soul creates a threefold expression in the three worlds ofGlamour, 243:he becomes a conscious directing agent; he creates upon the physical plane that which he desires,Healing, 117:integrated personality-soul. This necessarily creates a dangerous psychological condition and oneHealing, 162:development and their lack of response which creates problems in other cases; it is their prematureHealing, 287:only with which he works. He, for himself, Creates a thought of healing power. That created focalHealing, 293:Beings Whose life force (which we call energy) creates all that is, colors and shapes all [294]Healing, 347:normally it would not be functioning. There it creates situations and produces difficulties whichHealing, 518:the three worlds and which He deliberately creates in order to serve His purposes and plans. It isHealing, 586:of the One Source of all manifesting forms which creates relationships and essential qualities, andHealing, 595:energies and the forces, and it is this which creates the acuteness of the tests for initiation; itHealing, 617:repeats the activity of the etheric body. It creates (in response to the inflow of energies fromHealing, 637:give you surely a new idea anent disease. Man creates, under soul impulsion and the will toHealing, 639:spiritual man or of any ensouling entity. This creates a coherent form, held together by twoHealing, 639:is involutionary in nature. It is this which creates the conflict. One type of energy isHealing, 649:the needed center up the spine or in the head, creates a circulation of energy (through the actionHealing, 656:the healer, blending with that of the patient, creates a zone of quiet rhythmic activity around theHealing, 679:He imparts in varying measure to every form; He creates continuously the new forms needed toHealing, 693:of one age into another, and this necessarily creates difficulties which have hitherto not beenHealing, 708:together and makes them serve the third; he thus creates a vortex into which the one distressedHercules, 144:This implies that the concentrated energy which creates a problem still remains, purified,Initiation, 17:go, and stands in his buddhic sheath. He creates thence his body of manifestation. Each initiationInitiation, 117:only by will and purpose, self-initiated, and creates his body of manifestation, and thus controlsMagic, 81:Hierarchy). Mind separates; love attracts. Mind creates a barrier betwixt a man and every suppliantMagic, 157:of the waters, the safety of the one who thus creates, and steady contemplation. Thus are theMagic, 157:system or a planetary scheme. The Ego, as it creates its body of manifestation. It should here beMagic, 157:by a paralleling group of egos. Man, as he creates those thought-forms by which he expressesMagic, 158:of the waters. The safety of the one who thus creates. Steady contemplation. We will deal brieflyMagic, 162:Thought-Forms 2. The Safety of the One Who Thus Creates It might be said here with emphasis, evenMagic, 196:energy which animates the form aspect, and which creates forms in line with the subjective purposesMagic, 252:begins to take shape so that all men can see. He creates a pattern in his mind which hews as trueMagic, 267:primarily with those thought-forms which man creates: The left hand path concerns the matter aspectMagic, 279:will commands, his love desires, and his need creates. Let him withdraw the builders of the outerMeditation, 63:It passes beyond the periphery of the body and creates a shell that serves as a protection. ItMeditation, 66:and make contacts that later will be of use. It creates a protective shell around the group, whichMeditation, 85:petals receive the stimulation. This stimulation creates a vibration (especially in the center inMeditation, 164:A mantram, when rightly sounded forth, creates a vacuum in matter, resembling a funnel. This funnelMeditation, 164:Hierarchy employs a composite mantram that creates a vacuum between the highest and the lowestMeditation, 214:it is the withholding of this information that creates the puzzle. Certain things you must alwaysMeditation, 339:the adept stands in his intuitional body, and creates from thence his body of manifestation. [340] Patanjali, 164:of thought substance, that the thinker creates his own world, whether he be God or man. When a manPatanjali, 322:Father, or spirit, the one who manifests, who creates, who indwells, The Son who reveals, meditatesPatanjali, 386:In the early stages the "I am" consciousness creates forms of matter inadequate for the full
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