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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CREATION

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Astrology, 12:the effects of these Sources upon that ephemeral creation, a human being and his temporaryAstrology, 63:statement in the Bible that the prime date of creation is 4004 B.C. This is recognized as an errorAstrology, 93:for the Lord. Arrive at unity through effort. Creation - Being - Activity - Strife - Synthesis,Astrology, 129:give place esoterically to regeneration and to creation upon the mental plane instead of only uponAstrology, 156:horned signs: The mystery of God the Father - Creation The mystery of God the Son - Redemption TheAstrology, 231:Christ will be manifested for which "the whole creation waits"; thus will come the consummation ofAstrology, 239:Capricorn, can be summed up in the four words: Creation, Manifestation, Legislation and Initiation.Astrology, 239:purpose to its desired consummation. This is Creation, or Aries in activity. They mean also theAstrology, 246:that the whole mystery of money lies hid and the creation and production of money. I would likeAstrology, 247:Capricorn and Aquarius. Aries - Beginning - Creation - Evolution. Taurus - Desire - Incentive -Astrology, 248:in Aries. As it is esoterically said: "Before creation, silence and the stillness of a focusedAstrology, 397:of the sacral center must be lifted so that creation through love and by the will eventually willAstrology, 479:squares into triangles. This is done by the creation of division, by the application of the Law ofAstrology, 590:God since the beginning of time and the dawn of creation. In God's mind, that idea is seen wholeAstrology, 592:the creative effort. It is the synthesis of creation, or persistent endeavor, adherence to visionAstrology, 600:working out of whatever may be the purpose of creation. What that purpose is we have not as yet theAstrology, 613:is, The initiation of the previous stages of creation. The initiation of the urge to evolve,Atom, 81:out that He was with God before ever there was creation, goes on to say that when "He appointed theAtom, 82:wondrous whole, Imperfect qualities throughout creation, Suggesting some one creature yet to make,Atom, 139:of the magnetic fluids, and conscious creation by means of color and sound, are others. All thatAutobiography, 134:from the Bible and the Bible places the date of creation as having happened in the year 4004 B.C. IAutobiography, 141:widely accepted anywhere. Then there is the "one creation" theory of the orthodox Christian, whichAutobiography, 141:seems no reason for what He does under this "one creation" plan. I had worried so over the apparentAutobiography, 236:He would give, the psychological key to cosmic creation. H.P.B. stated that in the 20th century aAutobiography, 262:been imparted. The intricate process of divine creation, and the consequent manifestation of God,Autobiography, 278:and Forces, which are the very substance of creation, have to be understood and eventuallyBethlehem, 39:wondrous whole, Imperfect qualities throughout creation, Suggesting some one creature yet to make,Bethlehem, 143:and joy, through union and separation, through creation, destruction and recreation. The awe andBethlehem, 185:pendant in the Heavens, as He has been since the creation of the solar system, and as Christ said,Bethlehem, 189:in order to share also His glory... "All creation is yearning, longing to see the manifestation ofBethlehem, 189:the manifestation of the sons of God. For the Creation was made subject to futility, not of its ownBethlehem, 189:subjected it; yet with the hope that at last the Creation itself would be set free from theBethlehem, 189:children of God. "For we know that the whole of Creation is moaning in the pangs of childbirthBethlehem, 252:of the world to the liberty of the eternal. Creation 'groaneth and travaileth in pain' 'to beBethlehem, 252:vision of the kingdom is ours, when the whole of creation shines forth before our eyes, it is thatBethlehem, 253:of His life as it informs and animates His creation. One by one, they have steadily progressed fromBethlehem, 275:perish. Man, as he is, is not the last word of creation. If he does not, if he cannot, adaptDestiny, 30:connected with this endeavor and that the creation of the new forms will definitely be the resultDestiny, 124:Paul, refers when he speaks of the whole creation waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of God.Destiny, 131:were made" simply means that God's formula for creation was reduced to a great Word which HeDiscipleship1, XIII:being) came forth from God at the time of the Creation. The same teaching can also be traced in theDiscipleship1, 19:the vitalizing of the physical body and physical creation, to the nurturing of the creative facultyDiscipleship1, 40:of desire; this in its turn brings about the creation of things. Incidentally, therefore, they areDiscipleship1, 65:That of thought formulation and thought-form creation. Then a clear thought-form can be constructedDiscipleship1, 165:each three year cycle conform to the rhythm of creation. In the first year, lay your emphasis uponDiscipleship1, 188:so on guard; you should recognize it as your own creation, to be conditioned and controlled by youDiscipleship1, 317:the shining light and then the mists of man's creation disappear. "They come and they observe. TheyDiscipleship1, 680:into being. This new world is verily a new creation and with its activities the Masters are todayDiscipleship1, 686:of those energies which are the substance of all creation, thus enabling him to contribute to theDiscipleship1, 686:creation, thus enabling him to contribute to the creation of the new world. There is always a newDiscipleship2, 165:will not recognize him yet as immanent in his creation; they will send it forth on the wings ofDiscipleship2, 182:which the disciple creates. Later comes the creation of a spiritual triangle in the head between:Discipleship2, 195:meaning of the antahkarana - which is the first creation of the soul-infused personality acting asDiscipleship2, 200:which can produce the seed of a new creation, or which can open up (for those unable thus toDiscipleship2, 207:and, in them, the emphasis may not be upon creation by use of mental energies; others may not be soDiscipleship2, 212:of World Servers has for its objectives the creation of the new civilization and of the new worldDiscipleship2, 213:satisfies; their meditation then shifts into the creation of higher things, into the world ofDiscipleship2, 216:of mankind; they are earnestly working at the creation of a new world order and for theDiscipleship2, 216:spiritual values; it concerns itself with the creation of those conditions wherein these new valuesDiscipleship2, 217:be instituted which must and will result in the creation of the new heavens and the new earth. ThisDiscipleship2, 217:coming of the Kingdom of God on Earth, and the creation of a new order and way of life. There areDiscipleship2, 218:chaos of these modern times, the work of the new creation is going forward, the task ofDiscipleship2, 223:ours for strictly redemptive purposes. The whole creation is the result of his directed andDiscipleship2, 224:responsive results, are the major processes of creation upon all levels and by all beings. Prayer,Discipleship2, 236:the worlds of the third divine aspect and the creation of thought-form therein (as usually carriedDiscipleship2, 236:initiated by a conscious construction or creation of the antahkarana and subject to impression fromDiscipleship2, 284:else is. Time IS. Being descends to manifest. Creation is. [285] Time then and form agree. BeingDiscipleship2, 313:into his power the processes of thought-form creation; he has learnt through meditation to makeDiscipleship2, 322:analogous to the phase - the long phase - of his creation of karma and its final precipitation inDiscipleship2, 333:in the production of two reactions: The creation of a point of tension. The emergence of a point ofDiscipleship2, 346:of revelation also concern the techniques of creation, and indicate to the Master what will be theDiscipleship2, 348:of the potency of Purpose, as it is expressed in creation, plus a paralleling recognition thatDiscipleship2, 348:Purpose. The others have nothing to do with creation within the planetary ring-pass-not, butDiscipleship2, 365:1. The transition from darkness to Light. Creation in the Light. Formula 2. Transition from theDiscipleship2, 365:the unreal to the Real. The nature of reality. Creation in time and space as understood in theDiscipleship2, 365:The nature of karma. Progressive evolutionary creation. Formula 5. Transition from the individualDiscipleship2, 377:the astral plane from the six planes of divine creation. I would ask you to remember, brother ofDiscipleship2, 377:to remember, brother of mine, that the star of creation is the six-pointed star and not aDiscipleship2, 386:the words in The New Testament that the "whole creation groaneth and travaileth together in painDiscipleship2, 426:of blended cooperation. The result will be the creation of a direct channel for the precipitationDiscipleship2, 436:hide and veil a Light which is not of planetary creation. These are four lights which reveal aDiscipleship2, 467:adepts, through initiation, the duality of all creation. The Aryan unfoldment will produce occultDiscipleship2, 519:which "substands" the outer structure of creation, of living, of loving and of service, and this isDiscipleship2, 539:These bring to its possessor the material for creation and a magnetic capacity which arranges inDiscipleship2, 540:- karma is ever the source of physical plane creation, happenings and events; it is the instrumentDiscipleship2, 540:These three words are: Karma, Radiation, Creation. For the remainder of this life you mustDiscipleship2, 541:heart of humanity also. Love is the cause of all creation and the sustaining factor in all living.Discipleship2, 567:- Will-to-Good. [567] You would find the creation of similar combinations of spirituallyEducation, 12:use of the mind, to individual thinking, to the creation of thought-forms, and eventually to theEducation, 27:and created as the result of this primary creation, and works from below upwards, from the withoutEducation, 97:we call service. Service is the true science of creation and is a scientific method of establishingEducation, 134:therefore, no necessity for a massed and hurried creation of human forms. The economic situationEducation, 136:become more clear. There can be no new birth, no creation of the "body of light," and noEducation, 148:the three mental aspects. It thus completes the creation of the path of return to the Center, whichExternalisation, 40:freeing humanity from the thralldom of its own creation will proceed apace. In the meantime a groupExternalisation, 87:whose activity is responsible for the rapid creation of the new world with its rapidly alteringExternalisation, 300:Love supernal, love as the goal and objective of creation, love as the basic principle ofExternalisation, 322:think and express goodwill; others, such as the creation of the network of light, through theExternalisation, 464:all men in life and Who is carrying His whole creation along the path of evolution to itsExternalisation, 483:If men can demonstrate a gained wisdom in the creation of a form which will house the spirit of
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