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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CREATIVE

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Fire, 431:and human units, and certain groups (the fourth Creative Hierarchy and the sixth Deva Hierarchy)Fire, 464:solar and not human permanent atoms. The fourth Creative Hierarchy, viewed as a unit functioning onFire, 498:manifestations in time and space: The fourth Creative Hierarchy - The human. The fourth scheme -Fire, 550:the form and with the Laws that govern the creative [552] aspect. This function of every thoughtFire, 556:plane as we consider the Logos, and as the creative faculty of man is studied we are taken to theFire, 556:must here be given and pondered upon: This creative impulse, this tendency towards the concretionFire, 557:corresponds to the generative organs. All the creative functions of the vegetable, animal, andFire, 559:grasped and understood and the laws of creative thought are a matter of public knowledge andFire, 570:polarized there. Just as the units of the fourth Creative Hierarchy, the human, are evolvingFire, 572:We must assume first that a Builder, or some Creative Mind, is working to bring about an orderedFire, 575:then have completed His building. The fourth Creative Hierarchy, that of the human Monads, has toFire, 590:it is the perfecting of the two major centers, creative activity and love, of the Logos. In theirFire, 596:by ideas. Secondly, that in the knowledge of the creative processes of the system, man learns forFire, 605:of profound significance, the fourth or human Creative Hierarchy, and the two deva hierarchies, theFire, 608:three aspects of the One Fire, showing as the Creative Fire, Preserving Fire, and Destroying Fire,Fire, 620:of his form. They possessed the physical creative fire. They could only clothe the human monads.Fire, 628:system. Solar force can also (as far as the creative or building faculty of man is concerned) beFire, 652:the fourth spirilla of the units of the fourth Creative Hierarchy in this fourth round on theFire, 654:Group C - Corresponds to the Brahma or the creative Logos aspect. We have recapitulated thus, as itFire, 656:the devas of Group A are the concentrated creative force of the subplanes, the origin of theFire, 656:and the source of the seven Breaths of the creative Logos on the physical plane. But it must beFire, 656:it must be remembered that in each scheme the creative impulse or will is the planetary Logos ofFire, 669:idea on to the physical plane. The sixth Creative Hierarchy likewise is specially connected withFire, 680:his own essential nature, and are also the creative power by which he works. For all practicalFire, 691:of lives, which are a part of the fourth [691] Creative Hierarchy, the aggregate of purely humanFire, 701:by ideas. Secondly, that in the knowledge of the creative processes of the system, man learns forFire, 710:of Love and the Love of Wisdom, and Brahma, the Creative Logos makes that revelation possible. TheFire, 727:age. Secondly, certain avatars from the fourth Creative Hierarchy, for esoteric and for usFire, 742:which produces the manifestation of the fourth Creative Hierarchy, and leads to the Monads takingFire, 746:produce: Abstraction, or liberation from form. Creative power. Direction of energy, through an actFire, 761:purpose. It involves a higher display of the creative faculty than that displayed by the Adept inFire, 837:lower principles - S. D., II, 92. They possess creative fire but not divine fire - S. D., II, 81,Fire, 889:under the law of love, and not impelled to the creative act through selfish desire, or uncontrolledFire, 918:action, and upon the impulses which underlie the creative processes. Hitherto science has workedFire, 924:remembering that we are here dealing only with creative energy and with the Brahma aspect ofFire, 924:is the result of desire, acting upon the creative faculties and producing that which is objective.Fire, 924:and tangible, and who are the instigators of the creative processes on the three lowest subplanesFire, 929:be pointed out that they are a part of the creative activity of some greater, and more advanced,Fire, 929:the greater, and to cooperate intelligently. The creative power which had before been of aFire, 947:on account of the attendant dangers. In the creative processes man is dealing with electricalFire, 947:dangerous conditions brought about by the united creative attempts of human beings down theFire, 948:of interplanetary pralaya. It is this piece of creative bungling, if so it might be called, whichFire, 950:towards this distorted creation of the fourth Creative Hierarchy (the fourth or human kingdom) andFire, 957:reservoir of deva substance. Thus, in all creative work in mental matter, man is likewise to beFire, 962:therefore, it is a small résumé of the creative process of the Godhead, being the [963] energy ofFire, 968:for he has two primary things to do before the creative process can be carried through: [969] ToFire, 976:must necessarily be withheld. Another reason for creative ineffectiveness is owing to the currentsFire, 983:average man, but are speaking of the organized creative work, under law and rule, of the advancedFire, 986:is based on the degradation of sex and of the creative function. White magic is based on theFire, 986:White magic is based on the transmutation of the creative faculty into the higher creative thought,Fire, 986:of the creative faculty into the higher creative thought, the generative organs being neglected byFire, 986:fire, which passes to the throat, the center of creative sound. Black magic deals with the forcesFire, 1078:many hundreds of men passed out of the fourth Creative Hierarchy into another and a higher one.Fire, 1087:the periodic appearance of units of the fourth Creative Hierarchy. Thus we pass down the scaleFire, 1099:has a peculiar and close relation to the fourth Creative Hierarchy, that of the human monads, andFire, 1099:the aggregate of those lives who form the fourth Creative Hierarchy. As we know, the esotericFire, 1099:be enumerated as follows: That of the fourth Creative Hierarchy, who, in their aggregate, form theFire, 1100:The fourth cosmic ether, the buddhic. The fourth Creative Hierarchy. When this has been completed,Fire, 1105:monads who are the sum total of the center of creative force of the Heavenly Man show qualities ofFire, 1196:some degree of density or another. 31 The Twelve Creative Hierarchies. Students are often puzzledFire, 1196:The spiritual correspondence will be the twelve Creative Orders with the Logos at the center,Fire, 1197:link between the animal kingdom and the fifth Creative Hierarchy of the earlier system which makesFire, 1198:- The Law of Attraction Hierarchy III. The third Creative Hierarchy (or the eighth) is a peculiarlyFire, 1200:- The Law of Attraction Hierarchy IV. The fourth Creative Hierarchy is the group wherein theFire, 1201:rupa groups or those having forms. The fourth Creative Hierarchy, or the ninth, must ever beFire, 1203:F - The Law of Attraction Hierarchy V. The fifth Creative Hierarchy is, as we know from study ofFire, 1208:of the nine Initiations of the fourth Creative Hierarchy. Within these nine distinct expansionsFire, 1224:reversed with his eyes closed. Fourth of the 7th Creative force. In closing, we might give certainFire, 1224:might give certain of the symbols for the twelve Creative Hierarchies. It is not possible to giveFire, 1225:"Still I seek." The symbols of the seven Creative Hierarchies now in manifestation are all enclosedFire, 1259:of the fourth kingdom, the bulk of the fourth Creative Hierarchy on this fourth globe of the fourthGlamour, 32:brought into activity by the steadily growing creative power of mankind, and have been subordinatedGlamour, 64:Its cause is lack of esoteric training in creative activity. Its cure is the application of fifthGlamour, 105:with or colored by the results of that great creative manifestation. The effects produced in thatGlamour, 122:The glamor of active scheming. The glamor of creative work - without true motive. The glamor ofGlamour, 143:the light of the soul, through the power of the creative imagination, direct to your astral bodyGlamour, 156:as it controls in a peculiar manner the fourth creative Hierarchy and might be regarded as formingGlamour, 156:forming the basic personality ray of the fourth creative Hierarchy. The one given above is aGlamour, 156:- basic and determining. Mind ray - 4th - the creative effect. Astral ray - 6th - conditioningGlamour, 203:with those which were developed by means of the creative imagination, thus laying the foundationGlamour, 210:upon the mental plane through the power of the creative imagination. This enables man eventually toGlamour, 211:has no true existence, upon a trained use of the creative imagination and upon the unquestioningGlamour, 213:penetrating and dissipating glamor and proving creative upon the physical plane, will prove to be aGlamour, 215:and fusion, and to do this the activity of the creative imagination is employed. The stage ofGlamour, 217:II. The Technique or Formula By an act of the creative imagination the worker endeavors to see andGlamour, 218:aspirant then (by an act of the will and of the creative imagination) turns on the searchlight andGlamour, 234:reality emerging, doing this by an effort of the creative imagination. Each will do this in his ownGlamour, 247:or are they forces which are needed in the great creative work? It will be apparent to you that theHealing, 35:them also the mystics of the world and the creative workers, who are conscious of the inspirationHealing, 45:Love petals Higher mental Causal body Creative Artists - All advanced humanity - The IntelligentsiaHealing, 45:Thyroid Breathing apparatus Alimentary canal Creative energy Sound Self-consciousness KnowledgeHealing, 62:impulse to the throat center, and thus become creative in the higher sense, employing the energyHealing, 63:very prevalent. I say "so-called" for the truly creative artist is not the victim of these ancientHealing, 77:symbol so relatively accurate to the whole [77] creative process as the human frame. Congestion inHealing, 104:is in reality the etheric externalization of the creative imagination. Think this last sentenceHealing, 105:The use of the visualizing faculty and of the creative imagination, plus a sense of deep andHealing, 142:are essentially vital, galvanic, dynamic and creative. They are basically interdependent, and uponHealing, 144:reverse direction, for it is initiation into the creative third aspect, the matter aspect and theHealing, 147:It is related to the personality by the creative thread of life, and is therefore closely connectedHealing, 147:connected with the throat center (the center of creative activity), just as the head center is
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