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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CREATORS

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Discipleship2, 208:and concepts which animate certain universal Creators. Ponder on this. I also pointed out to youExternalisation, 135:same time, they are the agents of destiny, the creators of the new order and the initiators of theFire, 255:sumtotal of consciousness - S. D., I, 626, The Creators - S. D., I, 477, 481-485. Compare S. D.,Fire, 561:no other entities of lesser grade work as mental creators), emanate from a mind, are built for theFire, 617:occult hint. 95 Pitris - The ancestors or creators of mankind. They are of seven classes, three ofFire, 640:the numberless active creating Forces, or "Creators," which Entities are moved by, and have theirFire, 640:and through that Divine Thought... Such active "Creators" are known to exist and are believed inFire, 841:continent. They are also, called "third class creators," as they express themselves only throughFire, 841:a long way to go. They are called "second class creators," for though they demonstrate on theFire, 929:more and more of the human family will become creators and intelligent workers in connection withFire, 952:in order that they may become conscious creators in matter. This involves A realization of theFire, 1021:or destructive, and react back upon their creators in a disastrous manner. Fire, 1055:in all the Logoi, as all are fully intelligent Creators, having perfected this capacity in anFire, 1233:All symbols emanate from three groups of Creators: The solar Logos, Who is constructing a "TempleFire, 1234:human state of consciousness are not regarded as creators. They work under impulses emanating fromFire, 1234:without exception and no matter which group of creators is responsible for its construction. TheseInitiation, 170:self-reliant in the occult sense, and to become creators through perfected knowledge. At the thirdMagic, 163:to learn to use their mental bodies and become creators, and who will work constructively towardsMagic, 466:to work as souls. Then they not only become creators, with the power of standing alone, with theMagic, 475:the matter of thought and become "knowing creators." These can, and do, speak the impulsive wordsMagic, 475:duly, to their timely and appointed end. These creators are the leaders and organizers, theMagic, 477:who speak and write. Yet there are a few true creators who are endeavoring to make their soundMagic, 551:of thought and hence, in training them to be creators and in teaching them to govern and controlPsychology1, 155:wielded only by the three synthetic Builders or Creators, Who are: The Life which expresses ItselfRays, 407:These Masters are the directing builders and Creators eventually of all forms of planetary life -Rays, 483:Logos and of a human being - the only conscious creators in the universe. It must prove true of theRays, 484:an idea. To this idea they gave form and became creators upon the mental plane; they became artistsTelepathy, 49:as receptive and perceptive intelligences and as creators in mental matter. It is all related to
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