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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CREATIVELY

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Bethlehem, 38:in mind. And when we speak of the soul as a will creatively molding circumstance, this is anotherDestiny, 129:of the soul. This will be wielded, used and creatively employed from the second until the thirdDiscipleship1, 40:aspect, Life. They link and blend life and form creatively. They are closely related to the ninthDiscipleship1, 40:other nine types of groups so that they may work creatively upon the physical plane and the divineDiscipleship1, 91:to use the above information constructively and creatively. The need of the times is increasinglyDiscipleship1, 543:not, and you are among those who should function creatively and whose life should be dedicated toDiscipleship1, 696:of thought contributory to world service and creatively effective. The important thing for anDiscipleship2, 97:by his own soul and will mark - if correctly and creatively used - the closing of a preliminaryDiscipleship2, 122:the heart center. That is why people who work creatively usually have first ray personalities atDiscipleship2, 137:aware of the Plan, sensitive to the purpose, and creatively and constantly impressing humanity withDiscipleship2, 200:centers, a group of those who can meditate creatively can be found; they are chosen out of each ofDiscipleship2, 201:they are carrying out and in the group which is creatively influenced by the meditation workDiscipleship2, 202:to live beautifully, constructively and creatively; there are churchmen and religious leaders (inDiscipleship2, 216:unknown to each other, but they are all creatively striving and creatively thinking towards theDiscipleship2, 216:other, but they are all creatively striving and creatively thinking towards the worldwide uplift ofDiscipleship2, 218:method of spiritual recognition. Thus, creatively, the glory which is hidden in every form isDiscipleship2, 218:of the New Group of World Servers, working creatively under the inspiration and the impression ofDiscipleship2, 236:of a Master. Meditation only becomes effective creatively and on all the three planes in the threeDiscipleship2, 373:to your imagination if the intuition is not yet creatively active; it must always be rememberedDiscipleship2, 378:destroy the astral phenomena for which he is creatively responsible, and that (having done this) heDiscipleship2, 721:- one each Sunday in the month - and work creatively with them. At the close of a year, send in toEducation, 23:this instinct to ordered rhythm, making it more creatively constructive and so providing, throughExternalisation, 73:of the head and the heart, working out creatively through the [74] throat center, esotericallyExternalisation, 103:lines of outcome and results, and functioning so creatively that the results are seen with clarityExternalisation, 132:emphasis upon human values and the will-to-rule creatively is the contribution of the U.S.S.R.,Externalisation, 440:The will-to-know and to think correctly and creatively will become an outstanding characteristic ofExternalisation, 622:intelligent responsiveness; this today is creatively endeavoring to bring in the new world order,Healing, 112:higher order than the substance which vibrates creatively to the call of the three subhumanHealing, 148:eyes in the development of conscious expression, creatively carrying forward the divine purpose.Healing, 153:consciousness and form are then all focused creatively and actively in the head, and their activityHealing, 153:the intelligence aspect of humanity focuses creatively. It is therefore the [154] center throughMagic, 281:represent centers of energy; both work under Law creatively; both proceed from subjective activityMagic, 453:to work in mental matter and to cooperate creatively with the Purpose underlying the evolutionaryMagic, 541:description, for few there are who can think creatively. Public opinion, mass ideas, the tendenciesProblems, 9:and culture; it voices the opportunity to work creatively and passes gradually but inevitably intoProblems, 129:life of the believer or to anchor the truths creatively upon the physical plane. The effect of thePsychology1, 100:meditation, experiment is made to produce creatively some of the beauty contacted, some of thePsychology1, 100:and understand how to train people to work creatively. Then much will be discovered about thePsychology2, 61:which defies the powers of man to emulate it creatively, and which is outstandingly the majorPsychology2, 133:flowing into the personality, to be later used creatively, will be seen in all three bodies. ThusPsychology2, 192:thought. They will link or blend life and form creatively. Today, unknowingly and without any truePsychology2, 243:upon the physical plane through applied force, creatively actuated by the imagination of thePsychology2, 244:aspects, qualities and forces which must be creatively used in the materialization of the intuitedPsychology2, 339:of God. The fifth kingdom in nature becomes creatively active [340] on earth. This will bePsychology2, 517:are awakening and who can function actively and creatively on the three levels of human awareness.Psychology2, 525:centers are brought into activity. The man is creatively intelligent along some line or other andPsychology2, 537:this difficulty. The throat center is not used creatively nor is the sacral center turned to itsPsychology2, 708:None of this is the art of expressing ideas creatively, which will be the glory of the AquarianRays, 43:aspect of the personality. As the disciple then creatively works, he finds that there is aRays, 297:is completed the disciple can then begin to work creatively in line with hierarchical activity. AsRays, 413:rangings (if I may use so strange a phrase) creatively profitable to you. This great Sun which isRays, 489:aspect of the Spiritual Triad which are becoming creatively active. The disciple is now proceedingRays, 509:or of living substance is imaginatively and creatively sent out or projected from the mental unit,Rays, 535:aspects meet. Through them he is consciously, creatively and constructively en rapport with theRays, 590:vibrations arising from the three worlds; these creatively result in the myriads of thought-formsRays, 689:that the disciple begins consciously and creatively to direct the energies being made available toRays, 722:in motion certain energy forces which will creatively change matters on Earth. They thereby proveReappearance, 78:been. Their work can now be constructively and creatively intensified through the ofReappearance, 150:of a God Who is creating, sustaining and creatively active, but at the same time outside HisReappearance, 169:intelligent responsiveness. This today is creatively endeavoring to bring in the new world order,Telepathy, 78:Logos and yet, at the same time, remain creatively free as regards their reaction to theseTelepathy, 156:Ponder for a while on these types of energy and creatively imagine their effect when, in due courseTelepathy, 190:been attained. The throat center only becomes creatively and spiritually active when the lower
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