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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CREATION

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Hercules, 31:Cosmically speaking, it is the sign of creation, and this thought underlies the words in the Bible,Hercules, 33:It may be likewise the urge to individual creation, of the soul to take a body, or of a human beingHercules, 33:and spiritual commencement, physical creation and spiritual creation, physical emergence andHercules, 33:commencement, physical creation and spiritual creation, physical emergence and spiritualHercules, 42:Sex, desire, attraction, the instinctive urge to creation, the pull of the soul, the urge toHercules, 45:unity. The bull and the cow together represent creation, and so Taurus and Venus are closelyHercules, 106:of the universal Mind, and of the six days of creation. In the sixth sign, Virgo, we have theHercules, 176:longer live in the animal nature, interested in creation on the physical plane, but you become aHercules, 210:cosmic Christ, crucified from the beginning of creation upon the fixed cross of the heavens. ThisHercules, 222:consisting of the four constellations: Aries - Creation, commencement. Cancer - The first door intoInitiation, 2:are three in number, and are as follows: In the creation of the sun and the seven sacred planetsInitiation, 13:enlarges until it includes the sphere of creation; it is a growing capacity to see and hear on allInitiation, 25:and unswervingly to the great work of creation by the power of sound. This leads to their silenceInitiation, 38:unseen, movable and immovable in the sphere of creation within the three worlds. This, coupled toInitiation, 74:manifestation in existence; it is the means of creation and the vehicle for force. In theInitiation, 98:in the throat center, the great organ of creation through sound. Another type of energy reaches manInitiation, 126:by our Logos during the secondary period of creation, from the hands of that great Entity who isInitiation, 130:at the recurrence of each new period of creation, or for each solar system through which the LogosInitiation, 151:small scale the cosmic triple sound whereby creation was made possible. The Words of Power of allInitiation, 151:They affect the deva kingdom and produce the creation of forms. This effect is dual in character:Initiation, 151:and upon these shades of sound the work of creation and its sustentation is built up. AInitiation, 153:on the sacred three sounds A U M. These produced creation, or the manifestation of the seven planesInitiation, 204:organs to the throat center, thus leading to creation upon the mental plane through the agency ofIntellect, 4:a long period." - Carpenter, Edward, The Art of Creation, page 7. Herein lies the glory and hope ofIntellect, 30:are to create." But we must remember that creation posits an alive and functioning creator, actingIntellect, 56:of the love that pulses at the heart of all creation; and he discovers that his mind can give himIntellect, 80:and the spiritual man will dominate his creation, the human being, and lift all his attributes andMagic, 15:the appreciation by the mind of some factor in creation, some law of manifestation and some aspectMagic, 99:eventuates. True indeed it is that "the whole creation travaileth in pain until now, waiting forMagic, 102:More faith in the Good Law which guides all creation to ultimate perfection has been visionedMagic, 102:and the recognition of the basic unity of all creation has to be somewhat developed before any oneMagic, 127:preparation for the dual work of spiritual creation; and facility comes as the attentive aspirantMagic, 130:is analogous to the thought that precedes creation. The capacity for abstract thought and forMagic, 143:surround ourselves with form worlds of our own creation. Is it not essential, therefore, thatMagic, 152:world into being, and Rule IV is a digest of the Creation. It is equally the formula under whichMagic, 157:We have been dealing with the processes of creation as they concern: The Creator of a solar systemMagic, 162:sense) by their own thought-forms. Thought creation, through concentration and meditation, is aMagic, 164:he can contemplate and hold steady, so will his creation fulfil his intention and act as his agent.Magic, 192:center, focused hitherto on the work of physical creation and generation and therefore the sourceMagic, 219:the power of the mind in the magical work of creation. It is interesting to note in this connectionMagic, 242:come to a realization of the rhythmic work of creation. Incidentally also we gain poise as we studyMagic, 252:of this triple coordinated activity) to the creation of a focusing center, [253] or form, withinMagic, 279:to the word. The builders build. The cycle of creation ends and the form is adequate inMagic, 281:outer form of a human being, responsible for its creation, its maintenance and its use, lies, weMagic, 335:hands a tremendous instrument in the world of creation. Through the use of sound the scientist ofMagic, 378:This is simply a pictorial way of picturing the creation, by a direct act, of the necessary mentalMagic, 410:to man his essential unity with all creation and his relationship, intrinsic and vital, with allMagic, 449:link which binds together the creator and his creation. One therefore concerns the form, anotherMagic, 449:aspect with which the creator has endowed the creation. We are consequently face to face again withMagic, 458:an abortion, a mediocre and feeble product, or a creation of real beauty and value? Magic, 476:appears that at the close of the magical work of creation, a phrase must be enunciated whichMagic, 476:mystic phrases which will bring into being the creation of the soul in all fields of creativeMagic, 484:obsessed by his own ideas, and driven by his own creation. In the second case, his thought-formMagic, 485:all of them is responsible for the work of his creation. The Master Jesus, for instance, has stillMagic, 492:with salvation from the dangers incident to the creation of thought-forms by a human being who hasMagic, 507:be useful here to remember that in the work of creation the white magician avails himself of theMagic, 522:wide horizon and covers practically the work of creation on the physical plane so that we cannotMagic, 522:and held together in form. Through this mode of creation, existences come into manifestation,Magic, 530:primary impulse which brings about the act of creation, and is intimately linked with that of willMagic, 531:See you how the law of sacrifice runs throughout creation. The sons of mind, human souls, solarMagic, 553:recognized. The laws of thought are the laws of creation, and the entire creative work is carriedMagic, 557:decades will see the emerging of a technique of creation. When soul, mind and brain are unified andMagic, 557:a thought. This same basic truth underlies the creation of all forms on the physical plane, whetherMagic, 571:or [571] pranas which have brought his magical creation, the physical body, into manifestation andMeditation, 11:for Himself a body of manifestation, a free creation, - there is nothing in Him to call intoMeditation, 58:seed. At the aligning of the ego, and at the creation of that vacuum betwixt the physical brain andMeditation, 80:all its own, and the three lower organs of creation, is one thousand, one hundred and ten, theMeditation, 192:the sake of clarity a fourth effect, that of the creation of a funnel. This fourth effect is but aMeditation, 193:the three lower planes have to be made in this creation of a funnel of communication. ThoseMeditation, 329:of the solar system. Study of telepathy, mental creation, psychometric. The Mind The study of thePatanjalia vision of this when he said that "the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain... waitingPatanjali, 80:sense. Through an understanding of the laws of creation and of sound, through a consideration ofPatanjali, 199:has to do is to learn the true nature of creation and to conserve his energy. Celibacy is notPatanjali, 199:it as manifested through the organ of sound, or creation, through the word, the work of the truePatanjali, 307:of awareness. Through the last, the work of creation will be carried on, and the creative word sentPatanjali, 369:The "I am" consciousness is responsible for the creation of the organs through which the sense ofPatanjali, 379:of the astral consciousness. 3. Words of Power Creation by speech, or the method of the mentalPatanjali, 385:The "I am" consciousness is responsible for the creation of the organs through which the sense ofPatanjali, 387:the golden rule which reveals the mystery of creation and studies himself. The microcosm revealsPatanjali, 387:life in his tiny system, is responsible for the creation of his mental, emotional and physicalPatanjali, 389:to be worked off, and learns to avoid the creation of new ones, initiating no actions which willPatanjali, 392:other. Meditation, or mind control and thus the creation of that mechanism which renders to thePatanjali, 404:do exist; they are created or in process of creation and for them some mind or minds arePatanjali, 411:philosophy this whole problem of the source of creation and of the nature of the mind is dissectedProblems, 47:standpoint of the educator, this will entail the creation of the correct atmosphere around theProblems, 90:great [90] Law of Evolution and the process of creation, men are subject to the same reactions toProblems, 133:upkeep of church structures and overhead to the creation of that Temple of God "not made withProblems, 156:These are ever the preliminary steps to creation. Subjective realization always precedes thePsychology1, xix:Third, the general lines of the magical work of creation have received attention. The first line ofPsychology1, 12:Plan into manifested [12] existence, and thus a creation of beauty, embodying a divine principle,Psychology1, 23:is the motivating impulse in the initial work of creation. The planet Saturn is His body ofPsychology1, 24:and Art. The main function of this Being is the creation of Beauty (as an expression of truth)Psychology1, 36:forms, and ultimately reveals the purpose of all creation. This is the simplest definition forPsychology1, 45:of applied consciousness, and works through the creation and development of those forms which arePsychology1, 47:of the appearing forms, and predisposes all creation to an intelligent appreciation of the truePsychology1, 49:When that time comes, the purpose for which all creation waits will burst upon the awakened vision,Psychology1, 69:His renewed activity (on what we call the day of creation): Produce the dual form and veil thePsychology1, 70:major rays sum up in themselves the process of creation, of energizing, through the urge of thePsychology1, 159:God, and thus the Most High starts the work of creation. Ray II is occupied with the firstPsychology1, 168:being of our solar Logos before He began His creation. Now we know that the divine spark, the
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