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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CREATIVE

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Psychology2, 523:to the throat center, which becomes the organ of creative activity of a non-physical nature. ThePsychology2, 526:During this period, we find the intelligently creative or the powerful man will come to the zenithPsychology2, 530:a period of time governs the animal and physical creative life of the human being. During thePsychology2, 536:These difficulties are increased and this higher creative center unduly stimulated and rendered aPsychology2, 537:yet reached the point where it can be turned to creative work in any field. There is no creativePsychology2, 537:to creative work in any field. There is no creative expression of any kind as the development ofPsychology2, 537:development of the man does not permit him to be creative in the higher sense. The Swiss people,Psychology2, 537:Swiss people, though highly intelligent, are not creative in this sense. The energy flowing throughPsychology2, 537:flowing through the thyroid gland is not used in creative art, music or writing in any outstandingPsychology2, 552:is steadily increasing today, owing to the creative activity and the inventive genius (which bringsPsychology2, 554:the point of difficulty. The man is a powerful creative thinker, selfishly polarized and with anPsychology2, 559:five transmuted instincts. a. Self-preservation. Creative self-preservation. Immortality. b. Sex.Psychology2, 607:which comes through the effort to do definite creative work. This necessarily involves the activityPsychology2, 607:the throat center. Where there is this inflow of creative force and where there is no real use madePsychology2, 607:of the inflowing energy in the production of creative work, then there is very apt to be difficultyPsychology2, 612:and by his emotional reactions or else by his creative activities as they express themselvesPsychology2, 640:the New Deal, liberalism and conservatism, creative living, population problems, sterilization,Psychology2, 710:whatever it may be; they have outstanding creative ability in some department of the creative arts;Psychology2, 710:creative ability in some department of the creative arts; they are phenomenally magnetic andPsychology2, 724:for the Aryan Race, the activity needed for the creative work must be inaugurated and carriedRays, 43:not his need, but the definite undertaking of a creative work - the building of a bridge betweenRays, 46:to take the intended action (always of a creative nature and based on loving understanding) at theRays, 55:goes forth. Let me list them for you: The creative point of tension - a tension achieved by aRays, 62:major goal, but only in reference to the whole creative process and not now in reference to theRays, 64:Plan in conformity with the Purpose. This is the creative work of thought-form building and that isRays, 65:higher levels, as work the Nirmanakayas (the creative Contemplatives of the planet), or fromRays, 67:Life Itself, embodying its dynamic impulse, its creative power, and its responsive sensitivity toRays, 73:of the purification of the three vehicles and of creative meditation. We are told in the worldRays, 96:This is a rule peculiarly related to the fourth Creative Hierarchy, embodying its goal as the AryanRays, 101:image, the product of a focused will and the creative imagination; it is not the product of desire,Rays, 102:the Father aspect himself, the first cause, the creative will and the breath of life within theRays, 105:developed awareness of two divine aspects - creative activity and love - he is now focused in theRays, 123:the sense of synthesis will be unfolded. 3. All creative art will be fostered by this training, andRays, 147:are worked out. I would remind you that the creative process was initiated by Sound, and in thatRays, 148:idea), the Heart (the ideal) and the Throat (the creative agent of the resulting idol, theRays, 160:energies - is radiated by humanity as a group-creative impulse, and this gradually sweeps all formsRays, 172:conscious enhancement, with completion and with creative sharing, plus process. It is a process ofRays, 180:the energy directed through them, He directs the creative process. They are under the completeRays, 180:is mind. God is intelligent functioning. God is creative activity. These are the qualities of theRays, 183:time, and connotes to the initiate the mass of creative forces with which he must work; these areRays, 201:the Sound which he makes as he proceeds upon his creative way is a part of the universal Sound. ItRays, 201:- there is found the cyclic rhythm of the creative process. He it will be Who will withdraw theRays, 202:the quality which enables him to work as a creative factor in the great White Lodge is theRays, 214:of reverie and the unwholesome use of the creative imagination. Speech is consequently controlledRays, 216:the essential life of both the lower aspects (creative in nature and expressive of loving intent asRays, 220:their own peculiar note or sound which is the creative agent of the focused group life. At thisRays, 227:the complete transition out of the Fourth Creative Hierarchy, the human kingdom. This is a briefRays, 241:(as yet) unrecognized purpose which evoked the creative activity of our Planetary Logos. ThisRays, 243:in the next. It is related to an aspect of the creative intelligence, an aspect and characteristicRays, 243:solar system, in which the other aspects of the creative intelligence functioned. In this solarRays, 243:and its first expression can be seen in the creative perfection of certain phases of art for whichRays, 243:relation, except the human; all of this type of creative art is the result of aeons of conflict,Rays, 243:of suffering and are in the forefront of the creative arts at this time, particularly [244] inRays, 244:which produces the full beauty of the creative fixed design of the individual soul, or - on aRays, 244:relative interlude in the production of human creative art of a very high order. The cycle ofRays, 244:by age - the thinking capacity of man and his creative imagination have wrought out the slowlyRays, 245:kingdoms, and then influencing and swinging into creative cooperation the subhuman kingdoms. f. ItRays, 252:emphasis upon visualization and the use of the creative imagination; I have presented a system ofRays, 270:beings; this testifies to the success of the creative work of the Buddhas of Activity. This, in itsRays, 275:For Group Initiation Those responsible for the creative work upon the outer field must begin withRays, 275:It will be apparent to you, therefore, that this creative work, with its intelligent and practicalRays, 284:fifth initiation Working in the three worlds of creative salvaging Achieving ashramic purpose andRays, 285:Light, regarding light as the emanating creative energy - the organizer of the symbol, the revealerRays, 289:or [289] the Purpose which motivated the creative Sound; I am dealing with the impulsive energyRays, 289:the recipient (by means of the Sound) of the creative energy which it is the divine intention toRays, 289:the heart center of the planetary Logos and the creative center, were known to Him and fullyRays, 290:For the time being, neither the energy of the creative mind nor the energy of love was left to Him.Rays, 290:itself in His life through love and the creative work of inaugurating the new dispensation and theRays, 293:word, therefore, is to him an injunction to be creative. The initiate creates outside himself thatRays, 293:individual contribution to the totality of the creative forms whereby the Hierarchy is attemptingRays, 294:the practicing occultist. A study of the creative methods of his particular Ray and an imaginativeRays, 294:of that which will be expressed when the desired creative work has taken due form. ConsciousRays, 294:onto the outer physical plane. A tangible creative project is undertaken and eventually produced.Rays, 294:plays his part in bringing into objectivity the creative undertaking of his Ashram. The seed ofRays, 294:undertaking of his Ashram. The seed of this creative work is that which the Ashram has planned forRays, 294:in the Ashrams are bending every effort. The creative task, therefore, of working disciples andRays, 295:One - Fourteen Rules For Group Initiation The creative work of expression does not consequentlyRays, 295:he should be able to make to the ashramic creative purpose. What, as a neophyte, he "touched"Rays, 295:him nothing for the separated self. A great creative activity involving all Ashrams - major andRays, 295:waiting and attentive disciples is to make that creative plan successful through its fullRays, 295:the divine intention. At present, what is called creative work by men is in reality an expressionRays, 296:way, Christianity will be expressed through the creative activity of the Christ spirit through theRays, 296:themselves and finally by a definitely planned creative activity in the outer world. Therefore, myRays, 332:to the world and do it in such a manner that the creative art of today will be to this new creativeRays, 332:the creative art of today will be to this new creative art what a child's building of wooden blocksRays, 333:and the consummation of the work of the Fourth Creative Hierarchy is at hand. This there is noRays, 395:and implement [395] its expression in the creative process under the directive of Shamballa; TheyRays, 395:learns "occultly to decide" and to condition the creative center for which He is responsible. HeRays, 422:who are so frequently the mobile agents of the creative process in solar creation. The Masters WhoRays, 432:agent. It is this which is brought into creative activity and thus under the control of theRays, 442:he discovers the value, uses and purpose of the creative imagination. This creative imagination isRays, 442:and purpose of the creative imagination. This creative imagination is all that remains to himRays, 443:desire and steadily becoming a higher creative faculty as desire shifts into ever higher states andRays, 443:becomes in time a great invocative and creative agent. It is thus that the Spiritual Triad isRays, 443:the imagination with its overwhelmingly powerful creative faculty. This creative energy, whenRays, 443:overwhelmingly powerful creative faculty. This creative energy, when implemented by an illuminedRays, 443:his invocative work, the instrument used is the creative imagination. This enables him at the veryRays, 446:The recognition and receptivity to Ideas. The creative faculty of conscious thought-form building.Rays, 452:concept in men's minds relating to this form of creative work and this construction of the bridgeRays, 453:itself through the consciousness thread and the creative thread, as they constitute in themselves a
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