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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CREATIVE

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Healing, 147:ajna center and the throat center, produces a creative life and a manifested expression of theHealing, 147:fire. It is the center through which the fourth Creative Hierarchy on its own plane findsHealing, 148:and a spiritual direction of the resulting creative activity (the Master). The ajna centerHealing, 149:in the three worlds is symbolized. It fuses the creative energies of the throat and the sublimatedHealing, 152:It is the organ for the distribution of creative energy, of the energy of the third aspect by soulsHealing, 153:It is related to the personality by the creative thread, to the soul by the thread ofHealing, 153:head centers. The ajna center only comes into creative activity when the antahkarana has beenHealing, 153:stages it is the throat center which is the creative agent, and in the earliest period of all theHealing, 153:only becomes genuinely possible when the creative life of the aspirant shifts from the sacralHealing, 154:is therefore the [154] center through which the creative energy of that great planetary centerHealing, 154:throat center is the organ specifically of the creative WORD. It registers the intention orHealing, 154:the creative WORD. It registers the intention or creative purpose of the soul, transmitted to it byHealing, 154:thus brought about, will lead to some type of creative activity. This is the higher correspondenceHealing, 154:In that center the negative and the positive creative energies are embodied in the separate maleHealing, 155:which are brought into play during the divine creative activity are unified in activity by the fullHealing, 165:nature. The throat, corresponding to the third creative aspect or the body nature, the activeHealing, 166:triple system carried out. The sex organs, the creative aspect, the fashioner of the body. TheHealing, 183:proper, the sutratma or life thread, and the creative thread. This threefold thread within theHealing, 187:of desire and feeding the physical life and the creative urge. To the heart center, providing theHealing, 189:are essentially vital, galvanic, dynamic and creative...Upon them, the entire interior health ofHealing, 191:with forms of life, and that all these forms are creative within themselves, and can createHealing, 193:- thus revealing to him the need for conscious, creative building. It is at this point that theHealing, 211:through the personality, the three fires of the creative process - the fire of matter, the fire ofHealing, 214:have a highly sexed individual who is also a creative artist along some artistic line. This is veryHealing, 215:into three stages: The stage of energizing the creative life, via the throat center, thus bringing:Healing, 216:and making the disciple, at the same time, creative in a worldly sense, and therefore of use to hisHealing, 216:expression. Just as the stage of regulating the creative life has a paramount effect upon theHealing, 236:energy usually focused there will be expended in creative living, through the medium of the throatHealing, 239:instead of being controlled and transmuted into creative activity, were violently suppressed andHealing, 267:rays and point of development, is outstandingly creative and artistic. This he must recognize andHealing, 268:the first solar system; that system embodied the creative work of the third aspect of divinity -Healing, 282:possible; the incarnating soul produces, in its creative work and in its vital vehicle, aHealing, 284:be the recipient of the energy of the lower creative aspect or correspondence. This is called "theHealing, 304:the lives and the general livingness of the creative process. This is symbolized by the promiscuityHealing, 355:expression of the Life of God Himself. It is the creative use of the imagination which produces anHealing, 355:be received, they negate any possibility of such creative use of the united imagination. To becomeHealing, 362:moon also, who is the symbol of the generative, creative life which gives birth to forms and isHealing, 364:stream of love. Through the power of the creative imagination, and not through intellectualHealing, 367:and to revert to the curative power of his own creative imagination. Release comes throughHealing, 367:of the part, and through steady occupation in creative work on the physical plane. Methods ofHealing, 383:to the misuse of third ray energy, that of the creative, intelligent energy of substance itself.Healing, 397:most advanced thinkers and geniuses, capable of creative art, scientific discovery and spiritualHealing, 435:in its various phases, as far as [435] the creative process is involved. Other phases will then beHealing, 450:developed awareness of two divine aspects - creative activity and love - he is now focused in theHealing, 470:to permeate [470] the physical body, and the creative work of the etheric or vital body isHealing, 485:statement, for it will give you the clue to the creative work of the human spirit. If delay isHealing, 539:physical organism is correctly supplied with the creative regenerating energy of the true man, theHealing, 563:The cure, as you of course know, is a full creative outer life, particularly one which is ofHealing, 563:transmutation of the sex urge into some form of creative thinking which simply remains thinking,Healing, 564:It is essentially a law related to the fourth Creative Hierarchy, and it was definitely imposed andHealing, 564:plane, disease will die out and the fourth Creative Hierarchy will finally be freed from that greatHealing, 569:expression of "the true" until the forces of the creative Center below the diaphragm are raised toHealing, 569:Center below the diaphragm are raised to the creative Center of the throat. Then "the Word," whichHealing, 575:remainder of his work involves the use of the creative imagination, the power to visualize and aHealing, 582:work through visualization and the power of the creative imagination. As he imagines, throughHealing, 582:with the first, he is doing a definite work of creative placing, then of creative vitalizing andHealing, 582:a definite work of creative placing, then of creative vitalizing and finally of creative directing.Healing, 582:then of creative vitalizing and finally of creative directing. In these three words: placing,Healing, 642:the sutratma. It is not the antahkarana, or the creative thread or the thread of consciousness.Healing, 680:realization that death itself is a part of the creative process of synthesizing. It is essentialHealing, 687:center; one of the factors governing the whole creative process is dependent upon the [688] skillHealing, 688:It is not my intention here to deal with the creative sound, beyond calling to your attention theHealing, 688:calling to your attention the fact that it is creative. The Sound which was the first indication ofHealing, 698:this head center, through the power of the creative imagination, with the center between theHealing, 709:great group reacts and linking it to the great Creative Nine, he sounds the note which bringsHercules, 10:life of God which is being wrought out in the creative process, and which flowers forth moreHercules, 10:here which express the underlying purpose of the creative process and the objective of both theHercules, 10:outer and tangible is a symbol of inner creative forces and it is this idea that underlies allHercules, 33:of form life and which has initiated the creative work, there begins to be felt the urge to achieveHercules, 41:oil the mental plane. In the working out of the creative plan, thought-impulse is followed byHercules, 44:Taurus, the bull, is always the symbol of creative force. Aquarius, the man, is the light-bearer,Hercules, 44:illumination and sound, as an expression of the creative force: these are the three basic ideasHercules, 53:aspect of God, the Father who spoke and is the creative sound. Steropes means lightning, or light,Hercules, 74:if not in truth, yet through the power of that creative faculty which we all possess, a creativeHercules, 74:of that creative faculty which we all possess, a creative imagination. But in some form or another,Hercules, 103:as being sacrificed. In Taurus, the symbol of creative force expressing itself through desire, weHercules, 103:desire, we see the lower aspect of the divine creative force, sexual desire, transmuted into, orHercules, 106:number, for six is the number of mind, of the creative work of the universal Mind, and of the sixHercules, 115:tangible and objective that for which the whole creative process was intended." (EsotericHercules, 122:the hierarchical ruler representing the second creative Hierarchy (divine builders of earth'sHercules, 135:in this sign is the ruler of that "stupendous creative Hierarchy" which forms part of the thirdHercules, 136:they are rooted in biological fact, where also creative energy, God immanent, is at work. [137]Hercules, 146:involves the use of the energy of sex in creative endeavor. The transmutation of human energiesHercules, 205:for its own free initiative and its spontaneous creative activity. It is a proclamation that theHercules, 207:also, the purposes and plans underlying God's creative work are being studied widely from both theHercules, 211:Will or Power expresses itself through the great creative processes. In the early stages,Initiation, 4:the seven subrays of one cosmic Ray. The twelve creative Hierarchies are themselves but subsidiaryInitiation, 43:and through a capacity to transmit creative and destructive energy to those who are his assistants.Initiation, 45:know it. Being the reflection of the third, or creative aspect, energy from the Planetary LogosInitiation, 86:thought matter, and learns the laws of creative thought building. He functions freely on the fourInitiation, 94:in the fact that the emphasis for the fourth Creative Hierarchy in every fourth chain and globeInitiation, 94:initiation, that of the Crucifixion. The fourth Creative Hierarchy is the great expression of theInitiation, 150:must invariably precede the uttering of any creative sound. When it is said that the Logos producedInitiation, 152:For instance, the human kingdom (the fourth creative Hierarchy) was produced by a triple AUMInitiation, 155:the aspirant, will reveal to him much anent the creative process and the power of speech. 1. AllInitiation, 156:out specific purposes along two lines: Definite creative processes. Specific direction of energy.Initiation, 160:cursorily summed up the major truths anent the creative processes in the solar system. In them liesInitiation, 170:to understand somewhat the following facts: The creative process of thought form building. TheInitiation, 196:the suppression of the lower sound and creative force by that which is of higher origin. Initiation, 201:Man can then transfer consciously the creative fire and energy from the organs of generation to the
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