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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CRITICISM

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Discipleship2, 502:from further struggle, has in it no room for criticism. Remember this. From the standpoint of theDiscipleship2, 524:be triumphant in love; let them be negative to criticism; all your group brothers are handlingDiscipleship2, 527:heart full of love and a mind released from all criticism. For this, the second initiation preparesDiscipleship2, 527:feet at times; you know you are more prone to criticism than not; and you know that under theDiscipleship2, 528:a lesson which you sorely need to learn, and of criticism (openly critical) of the student, whichDiscipleship2, 570:to lack of love or understanding and also to criticism. Your first reaction is one of intense painDiscipleship2, 570:is of any importance. Your resentment of criticism (which is sharp and glamor-producing) is notDiscipleship2, 570:fierce resentment over failure. You add your own criticism of yourself to my proffered suggestionsDiscipleship2, 570:second reaction is a silent acceptance of the criticism or suggestion, and a silent effort (onceDiscipleship2, 581:grasp its basic importance, and by much initial criticism. It is a very simple plan and can be "putDiscipleship2, 584:except when your mind wanders into the realm of criticism; this, however, happens far less than inDiscipleship2, 679:We come, therefore, not only to the field of criticism in which you find yourself stranded but weDiscipleship2, 682:to what you, perhaps naturally, regarded as a criticism. Your sensitivity and your reaction toDiscipleship2, 683:yourself or at least to realize the truth of my criticism of your attitude but not of yourDiscipleship2, 692:free yourself from prejudices and [692] from criticism of certain individuals. This service you canDiscipleship2, 705:of the above is the avoidance of the spirit of criticism, for criticism leads to barriers and lossDiscipleship2, 705:is the avoidance of the spirit of criticism, for criticism leads to barriers and loss of time.Discipleship2, 705:loss of time. Learn to distinguish the spirit of criticism from the ability to analyze and makeDiscipleship2, 706:of new vision, for if they emerge out of a criticism of the past [707] and of what has been done,Discipleship2, 721:symbols. Speak truth through them and fear not criticism. You are making progress, my brother, andDiscipleship2, 751:must be prepared and to [751] accept it without criticism of those who fail to render you rightEducation, 13:of those whom he teaches. Nevertheless, criticism and the pointing out of faults and errors doesEducation, 72:and with analysis, but not with ignorance and criticism; they will be safeguarded and not punished;Externalisation, 17:by comparison of methods and of techniques, by criticism and defamation, by warning and the cult ofExternalisation, 44:of a right kind eventually be achieved and criticism be eliminated. In the meantime, those thus inExternalisation, 65:and fusion) spend their time in speculation, in criticism of the various world leaders and inExternalisation, 75:the existing fires of hate, of separateness, of criticism and of cruelty. These forces, as far asExternalisation, 78:hatreds and any tendency to superiority and criticism. You cannot work, as a group, if these ideasExternalisation, 99:situation, and a consequent freedom from criticism; it involves that beneficent silence whichExternalisation, 103:of the trained disciple, which are non-criticism, sensitivity and love. Where these are lacking,Externalisation, 141:At the same time, also, kill out all hateful criticism in your minds. 3. Endeavor to use theExternalisation, 185:have tended; no nations are exempt from this criticism, and all are more rapidly moved by selfishExternalisation, 217:the evil thing in your midst, and from all criticism and partisanship. You seem unable to love withExternalisation, 449:men of goodwill in the world, and the violent criticism of those who think in terms ofExternalisation, 474:attitude has caused some to find in it cause for criticism. Let me be explicit and also bring inExternalisation, 611:world at large, thus overcoming the intelligent criticism that all that is said is too vague,Fire, 453:concerning it is rare, owing to the fear of criticism. Secondly, the increased activity of theGlamour, 3:beings. Then is true compassion known; then does criticism become impossible; then, only, is theGlamour, 5:It negates all that builds barriers, makes criticism, and produces separation. It sees noGlamour, 82:when such reactions awaken and call forth criticism, separateness or pride, is of value. TheGlamour, 84:glamor can always be found where there exists: Criticism, when careful analysis would show that noGlamour, 84:when careful analysis would show that no criticism is really warranted. Criticism, where there isGlamour, 84:show that no criticism is really warranted. Criticism, where there is no personal responsibilityGlamour, 145:as hatred, as an active dislike or as a voiced criticism - perhaps, [146] in some cases, all three.Healing, 6:through the group if there is disharmony and criticism. The first work, therefore, of any group ofHealing, 38:connected with the gall bladder. The tendency to criticism, to violent dislikes, and to hatredsHealing, 38:to violent dislikes, and to hatreds based on criticism or a superiority complex, produces much ofHealing, 39:conditions. The ills which are based on criticism, upon hatred, and upon the capacity to judge eachHealing, 212:these people are guilty of a superior spirit of criticism), if they are decentralized from theHealing, 270:whereby they may be handled. This I feel is a criticism with which I should deal, so that you mayHealing, 355:to learn the distinction between analysis and criticism. This is a hard and well-nigh impossibleHealing, 357:relations. This may show itself in intense criticism of each other, or of oneself; in a vividHealing, 543:terms [543] and laying myself open to expert criticism, but I am doing so in order to convey to theHealing, 633:the channel by bitterness and constant [633] criticism of the physician and of orthodox medicine.Hercules, 37:selfishness, unkindness, love of gossip, and criticism constitute a large part of his thoughtInitiation, viii:following chapters may serve to show that the criticism is not unmerited. Initiation is profoundlyInitiation, 76:of motive, and undue sensitiveness to the criticism of others leads to a condition wherein aInitiation, 83:facts in the case, a refraining from unbrotherly criticism, and a pouring out of love upon theIntellect, 150:knowledge remains an abiding possession which no criticism can touch... though the mystics seem toMagic, 65:of the inner purpose; some prejudice, some criticism, some pride, may be present that will make theMagic, 115:the use of the lower mind involves the danger of criticism, the employment of methods sanctioned byMagic, 426:group freedom from a critical spirit. This non-criticism will not grow out of an inability to seeMagic, 462:parental responsibility is found, there is no criticism to be given. In the vegetable kingdom thisMagic, 557:summed up in three words: Power. Detachment. Non-criticism. So often simple words are used andMagic, 560:begin to practice it and to demonstrate it. Non-criticism is the third requirement. What shall IMagic, 560:regarded as so essential a requirement? Because criticism (analysis and, consequently,Magic, 560:also of all coordinated personalities. Because criticism is a potent factor in swinging mental andMagic, 560:wrong kind and with disastrous results. Because criticism being a faculty of the lower mind canMagic, 560:of the present opportunity there is no time for criticism to exist between workers. They hinderMagic, 623:greed, their adulation and praise, and their criticism tend to becloud his way. Because he is notMagic, 630:service is rendered comes under the tongue of criticism. The false objectives of numbers, of powerMagic, 631:lead them not astray into the field of ordinary criticism, and they permit no condemnation ofMagic, 638:to guard their tongues from idle speech and criticism, from gossip and innuendo, and to read andMeditation, 132:of the thought of weakness or discouragement or criticism to which he may at intervals give way.Patanjali, 168:the great value [168] of the present era of criticism and polemical discussion, as it forms part ofProblems, 27:but often blind to and always resentful of criticism. Yet there is as much to criticize in AmericaProblems, 30:good? Will they omit the constant carping criticism which has distinguished the past and whichProblems, 38:when it puts a premium on analysis and criticism and when all its resources are directed towardsProblems, 92:all they can get for themselves; distrust and criticism are widespread; there is no true sense ofProblems, 96:been said, or have been said in a spirit of criticism or of anti-Semitism instead of in a spirit ofProblems, 105:given with a frankness which will evoke much criticism, but given in this way in the hope thatProblems, 170:for all this outcry, discussion, and noisy criticism is that, as men awaken to the facts and beginPsychology1, 36:is understood and we are not open to the criticism that we neglect reality, and regard diversity asPsychology1, 188:you to seal your lips to words of hatred and of criticism, and to talk in terms of brotherhood andPsychology1, 204:obstinacy, selfishness, overmuch criticism of others. Virtues to be acquired: Sympathy, tolerance,Psychology1, 207:keen intellect. Vices of Ray: Harsh criticism, narrowness, arrogance, unforgiving temper, lack ofPsychology1, 274:the above conditions with no thought of criticism in my mind, but simply as a statement of fact,Psychology2, 42:triplicity. Ray Five The energy of ignorance, Criticism, The power to rationalize and destroy,Psychology2, 44:conveying ambiguous meanings and motivated by criticism, or by an individual desire to shine. InPsychology2, 107:same, free from the impact of your thought and criticism. The ways and means are many; the pointsPsychology2, 108:astray and more workers have been hindered by criticism than by any other major factor. RelinquishPsychology2, 129:and there will be no room for the spirit of criticism and the spreading of destructive discussion.Psychology2, 133:is joyfulness. [133] This takes the place of criticism (that dire creator of misery) and is thePsychology2, 134:he sees no vision but his own, and the aura of criticism which surrounds him and the strenuous pushPsychology2, 142:and not with the business of organization and of criticism (for these two go hand in hand). IdeasPsychology2, 469:others and to invoke their aid (with consequent criticism if this aid is withheld) for the carryingPsychology2, 470:or co-workers are the butt of his ceaseless criticism, because they do not work out the plan as hePsychology2, 617:difficulties will be those arising from group criticism, either voiced or strongly felt. ThisPsychology2, 617:criticism, either voiced or strongly felt. This criticism can be based on many things, but isPsychology2, 617:know not the problems as they truly exist and criticism is, therefore, easy. It should here be
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