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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CROSS

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Astrology, 639:physical) occupies the center of the astronomic Cross... which is a six-pointed star... In theAstrology, 639:Revelations." (S.D. Vol. II, 561-562) (The Fixed Cross of the Heavens) 3. "The constellations ofAstrology, 639:II, 580) 4. "From the beginning of humanity, the Cross, or Man, with arms stretched outAstrology, 639:with arms stretched out horizontally (the Fixed Cross) typifying his cosmic origin, was connectedAstrology, 678:in the Buddhist religion, are ornaments of a "cross formed of two fishes." (Vol. III, 151) "TheAutobiography, 37:This I started to do. I tried not to be so cross and to control my tongue and for some time becameAutobiography, 39:they formed great and familiar symbols - the Cross in its various forms, the circle with the pointAutobiography, 62:chair very useful between themselves and a cross lion, and I can recommend it with full confidenceAutobiography, 112:"What would Jesus have me do?" I was not a cross person or quick on the trigger but I expect myAutobiography, 127:conditioned by time. I discovered next that the cross was not a Christian symbol but that it longAutobiography, 165:but the Dalai Lama refused permission for him to cross the frontier. During his second trip toBethlehem, ix:came through my thorny crown And through my cross. Truth was my sword and pain the accolade Which IBethlehem, 48:after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me." (St. Luke, IX, 22,Bethlehem, 48:things" undergone. We read that even on the Cross the Plan still engrossed His attention, and withBethlehem, 61:she nurses her child Horus, and the cross appears on the back of the seat in which he sits on hisBethlehem, 105:as the full-grown man, and, on the Cross, he stands forth the perfected Son of God. An initiationBethlehem, 111:of the Buddha, the solitary Man on the Cross. It belongs to the depth of the religious spirit toBethlehem, 111:by the deep and interior silence of the Cross, where, forsaken of all, He went through the deepBethlehem, 116:Christ's life, until He vanquished it upon the Cross, is the test of our divinity. Are we divine?Bethlehem, 121:apposite here to remind ourselves that upon the Cross He was taunted by the words, "He savedBethlehem, 161:enumerated as follows: He came to die upon the Cross to appease the wrath of an angry God, and makeBethlehem, 161:Himself laid no emphasis upon the death on the Cross as being the apex of His life work. It was theBethlehem, 163:world religion take its stand. Christ upon the Cross, as will appear when we study the next greatBethlehem, 165:the culmination of His life of service upon the Cross. He saw clearly, perhaps for the first time,Bethlehem, 166:at an intermediate stage on His way to the Cross. The agony of loneliness in the Garden ofBethlehem, 170:to go forward with staunch determination to the Cross experience, through the triumphal way ofBethlehem, 176:that the death of the historical Christ upon the Cross was not primarily concerned with eachBethlehem, 176:In considering the story of Jesus upon the Cross, it is essential, therefore, that we see it inBethlehem, 179:the memory of the dead Christ upon the Cross, or they may endeavor to live by the life of the risenBethlehem, 181:Carpenter, pp. 217, 218. The Crucifixion and the Cross of Christ are as old as humanity itself.Bethlehem, 181:the immolation or sacrifice of spirit upon the cross of matter, of form or substance, in order thatBethlehem, 181:so-called pagan faiths. If the symbolism of the cross is traced far back, it will be found that itBethlehem, 181:of years, and that finally, the four arms of the cross will be seen to drop away, leaving only theBethlehem, 181:the cosmic Christ upon what is called "the fixed cross of the heavens." Upon this cross God isBethlehem, 181:"the fixed cross of the heavens." Upon this cross God is eternally crucified. "The sky isBethlehem, 181:or rays typify the four corners or the cardinal cross of the universe, which have become the fourBethlehem, 182:Aquarius, and they constitute pre-eminently the cross of the soul, the cross upon which the secondBethlehem, 182:pre-eminently the cross of the soul, the cross upon which the second Person of the divine TrinityBethlehem, 182:in matter and crucified upon the four-armed cross. These four signs are to be found unequivocallyBethlehem, 183:in this connection when considering the fixed cross of the cosmic Savior. Scorpio is the serpent ofBethlehem, 183:and in the Mithraic Mysteries. Upon this fixed cross all the world Saviors, not excepting theBethlehem, 184:reflection of the four arms of the zodiacal cross upon which the cosmic Christ can be seenBethlehem, 184:symbolized the comic Christ immolated upon the cross of matter, and thus have perpetuated in theBethlehem, 185:portraying the spirit of God stretched upon a cross of material form, in order eventually to makeBethlehem, 185:crown of thorns is twined with every thorn, His cross is every tree." - Quoted in The Testament ofBethlehem, 185:of God's eternal sacrifice upon the fixed cross of the heavens, to which the stars bear testimonyBethlehem, 186:of the manifesting kingdoms, the human, that the cross and its purpose is completed, and to thisBethlehem, 186:- a kingdom of which the Man released from the Cross should be the symbol. We thus complete theBethlehem, 186:in space, with arms outspread in the form of a cross, through the sequence of crucified Saviors,Bethlehem, 187:really transpired when Christ died upon the Cross. He rendered up the form aspect and identifiedBethlehem, 188:and to say to us, as He did [188] upon the Cross: "It is finished." (St. John XIX, 30.) We can nowBethlehem, 188:religion, as a whole, can be regarded as cross upon which we have crucified Christ; it has servedBethlehem, 188:1936.) Its form must be sacrificed upon the Cross of Christ in order that it may be resurrectedBethlehem, 189:The cosmic [189] Christ its still dying upon the Cross of Matter. There He hangs fixed until theBethlehem, 189:been crucified on the four arms of the planetary Cross down the ages. But the end of this period ofBethlehem, 189:is close upon us. Mankind can descend from the cross as Christ did, and enter into the kingdom ofBethlehem, 194:Person as perfect man He died the death of the Cross to show us (in picture form and through actualBethlehem, 198:men. Christ, the sacrifice for sin, and the Cross of Christ as the [199] instrument of His death,Bethlehem, 199:less emphasized. The cosmic significance of the cross has been entirely forgotten (or never known)Bethlehem, 200:for their sins by the death of Christ upon the Cross, the sinner guilty of an unkind word being asBethlehem, 200:what Christ has always proclaimed to us from His Cross. We are realizing increasingly that theBethlehem, 200:of His sufferings" means that we mount the Cross with Him and share constantly in the CrucifixionBethlehem, 206:subjecting the lower nature to the death of the cross, and rising by the power of the indwellingBethlehem, 206:Each one of us has to tread the way of the cross alone, and enter God's kingdom by right ofBethlehem, 206:had rendered. Service, pain, difficulty and the cross - such are the rewards of the man who putsBethlehem, 209:the rest of God's children are left outside. The Cross was intended to indicate the line ofBethlehem, 209:assumed the ancient symbol and burden of the cross, and, taking His stand beside all the previousBethlehem, 209:the cosmic, the past and the future, rearing the Cross on the hill outside Jerusalem (the name ofBethlehem, 209:the Orient and the Occident, Christ mounted the Cross and fixed the boundary between the kingdom ofBethlehem, 211:Him trouble and eventually the death of the Cross. We have fought for the theological doctrine ofBethlehem, 214:of the kingdom colored all that He said upon the Cross. The Word of Power which emanated from theBethlehem, 214:Cross. The Word of Power which emanated from the Cross was spoken by Jesus Christ Himself and not,Bethlehem, 214:as one studies the first word from the Cross was the fact that Jesus requested His Father toBethlehem, 214:then, did not regard His death upon the Cross as adequate to that need. There was [215] noBethlehem, 215:ignorance there is no sin. In this word from the Cross Christ tells us two things: That God is ourBethlehem, 216:with me in paradise." In the first word from the Cross, Jesus considered the ignorance and theBethlehem, 217:- The Crucifixion In the second word from the Cross we have the recognition of the Baptism episode,Bethlehem, 217:which finds its climax of pain upon the Cross. That climax of suffering, for the man who couldBethlehem, 218:meant the most to Him, and from the agony of the Cross He spoke to them a special message, relatingBethlehem, 218:Thus in His first three Words from the Cross He refers to the first three initiations, and recallsBethlehem, 219:humanity's opportunity. The fourth Word from the Cross admits us into one of the most intimateBethlehem, 219:This is a most significant interlude. From the Cross, alone and in the dark, He symbolized all thatBethlehem, 219:humanity. Christ, the perfect Man, hung upon the Cross for "three hours," and in that time each ofBethlehem, 220:had to make as a human being; and there on the Cross, in the full blaze of publicity, He had toBethlehem, 220:which is the reward of those who mount the Cross on Golgotha. Bethlehem, 222:were being symbolically crucified [222] upon the Cross - matter and soul, the matter of the formBethlehem, 223:which we hear as He hears it. This aspect of the Cross and its lesson has been summed up in theBethlehem, 223:consequent consecration to the service of the Cross, which is the service of humanity. "When I...Bethlehem, 225:in the eternal sacrifice of divinity upon the cross of matter. Christ stood as a symbol and also asBethlehem, 225:the path of world experience. He mounted the Cross and showed us in His sacrifice and example whatBethlehem, 232:their world had come to an end upon the Cross. Christ had apparently failed them, and instead ofBethlehem, 237:ground with his arms extended, sometimes on a cross of wood, sometimes merely on the stone floor,Bethlehem, 237:to the body of flesh, to reanimate it. The cross bearing that body, or the entranced and rigidBethlehem, 237:body, or the entranced and rigid body, if no cross had been used, was lifted out of the sarcophagusBethlehem, 239:God; Christ, the cosmic Christ, eternally on the Cross, yet eternally alive; Christ, the historicalBethlehem, 240:or humiliation. 'Whosoever doth not bear his own cross, and come after me, cannot be my disciple.'Bethlehem, 245:offer to God and man, and He offered it upon the Cross. It cost Him His life to make HisBethlehem, 261:into the spiritual kingdom. [261] He reared His Cross as a boundary, a symbol, and an example ofBethlehem, 281:who know nothing of Christ's sacrifice upon the Cross, but they say to those who seek the way;Bethlehem, 281:they say to those who seek the way; "Take up thy cross" and follow Christ. To their fellow
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