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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CREATIONS

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Destiny, 131:arrive at vast magical achievements and creations, producing group activity and the appearance ofDiscipleship1, 603:thing, [603] blinded by the power of your own creations which shine with their own light, andFire, 255:S. D., II, 244. They are the seven primary creations, or the taking of the etheric body by aFire, 255:by a Heavenly Man. They are the seven secondary creations, or the taking of the dense physicalFire, 297:on the astral and mental, demonstrating in the creations of art and beauty, and the objective workFire, 1014:conscious magic is to be seen. All other magical creations are subsidiary to this. ThroughHealing, 293:must inevitably affect Their planetary creations, Their bodies of manifestation, and thus introduceHealing, 303:that which is outer and can be seen. He saw His creations and liked them not and so withdrew HisHealing, 303:them not and so withdrew His attention; then the creations He had made died [304] and disappeared.Magic, 421:the new and beautiful, and the old established creations will fall into decay for lack of attentionMagic, 449:or planet as they are true of the tiny thought creations of a chela or aspirant. The first reactionMagic, 491:learn to detach himself from his own thought creations, and leave them free to accomplish theMagic, 610:and so bring into being those physical plane creations and organizations which will more adequatelyMeditation, 97:and making them the instruments of his mental creations and activities. I have here indicated twoPatanjali, 48:son of God dominating and controlling the lower creations. Free from Karma. Through knowledge ofPatanjali, 170:by his own thought forms and [170] thought creations and in those of the three worlds also. HePatanjali, 300:in themselves... and live as long as there are creations." They are the great lives back of allRays, 140:and "firmer in intent" than any of His creations, even the most advanced and the closest to Him.Telepathy, 117:of beauty in others are largely solar plexus creations and are therefore not of a truly high order.
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