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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CRISIS

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Externalisation, 105:1939 Humanity is passing through an acute crisis and its karma or fate is heavy upon it. Being soExternalisation, 106:The first time was during the great human crisis which occurred at the time of theExternalisation, 107:in itself the energy which lies behind the world crisis of the moment. It is the Will of God toExternalisation, 107:with the energy of love) that tremendous crisis - imminent in the human consciousness - which weExternalisation, 107:human consciousness - which we call the second crisis, the initiation of the race into the MysteryExternalisation, 108:outer expression. This accounts for the world crisis at this time. The cause is based upon fourExternalisation, 110:era. I want you to attempt to regard the present crisis as being caused or initiated by eventsExternalisation, 110:the Hierarchy and Shamballa. This world crisis is related to the approach or the relation [111] ofExternalisation, 111:center and from Shamballa. This precipitates a crisis which has had no parallel in human historyExternalisation, 111:but which finds a faint reflection in the crisis which overtook the animal kingdom and whichExternalisation, 111:As I have earlier told you, this present world crisis, if met correctly and rightly controlled,Externalisation, 111:able to help others to live calmly through this crisis and to preserve an attitude of patience,Externalisation, 112:General World Picture The Cause of the Present Crisis It is well known to you that the great Law ofExternalisation, 112:point in evolution. Hence the magnitude of this crisis as it assumes its place in the humanExternalisation, 112:enlarged and philosophers speculated. But the crisis today is far vaster, embracing as it does theExternalisation, 112:the rapidity of inter-communication, the present crisis is the first major international crisis inExternalisation, 112:present crisis is the first major international crisis in human affairs and covers a period ofExternalisation, 113:the needed lessons and to come through this crisis (which they have themselves precipitated)Externalisation, 113:not platitudes but eternal truths. This world crisis, with all its horror and suffering, is - inExternalisation, 122:of life and thought were so clear, that a crisis was precipitated in the then civilized world ofExternalisation, 171:which is against the material forces. The World Crisis was, as you know, inevitable, but physicalExternalisation, 172:personal problems behind. This is a time of crisis and such problems must be solved throughExternalisation, 175:future. The years 1941 and 1942 will be years of crisis and of tension. Those who perceive theExternalisation, 175:history of mankind. There have been points of crisis before in history, but not one that involvedExternalisation, 183:policy will help humanity through the present crisis. Externalisation, 184:built around the theme of war; its points of crisis have been the great battles. The thought ofExternalisation, 189:Only insight into the true nature of this crisis, a determination to face the facts, andExternalisation, 190:a world which has passed through a destructive crisis and to a humanity which is badly shattered byExternalisation, 211:Section II - The General World Picture The World Crisis from Hierarchical Viewpoint April-May 1940Externalisation, 211:of our planet regards the present world crisis, and secondly, indicate to you certain majorExternalisation, 213:responsible for the slowness of the final crisis and the postponement of the advancing decision.Externalisation, 221:to see clearly the spiritual focus of this world crisis, to swing the weight of any influence youExternalisation, 221:a governing principle in evolution. This world crisis and the present world war will, it is hoped,Externalisation, 221:inclusive love; and the whole aim of the present crisis is to shift the focus of human awarenessExternalisation, 227:synthesis of these two reactions to the world crisis can prove adequate to bring in that outsideExternalisation, 228:where you, as a soul, must stand in this world crisis and on which side you will place the emphasisExternalisation, 229:Section II - The General World Picture The World Crisis Today June 30, 1940 Events and situationsExternalisation, 229:I feel again the need of writing on the world crisis, as I did last autumn, thus carrying forwardExternalisation, 232:Would you have me at this time of planetary crisis refrain from direct speech, have me withholdExternalisation, 239:the failure to grasp the acuteness of the world crisis and its significant implications, haveExternalisation, 245:to you what (in the face of this dangerous crisis) you must do. It is not for me to tell you whatExternalisation, 246:presented the attitude towards the present world crisis which seems to me consistent with all thatExternalisation, 263:and the right [263] handling of the present crisis by spiritually oriented humanity may bring aboutExternalisation, 289:Revelation. Ever down the ages and at each human crisis, always in the hours of necessity, at theExternalisation, 296:which will enable mankind to surmount this crisis. From the side of the spiritual Forces of theExternalisation, 297:from or near to humanity, and Who "release from crisis the sons of men." These fall mainly intoExternalisation, 305:the world disciples and aspirants appreciate the crisis and opportunity? They have not yet, as aExternalisation, 312:it has frequently happened at times of world crisis. Such are the possibilities which I present toExternalisation, 313:have done little or nothing. In this moment of crisis (within the world crisis) I again ask forExternalisation, 313:In this moment of crisis (within the world crisis) I again ask for your cooperation and leave youExternalisation, 313:the world disciples during the present world crisis, I see them borne down by inertia - not theExternalisation, 313:to lack of understanding of the nature of the crisis, or the inertia due to sheer laziness, but anExternalisation, 313:take refuge in a determination to wait until the crisis is over, and appear to think that any workExternalisation, 316:of the two world disciples and leaders marked a crisis in world affairs. The Eight Points (see PageExternalisation, 317:difficult moment in human history, at a point of crisis and - in the case of many of you asExternalisation, 323:aid the Hierarchy in its work during the world crisis - a crisis for which the Hierarchy has beenExternalisation, 323:in its work during the world crisis - a crisis for which the Hierarchy has been long prepared. TheExternalisation, 325:and of distressed humanity. The present world crisis could be shortened if the spiritually mindedExternalisation, 333:that some little time back I spoke of the crisis with which the group is faced. How can I expressExternalisation, 333:How can I express in words the nature of this crisis? It is that of the invocation or theExternalisation, 334:and its power used to evoke the emerging crisis of love, an increasing number of workers with firstExternalisation, 334:this time. Otherwise, the precipitation of the crisis of love will be hindered. Externalisation, 335:draw to itself all that is needed at the present crisis and for the materialization of the visionExternalisation, 335:which can carry the world through the coming crisis of Reconstruction, and it will be of value ifExternalisation, 338:today that we have the dire and widespread crisis. It was the need to give a constructive trend andExternalisation, 338:to be a test and a "decision in a time of crisis," hence made its appeal to the mentally focusedExternalisation, 359:that all manifestations and every point of crisis are symbolized by the ancient symbol of the pointExternalisation, 363:because the whole world problem has reached a crisis today and because its clarification will beExternalisation, 364:published an article entitled The Present World Crisis, and in it tried to trace the origins of theExternalisation, 375:resources, has brought about the present world crisis and cleavage and this global clash ofExternalisation, 391:reply? [391] In moments of extreme urgency or crisis, the story of the Christ brings to ourExternalisation, 391:in times of intense human urgency, stress and crisis and when the soul of man is adequately arousedExternalisation, 394:result of these Approaches. Always in moments of crisis and tension, the cry of humanity has evokedExternalisation, 396:the Hierarchy for the needed aid at this time of crisis. It will also bring about a closer relationExternalisation, 407:highest of all centers, Shamballa. At moments of crisis in the earthly life of Christ we read thatExternalisation, 493:into outer expression during a particular world crisis, then you have direfully affected theExternalisation, 507:so relieving Them temporarily, in this hour of crisis, from Their teaching responsibilities. ManyExternalisation, 535:and Humanity which brought about the planetary crisis through which the world has just passed and,Externalisation, 540:other problems incident to the planetary crisis, to the Initiation of the Lord of the WorldExternalisation, 593:world affairs, and who seek to solve the world crisis, that they are not alone. God Transcendent isExternalisation, 606:Christians are apt to forget that the crisis in the final hours of the Christ was not in thoseExternalisation, 606:because of what Christ did in His moment of crisis hundreds of years ago, humanity can add itsExternalisation, 610:Their major realization is that of a cyclic crisis in the spiritual life of our planet; it is oneExternalisation, 636:- cannot foretell how men will act in times of crisis; the Hierarchy cannot enforce the good way ofExternalisation, 649:of all time, if we except the great spiritual crisis which brought the fourth kingdom into being,Fire, 350:period of gradual evolution leads up to another crisis which we call initiation. In one we haveFire, 463:will ensue, leading in due course of time to the crisis in the next round. More attention should beFire, 787:for purposes of incarnation marks a definite crisis, and is characterized by the exertion of theGlamour, 101:of the man has, therefore, proceeded from a crisis of duality to one of a relative unity, only toGlamour, 136:in all probability by some one intuitive crisis which entirely remade him and gave him a new senseGlamour, 158:way that he shall go. In the Atlantean racial crisis (which was also a complete human crisis), theGlamour, 158:racial crisis (which was also a complete human crisis), the history of which is perpetuated for usGlamour, 159:above ideas in the light of the present world crisis, and in the light of your own soul-personalityGlamour, 166:that all manifestations and every point of crisis are symbolized by the ancient symbol of a pointGlamour, 170:because the whole world problem has reached a crisis today and because its clarification will beGlamour, 177:Individual Illusion Today we have reached a crisis in the field of human apprehension and can nowGlamour, 187:of superiority, taints them not. After the world crisis is over, Churchmen everywhere will not restGlamour, 201:of the [201] Real. They provide (in times of crisis) the great testing for all aspirants andGlamour, 204:glamors are dependent in any particular life crisis upon the ray of the personality. The stage ofGlamour, 267:presents itself at every stage and point of crisis upon the everlasting Way. We are concerned at
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