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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CRISIS

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Autobiography, 10:which persist in my memory, but moments of crisis and the hours when I was utterly miserable andAutobiography, 10:- as usually dished out - help in a time of crisis. What lay for her around the corner was the manAutobiography, 126:in a sardine cannery. I remember the time of crisis when I came to this decision. It was a majorAutobiography, 126:came to this decision. It was a major spiritual crisis. As I have earlier pointed out, I hadAutobiography, 148:ill of typhoid. I had nursed her through the crisis and then she had been moved to a hospital, soAutobiography, 252:I wrote the pamphlet called The Present World Crisis and the succeeding papers on the worldAutobiography, 302:is passing through the greatest spiritual crisis of its long history on this planet. TheAutobiography, 302:we respond to spiritual stimuli in the hour of crisis. It is abundantly clear that God's Plan forBethlehem, 10:in modern terms is our task. [10] A point of crisis and of culmination has been reached in theBethlehem, 34:into the light of the kingdom of God. Another crisis is upon us, and for this Christ has preparedBethlehem, 54:of the world. For the race, too, there is the crisis, the initiation and the vision. "Where thereBethlehem, 90:came at a crucial time, and in a period of world crisis, and embodied in Himself a cosmic principleBethlehem, 135:service is ended. Christ faced another interior crisis, and this time, according to the story, oneBethlehem, 136:to be citizens of that kingdom, and the final crisis wherein the immortality of the soul isBethlehem, 150:or magi attended the birth initiation. At this crisis there were three disciples prostrate upon theBethlehem, 160:humanity to pay attention to this particular crisis in the life of Christ and to listen to HisBethlehem, 163:new birth, comes to fuller expression, and from crisis to crisis leads on the developing son of GodBethlehem, 163:comes to fuller expression, and from crisis to crisis leads on the developing son of God until heBethlehem, 163:as will appear when we study the next great crisis, showed us love and sacrifice carried to theirBethlehem, 220:by phases of utter rejection, when the final crisis comes he must experience [221] moments ofBethlehem, 231:much. The detail of the Resurrection episode, or crisis, in Christ's life is left untold by theBethlehem, 254:humanity's entrance into life. Hence the world crisis - the readjustments, the tendency to fusionBethlehem, 254:privileged to be present at a moment of great crisis for the race. We are seeing the birth of a newBethlehem, 282:and selfish individual. Now is a time of crisis when all human beings are needed, and the call goesDestiny, 13:were brought about: When the first great human crisis occurred at the time of the individualizationDestiny, 13:in itself the energy which lies behind the world crisis of the moment. It is the Will of God toDestiny, 13:with second ray force) that tremendous crisis - imminent in the human consciousness - which we callDestiny, 13:human consciousness - which we call the second crisis, the initiation of the race into the MysteryDestiny, 13:which has been hid from the beginning. The first crisis, as you have been taught, was the crisis ofDestiny, 13:first crisis, as you have been taught, was the crisis of individualization wherein man became aDestiny, 13:wherein man became a living soul. The second crisis is the immediate one of racial initiation, madeDestiny, 19:except in the first great Lemurian crisis. Its work has, therefore, been confined almost entirelyDestiny, 33:are equalized, then a definite point of crisis is reached. This is what has occurred today, andDestiny, 80:both for nations and individuals the first great crisis in Scorpio upon the path of discipleship isDestiny, 95:eyes and which is, at this time, at a point of crisis. [96] As this is the Aryan race (the term isDestiny, 99:will be later revealed when the present point of crisis is surmounted. Of its nature and its effectDestiny, 142:closer to humanity in preparation for the "crisis of love," and an imminent major planetaryDestiny, 143:each other and because of the imminent spiritual Crisis of Approach, the Lord of the Fifth Ray andDiscipleship1, 17:in a world which is passing through a major crisis, I would like to state that it is necessary forDiscipleship1, 19:appreciate the immediate emergency. There is a crisis in the affairs of men. This crisis must beDiscipleship1, 19:There is a crisis in the affairs of men. This crisis must be viewed in terms of opportunity and notDiscipleship1, 19:the lower nature, so there is now an analogous crisis upon our planet. The object in both cases isDiscipleship1, 19:energies which are ushering in the New Age. This crisis is upon us almost prematurely, owing to theDiscipleship1, 91:might be defined at this point as the moment of crisis wherein the consciousness hovers on the veryDiscipleship1, 98:living. That is not warranted in this time of crisis, and owing to the evolutionary development ofDiscipleship1, 100:Hierarchy seek to do at this time of desperate crisis is to find those who are dependable points ofDiscipleship1, 135:disciples in training at this time, the present crisis presents a period or an interlude ofDiscipleship1, 142:work expands [142] and grows and his moments of crisis will be real, for your work will assumeDiscipleship1, 228:of exaltation become relatively rare. Points of crisis, of spiritual crisis, may lack. I point thisDiscipleship1, 228:relatively rare. Points of crisis, of spiritual crisis, may lack. I point this out so that you canDiscipleship1, 229:year, keep your spiritual diary in terms of crisis. Create not these crises for yourself. They areDiscipleship1, 251:if my words are not warranted. Here lies the crisis for you. Here is indicated to you what yourDiscipleship1, 269:uniform activity climaxes into hours of dynamic crisis. Then one cycle of work ends in someDiscipleship1, 269:as a new beginning. Unless such moments of crisis occur, the life simmers down to a general deadDiscipleship1, 269:you note, during this coming year, the points of crisis in your life which are the outcome of theDiscipleship1, 269:questions, entering the relation of the crisis in your spiritual diary: What was the form ofDiscipleship1, 269:What was the form of service which produced the crisis? Was it in the field of the emotional or theDiscipleship1, 270:in order to meet the necessity? [270] Did the crisis produce any definite after-effects of aDiscipleship1, 283:egoically stood by her and helped her through a crisis that was more serious than any of you knewDiscipleship1, 301:which it needs. The group has passed through a crisis as a group. Certain of its members haveDiscipleship1, 329:which I appeal. This, my brother, is a year of crisis and, therefore, a year of intense strain uponDiscipleship1, 338:year. We grow by the presentation of moments of crisis. Face such times with detachment, with deepDiscipleship1, 423:is this particular work which precipitated the crisis of the past year. Such was my intention, hardDiscipleship1, 452:quicker ending of the present conflict and world crisis and the consequent release of the newDiscipleship1, 471:that all men are souls, and that "points of crisis" are factors which are of proven usefulness inDiscipleship1, 482:form of static personality glamor. The personal crisis and problems loom too large. You do not seeDiscipleship1, 489:and your individual and culminating "points of crisis" for this life had been handled and leftDiscipleship1, 490:you, now that you have passed your worst life crisis, to sum up the situation, to leave behind theDiscipleship1, 502:in your experience. This is for you a major life crisis and there stands before you an open door.Discipleship1, 504:provided humanity comes through the terrific crisis now upon it. Note, if you will, how this prideDiscipleship1, 507:1934 BROTHER OF MINE: You are facing up to your crisis and to your final test of fitness forDiscipleship1, 514:few months. You are now entering a period of crisis. Forget not that I have told you this andDiscipleship1, 514:in the light of that knowledge. The crisis (which may focus itself in some aspect of yourDiscipleship1, 514:the guarantee of a constructive outcome to your crisis this coming spring. In my last instruction IDiscipleship1, 522:plane [522] activity in the place of emotional crisis; and to discipline your lower life into waysDiscipleship1, 527:at the same time, are emerging out of a life crisis into greater surety, light, knowledge andDiscipleship1, 534:are days of spiritual opportunity and of world crisis. They are for you, as an individual, days ofDiscipleship1, 534:his own crises and where a life is devoid of crisis (at your stage of development) it means theDiscipleship1, 555:sincere. Forget this not. 4th month - Each life crisis can lead to extended vision or to aDiscipleship1, 572:in some of the members. (NOTE: During this world crisis the Tibetan has been caring for theDiscipleship1, 578:personality. This has been for you a culminating crisis in your life, esoterically speaking, thoughDiscipleship1, 580:as it is: First, there must be recognized a crisis in the soul life when the energy is shifting outDiscipleship1, 653:and misunderstood and faced with constant crisis (of no moment whatsoever in the larger picture)Discipleship1, 658:When you can realize that in these days of human crisis (when the call has gone out to allDiscipleship1, 659:which, in this day of world suffering and crisis, do not warrant attention and constitute an easyDiscipleship1, 663:of the disciple moves forward through moments of crisis. These crises produce two results: TheDiscipleship1, 663:with all souls in all forms. Such moments of crisis and of intensification, added to renunciation,Discipleship1, 693:everywhere, particularly in this time of crisis. The plans of the Hierarchy, as they embody theDiscipleship1, 696:with what he feels is needed in periods of world crisis. He can express to them what he feelsDiscipleship1, 711:by the manner in which you react at moments of crisis or tension. The task of the Master is toDiscipleship1, 719:their groups of disciples in this hour of world crisis. This is a matter of paramount importance toDiscipleship1, 724:the work entailed by the gravity of the world crisis. The aspirants thus trained are in reality theDiscipleship1, 750:forward is marked by disturbances, by points of crisis and chaos, replaced later (when successfullyDiscipleship1, 772:adequate to the solution of the present world crisis. Those who refuse to share in the world karmaDiscipleship1, 784:I wrote the pamphlet called The Present World Crisis and the succeeding papers on the worldDiscipleship2, 13:this ancient evil. To do this presupposes crisis in your life and in the life of humanity. TheDiscipleship2, 13:is the hallmark of the disciple, and every crisis met and rightly handled provides (once theDiscipleship2, 20:energy, thus producing a point of tension, of crisis, and an interlude, prior to a process ofDiscipleship2, 22:testimony of the Hierarchy that the points of crisis in the evolutionary process have accomplishedDiscipleship2, 22:and have demonstrated success. These points of crisis are ever [23] succeeded by "points of
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