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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CREATIVE

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Magic, 478:in connection with the words used in the creative work is the sevenfold sacred word, AUM. This,Magic, 479:of the race could not respond to that newer creative sound. Humanity was still swept entirely byMagic, 490:be offset by the institution of constructive creative [491] thinking; certain preconceived ideasMagic, 507:reality does not necessarily result in correct creative activity. In A Treatise on Cosmic Fire,Magic, 527:his midway points in the tiny bit of magical and creative work which he is seeking to carryMagic, 541:incarnation at this time who can work in a truly creative manner and profit by the informationMagic, 548:occult forces, dynamic in their incentive and creative in their result. This should be pondered onMagic, 552:form, in order to express the idea of some creative Thinker, and qualified or characterized by theMagic, 553:known but seldom applied by esotericists to the creative work. They are the cube, the five pointedMagic, 553:thought are the laws of creation, and the entire creative work is carried forward on the ethericMagic, 555:intact throughout the vicissitudes of the creative work, and in spite of the potency of the manyMagic, 556:human being also, as he endeavors to become a creative thinker, lies along analogous lines. HisMagic, 556:thinker, lies along analogous lines. His creative work will be successful if he can recognize theMagic, 556:group of lives in line with whose thought his creative work must proceed, for unlike the Deity inMagic, 556:This we call one pointed attention, and this creative work is one of the, as yet unrecognized,Magic, 557:further instructions will be given in the creative art. Meditation is the first basic lesson givenMagic, 558:each of these, with application only to the creative work of white magic. Power is dependent forMagic, 558:give us a principle underlying all the creative work and we can link up the idea which He clothedMagic, 565:and thus arrives at that critical point in his creative work wherein the threefold sheath is at theMagic, 566:and his intent. The crucial moment in all creative work is ever to be found at this stage. It isMagic, 567:come to naught because their creator, or the creative mind from which they emanate, understands notMagic, 568:with the work of the initiates, as they act as creative magicians under group impulse and throughMagic, 571:the forces of nature and so leading the whole creative body forward along the line of divineMagic, 571:physical plane of a personality adequate for its creative task and capable of those forms ofMagic, 580:words of power which, when employed by the Creative Destroyers, bring about the destruction ofMagic, 583:tendency) and to a steadfast application of the creative and magical work. Discipleship is aMagic, 593:for they are the expression of the physical creative nature and of the emotional body. A senseMagic, 610:refers to one of the intermediate stages in the creative process. [611] It is technically calledMagic, 615:been created through the uncontrolled use of the creative imagination and the misuse of the magicalMagic, 616:poise and of mental awareness, followed by creative work on the mental plane. There is anMagic, 619:forms of the Piscean age, and is stimulating the creative faculties, as they express themselves inMeditation, 50:June 19, 1920 Fundamental postulates. The creative effect of the Sacred Word. The destructiveMeditation, 53:and take up each one of them separately: The creative effect of the Sacred Word. The destructiveMeditation, 53:and we will take the first two, the effect, - creative and destructive - of the Word. Just a fewMeditation, 55:between the fourth [55] Breath and the fourth Creative Hierarchy, that of the human Spirits. ThisMeditation, 58:sounding it forth) be able to do both the creative work and the destructive work as does the Logos.Meditation, 75:stimulation of the throat center. All the creative activity of the threefold man - physical,Meditation, 106:He has to direct the attention of the creative impulse to the mental plane. In so doing, ifMeditation, 194:of sound and having studied its destructive and creative effects, - knew just the moment to applyMeditation, 199:of people will gather together to study the creative effects, or the purificatory efficacy ofMeditation, 236:to you, incomprehensible units of the fourth Creative Hierarchy, awaiting opportunity ofMeditation, 260:means occultly that He has now developed the creative faculty, and can sound the note for eachMeditation, 347:mind so that the higher may dominate and the creative faculty of thought may be projected throughPatanjali, 21:initiates who are learning the nature of the creative process of the planet, and who are concernedPatanjali, 60:Thus he participates increasingly in the creative, magical and psychical work of manifestation,Patanjali, 80:law of analogy, is that the tongue typifies the creative faculty, the third aspect in its five foldPatanjali, 81:becomes possible, a knowledge of the world [81] creative processes can be arrived at, and the manPatanjali, 96:rise to the sound, thus producing the form. In creative work, the adept starts on the inside and -Patanjali, 196:is in reality the first two stages of the great creative process: Correct perception, AccuratePatanjali, 200:is concentrated and transmuted into the great creative work of the magician. This is done throughPatanjali, 276:or pertaining to the work of the twelve Creative Hierarchies as they bring to concretion the planPatanjali, 304:[304] seven and the twelve upon which all our creative processes are built. The meaning of thePatanjali, 307:aspect, The throat - The Holy Ghost or creative aspect. Through the first, spiritual life will pourPatanjali, 307:the work of creation will be carried on, and the creative word sent forth. This general view isPatanjali, 310:solar plexus in this fourth round of the fourth creative Hierarchy (the Hierarchy of human monadsPatanjali, 311:of time transferred into the throat center. The creative process is then carried on by thought,Patanjali, 312:the earliest ages been the symbol of the slow creative process, and of the long evolutionary roadPatanjali, 333:that sound was the originating factor in the creative process and both teach that this word orPatanjali, 337:within - buddhic, The sounds of the Gods, The creative words - atmic, The word or sound, the AUM -Patanjali, 347:obey this force of will as used by the yogin. Creative power - isatva. This concerns the power ofPatanjali, 347:of mantra yoga, the yoga of sound or of the creative word. Creative power, the seventh siddhi,Patanjali, 347:yoga, the yoga of sound or of the creative word. Creative power, the seventh siddhi, concerns thePatanjali, 369:lower vehicle into a higher is part of the great creative and evolutionary process. 3. ThePatanjali, 381:lower vehicle into a higher is part of the great creative and evolutionary process. This is a veryProblems, 6:the new technique of trained, imaginative, creative and practical goodwill. [7] Goodwill is man'sProblems, 21:her closed frontiers. It was, nevertheless, a creative silence. The war then forced Russia to quitProblems, 26:kind of idea and all kinds of relationships. The creative power of the race shows itself as yet inProblems, 26:is a great battleground for experiment along creative lines; it is profoundly interested in tryingProblems, 29:construction will be distinctive of the emerging creative life of the spirit of man. The importantProblems, 31:attitudes and to bring in the new spiritually creative period. Will these men and women of visionProblems, 36:the true and the good and by means of the creative arts to prove their existence. It is thisProblems, 39:of the arts, the literature, the music and the creative life of all nations - past and present. ItProblems, 39:of our planetary and racial inheritance, both creative and historical, he adds an understanding ofProblems, 45:world must be built - upon our similarities, our creative achievements, our spiritual idealisms,Problems, 45:all the arts and for a new and free flow of the creative spirit in man. They should lay an emphaticProblems, 46:and that we prepare for a great awakening of the creative faculty in man once security is restored;Problems, 51:complete living and so make him truly human - a creative, constructive member of the human family.Problems, 58:a vast amount of historical information, of creative activity and of idealism and philosophy notProblems, 58:about in human psychology as a whole. The creative aptitude of the human being should also, underProblems, 59:produces the good, the true and the beautiful. Creative expression and humanitarian effort will,Problems, 62:we shall have a world of men awakened, creative, and possessing a true sense of values and a soundProblems, 67:culture and the employment of time along creative lines. It is not useful here to prophesy the usesProblems, 82:which when faced and solved will release the creative energy of man into channels undreamed ofProblems, 83:of humanity will bring into expression mass creative powers, spiritual potencies and psychicProblems, 90:in mental development, in physical stamina, in creative possibilities, in understanding, in humanProblems, 110:to make of spiritual assets, cultural values and creative possibilities. The innate endowment ofProblems, 110:of the Negro is very rich in content. He is creative, artistic and capable of the highest mentalProblems, 129:ecclesiastical authority are characteristic of creative spiritual thinking at this time; this isPsychology1, xxi:and vaster realms of activity. The great creative Plan, its laws and technique of unfoldment, andPsychology1, xxi:and principles which lie at the root of the creative process, and in its entirety is beyond thePsychology1, xxv:an account of the apprehension, by man, of the creative ideas which have molded the race and arePsychology1, 9:work in unison, until mind control and the creative work of the focused mind can be seen. It hasPsychology1, 9:indeed, and that is verily true, because the creative thinker, with power to use the sustainedPsychology1, 11:less potent. Every group can consequently be a creative center and produce that which is anPsychology1, 22:expression and reflection of this initial creative quaternary. We are lives, making an appearance,Psychology1, 24:is the originating idea. This fourth Lord of creative expression will resume activity upon thePsychology1, 24:and the next century will see a reawakening of creative art in all its branches. 5. The Lord ofPsychology1, 24:a Great Life in close touch with the mind of the creative [25] Deity, just as the Lord of thePsychology1, 42:or will, intelligently applied in the great creative work, which is produced through the power ofPsychology1, 42:work, which is produced through the power of creative love. Each son of God can say: I am born of
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