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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CRISIS

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Psychology2, 356:soul itself, the One Who is at the center. The crisis of evocation succeeds, once this line ofPsychology2, 356:has been established and recognized, and a crisis of intense activity ensues, wherein the manPsychology2, 356:and is there recognized for what it is. This crisis usually persists for a long time, a far longerPsychology2, 356:then the "light breaks in." It is this period of crisis which presents the major problem to thePsychology2, 361:alignment. This alignment naturally produces a crisis which is characterized by two qualities: ThePsychology2, 361:as thou art today entangled in thine own." This crisis evokes understanding, which is, as many willPsychology2, 362:of the technique we are studying: Alignment. A crisis of evocation. Light. Revelation. Integration.Psychology2, 364:produced and the disciple becomes aware of it, a crisis is evoked. The phrase "the disciple becomesPsychology2, 365:benefit to the man upon the physical plane. The crisis thus precipitated leads to freshPsychology2, 365:The forces which are involved in such a crisis are the forces of integration at work in aPsychology2, 365:soul energy, which ever produces the type of crisis which is here discussed. These constitute,Psychology2, 365:Coordination of the Personality This fourth ray crisis, evoked by a right understanding and a rightPsychology2, 366:real work when the personality is aligned, the crisis recognized, and the will-to-victory isPsychology2, 367:the world, and is producing a moment of extreme crisis in connection with the work of the New GroupPsychology2, 367:the New Group of World Servers. Their moment of crisis lies immediately ahead. In the human familyPsychology2, 370:previously) produces also, and evokes, a crisis. This crisis must be regarded as producing twoPsychology2, 370:produces also, and evokes, a crisis. This crisis must be regarded as producing two lesser crises inPsychology2, 371:faculty of the mind), leads eventually to a crisis of choice, and to the major task of thePsychology2, 371:great expansions of initiation. When this dual crisis is over and that which it has evoked has beenPsychology2, 373:"peaceful standing still" naturally produces a crisis and it is, as usual, a most difficult one forPsychology2, 373:one for the aspirant to handle. It is a crisis which seems to leave him destitute of incentive, ofPsychology2, 373:considers that others are thinking him so. The crisis therefore is severe, for it has to produce aPsychology2, 374:to the disciple) the acme and the height of this crisis, though in His case - being attuned to GodPsychology2, 377:is this fact which always evokes a seventh ray crisis. It will be obvious what this crisis is. IfPsychology2, 377:seventh ray crisis. It will be obvious what this crisis is. If the man concerned is materiallyPsychology2, 409:integrative process; all of them in a "state of crisis" and all of them therefore providing thePsychology2, 427:and this should be definitely negated. That the crisis faced indicates progress and opportunity,Psychology2, 430:disaster. There is only an unrecognized point of crisis, a moment of unrealized fulfilment. ThePsychology2, 430:The disaster comes when this point of crisis is not utilized and understood, for it then serves toPsychology2, 431:itself, a major releasing agent in any moment of crisis or any psychological problem case. ThePsychology2, 431:grasps the fact that behind him lie points of crisis wherein it can be demonstrated by his presentPsychology2, 431:to him victory in his present point of crisis and of difficult conflict. The light which thisPsychology2, 446:cleavage, and, therefore, the point of present crisis? Is this difficulty a major or a minorPsychology2, 446:crisis? Is this difficulty a major or a minor crisis? What are the five ray energies conditioningPsychology2, 447:cleavages are all bridged, the various points of crisis have been surmounted and passed, and thePsychology2, 449:perhaps not later. There are not always times of crisis, for they are the exception, not the rule.Psychology2, 449:the rule. This is, however, a time of unusual crisis. One point, nevertheless, seems impressed uponPsychology2, 449:I would like to emphasize it. In these times of crisis and consequent opportunity, it is essentialPsychology2, 449:of stimulation, and also that it is a time of crisis for the Hierarchy as well as for men. ThisPsychology2, 449:latter point is oft forgotten; the hierarchical crisis is of great importance, owing to itsPsychology2, 450:the Hierarchy is concerned. Also when a human crisis and a hierarchical crisis coincide and arePsychology2, 450:Also when a human crisis and a hierarchical crisis coincide and are simultaneous, there emerges anPsychology2, 460:have built. These people work always towards a crisis and it is interesting to note that thisPsychology2, 460:a crisis and it is interesting to note that this crisis may be interpreted by the world As thePsychology2, 467:is first contacted, there is always a moment of crisis and a period of danger. Then, as familiarityPsychology2, 508:it to his friend or - at the moment of crisis - he thinks powerfully of his friend. This registersPsychology2, 517:which is the source of much of the present world crisis. The effect of this "pull" in twoPsychology2, 527:each of which will mark a definite point of crisis, with its attendant tests and trials: The stagePsychology2, 544:efforts) that one finds a definite point of crisis in the life of the mystic. Psychology2, 550:all these different stages come "points of crisis" of greater or lesser moment. This intensePsychology2, 596:For this reason, once this present world crisis is duly ended, there must be laid a foundation ofPsychology2, 598:choice, but it is slow and leads to points of crisis and moments of almost intolerable difficultyPsychology2, 660:action with speed, owing to the urgency of the crisis. Those whose function it is to cooperate andPsychology2, 671:of the general inertia and of the world crisis and depression in order to impose (if need be, byPsychology2, 685:Themselves as willing to aid in the present crisis. That aid, if the effort prove successful, willPsychology2, 712:The Great Approaches b. The Precipitation of the Crisis The plans as established by the HierarchyPsychology2, 714:the higher and of the lower which produces the crisis. When these two meet there is, of course, noPsychology2, 714:difficult truth to grasp, but the present world crisis is largely brought about by the bringingPsychology2, 716:problem of humanity in this present moment of crisis. There are many other lines of activity and ofPsychology2, 717:[717] which must succeed this present time of crisis must be continued as usual. In the higherPsychology2, 718:it is this immediate need, and this momentous crisis with which the Hierarchy had to deal in itsPsychology2, 718:is in fact, the precipitation of an imminent crisis. This precipitation is inevitable and itsPsychology2, 718:and which are all related to the impending world crisis), it is needful that we should point outPsychology2, 718:we should point out two things: 1. That this crisis is imminent and of epoch-making effects for twoPsychology2, 719:were: The right resolution of the present crisis, so that equilibrium could be restored. ThePsychology2, 724:nevertheless, in itself constitute a momentous crisis. The fanning of the hot embers (if persistedPsychology2, 726:said - with the immediate problem of the human crisis, yet subjectively, all are engaged with thePsychology2, 731:and the plans of the Hierarchy at this time of crisis and emergency in connection with the field ofPsychology2, 731:and of the presentation of moments of crisis. These moments offer opportunity for the activity ofPsychology2, 734:and come to regard our world service in this crisis as a necessary part of our spiritual life,Psychology2, 736:it is possible to count at this moment of world crisis, for a world crisis is upon us. If thePsychology2, 736:at this moment of world crisis, for a world crisis is upon us. If the urgency of the hour is asPsychology2, 743:distant past of the race, humanity faced such a crisis as is now upon us. The race was thenPsychology2, 743:of this process and can lead men out of the crisis which it has brought about. They are expressionsPsychology2, 745:Wesak Festival. To bring about the "Day of Crisis" to which I have referred before. Through thisPsychology2, 745:to which I have referred before. Through this crisis, in which the aspiration of humanity forPsychology2, 746:- The Great Approaches It is for this "Day of Crisis" that we are called to work. It can be broughtRays, 45:with the thought of nerves, with points of crisis, with courage and with fatigue. Is this not so?Rays, 75:of realization, constituting both a point of crisis and a point of tension. That realization willRays, 75:travail of his soul and be satisfied." At the crisis of that revelation, at its highest point ofRays, 78:of necessary tension which (as a result of a crisis) must precede a great moving forward upon theRays, 85:and spiritually, precipitated this world crisis: The growth and development of the human family andRays, 86:three energies which have precipitated the world crisis, and it is helpful for us to recognize theRays, 102:thinking man, is a point of [102] catastrophic crisis. It is the cessation and the ending of allRays, 143:where that great point of fusion and of solar crisis (for that is what it is, even when producing aRays, 143:is what it is, even when producing a planetary crisis) appears in time and space, light alsoRays, 189:the physical plane which has precipitated the crisis between the great White Lodge and the BlackRays, 236:the forces of evil. This has been an epoch of crisis, and the great moment for which the HierarchyRays, 237:ago, the Hierarchy realized that such a time of crisis and of conflict was inevitable. The easiestRays, 237:Hierarchy could have unitedly ended this world crisis, but it would then have again arisen and haveRays, 237:usefulness? See you not how the present crisis only indicates the success of the previousRays, 238:by right timing and by what has been called "the crisis of spatial extension." They call this theRays, 290:Initiation. It was this event and spiritual crisis in the life of the Christ (taking place as HeRays, 334:Hierarchy is itself also at a point of spiritual crisis. Its initiates stand before the Door whichRays, 335:quite secondary in relation to the hierarchical crisis which we are considering. This reappearanceRays, 353:three are in full activity at this initiatory crisis. All are localized and concentrated in thatRays, 355:occurrence and the other was a great human crisis; one was the entrance of an initiate into theRays, 369:Ray of Love-Wisdom has reached its next cyclic crisis point. The crisis points of a ray are everRays, 369:has reached its next cyclic crisis point. The crisis points of a ray are ever indicative of successRays, 384:the ancient Archives tell us, there came a great crisis in the evolution of humanity; this
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