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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CRITICAL

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Externalisation, 352:itself. From April 15th till June 15th are critical weeks, spiritually and materially, and this isExternalisation, 352:all disciples know but are apt to forget. The critical situation upon the outer plane is only aExternalisation, 352:outer plane is only a reflection of still more critical inner conditions, and you can giveExternalisation, 367:and seriously delayed the ending of the war. The critical point is now passed, and the humanitarianExternalisation, 443:off saying and thinking those things which are critical of others - other people and other alliedExternalisation, 443:towards the Axis Powers at this unique and critical moment. The form or forms of their tyranny mustExternalisation, 552:never been the case. You can see therefore how critical, spiritually, are these times, and howExternalisation, 622:will be the sign and the symbol. Secondly, the critical activity which is conditioning theExternalisation, 628:and futility, and realize that now (in the critical and crucial moment that has come) they can workExternalisation, 654:by these kingdoms, and They will (at certain critical times) utilize the more advanced specimens ofFire, 972:grotesque distortion. The idea now is reaching a critical stage, and should be ready for theFire, 1005:fly as a bird forth upon its mission, and a critical moment is near for the magician. One of theFire, 1021:forward, and here the worker in magic is in critical danger of failure should he not be cognizantGlamour, 126:- guarding the door of initiation. This marks a critical moment in the life of the disciple for itGlamour, 224:of humanity, an understanding heart, plus a critical mind, which loves steadily in spite of errorHealing, 358:So let true love, silent, uncomplaining, non-critical and steadfast, be your goal and the qualityHealing, 496:group relation has been established. These two critical moments are consciously faced by theHercules, 116:[116] growth of Christ consciousness. They mark critical points in the soul's experience, points ofHercules, 161:something. But I am not going to tie myself by critical thought, self-pitying thoughts, by gossip,Initiation, vii:thought, and even those who remain skeptical and critical would like to believe that this ultimateInitiation, 67:of people who have come into incarnation at this critical period of the world's history. They haveIntellect, 30:out of the realm of the purely analytical critical mind into that of pure reason and intuitiveMagic, 103:impulsive action, and the demonstration of a non-critical spirit. So, free passage can be given toMagic, 237:will, in any one life (for some life holds the critical stage), be the dominant factor and theMagic, 238:series of lives, but in some one life it becomes critical; the final stand is made and ArjunaMagic, 250:- temporarily it may be, but the times are so critical that it is a matter to be deplored if anyMagic, 260:factor in the world at this time, and hence the critical situation existing between the HierarchyMagic, 306:by the quality of that thought. The man turns a critical and disgusted eye upon his personality andMagic, 353:the inner voice of their soul. The times are critical and all aspirants are urged also to renderMagic, 354:destruction into constructive work. The time is critical, for a pause has come in the work of theMagic, 420:growth of the man in spiritual being through a critical attitude or a state of self satisfactionMagic, 426:will be an individual and group freedom from a critical spirit. This non-criticism will not growMagic, 560:out into words. Because in a sudden burst of critical thought, the entire personality can beMagic, 565:to take incarnation and thus arrives at that critical point in his creative work wherein theMagic, 567:from which they emanate, understands not this critical period. A right adjustment of forces hasMagic, 581:Rule XIV that, in the magical work, the critical point of objectivity has now been reached by theMagic, 631:at once. When there is evidenced a constantly critical attitude towards other workers in the fieldMeditation, 112:actuated by a very concrete mind, acquisitive, critical, and at his best when affairs move quicklyPatanjali, 168:of the Hierarchy to give this science to the critical discriminating West. It should be borne inProblems, 11:be desired. If it makes him assertive, arrogant, critical of the nationals of other countries andProblems, 27:like all young people, the American is intensely critical of other people, but often blind to andProblems, 89:and of future purpose. It is a major and most critical problem in every part of the world today. AsProblems, 121:plan; let them realize that the solutions of the critical problems with which humanity is faced atPsychology1, xxiii:which are so distressing to the academic and critical mind, and in which the mystic finds suchPsychology1, 274:situation today, where sex is concerned, is so critical and so serious that there is not a thinkerPsychology1, 284:periods of the world's history have not been as critical as today, for - apart from the greatPsychology2, 87:as it is the line of least resistance, and of critical differentiations. A balancing of the twoPsychology2, 371:and how the mind quality of the fifth ray (critical, analytical, separative andPsychology2, 416:analytical, integrating factor instead of as a critical, discriminating, separative factor. ThePsychology2, 476:curiosity, even if he remains, at the same time, critical. He is, therefore, wasting time andPsychology2, 618:to the "sitting in judgment" and to the idle critical gossip which seems necessary to the averagePsychology2, 624:instance, can wreck a group; one selfless, non-critical, consecrated person can swing the groupPsychology2, 748:cannot work through people whose tongues are critical, whose ideas and attitudes are separative andRays, 116:the great opportunities which are found in the critical moments in the life of the soul as itRays, 332:are today before the judgment seat of humanity's critical mind and the word has gone forth fromRays, 343:will be fleeting and rapidly disturbed by the critical lower mind, and a wall of thought-forms,Rays, 470:dualism. I would also point out that the critical aspect of this process is only arrived at whenRays, 473:and Shamballa. This signifies a great and critical moment in human affairs and an opportunityRays, 490:The task of the disciple has now reached a most critical point. Many aspirants reach thisRays, 581:the present crisis and point of tension. This critical point of tension will enable groups ofRays, 640:It is the arousing and the awakening to the critical nature of the time and to the world problemsRays, 722:and somewhat distorted picture of this critical fusion is given to us in The New Testament, whereReappearance, 124:are today before the judgment seat of humanity's critical mind; the word has gone forth almostReappearance, 169:will be the sign and the symbol. Secondly, the critical activity which is conditioning theReappearance, 176:and futility, and realize that now (in the critical and crucial moment that has come) they can workSoulbook, has done the great service of bringing a critical mind to bear upon Eastern thought, a mindSoul, 154:a definite content without departing from the critical attitude? One may be helped to such aSoul, 155:say of the higher will, without overstepping the critical attitude, that it is not the absolute,Telepathy, 66:be superseded), called for, and developed, the critical faculty in man; this critical faculty (soTelepathy, 66:and developed, the critical faculty in man; this critical faculty (so destructive in its present
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