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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CRUCIFIXION

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Astrology, 39:which makes itself felt in man in the necessary crucifixion of the animal physical nature,Astrology, 130:are raised up into glory through experience and crucifixion because they have learned to love andAstrology, 177:developed and integrated, to the final crucifixion of the [178] personality upon the Fixed Cross ofAstrology, 314:which was revealed to Christ at the final crucifixion and to which He testified His understandingAstrology, 315:of life as it expressed itself in the Cosmic Crucifixion, which is an episode of cosmic life andAstrology, 472:Capricorn Cardinal 4. Crisis of Renunciation Crucifixion Gemini Mutable 5. Crisis of theAstrology, 560:until they come to rest upon the Cross of chosen crucifixion," the Fixed Cross of the pledgedAutobiography, 238:Christ - the birth, baptism, transfiguration, crucifixion and resurrection - and their relationshipBethlehem, 9:Jordan. The Transfiguration on Mount Carmel. The Crucifixion on Mount Golgotha. The ResurrectionBethlehem, 11:mountain top of living experience? Does not the crucifixion lie ahead for many of us, leading on toBethlehem, 13:instance, the fourth event in Christ's life, the Crucifixion, finds a parallel in the fourthBethlehem, 23:in heaven is perfect." (St. Matt., V, 48.) The Crucifixion. This is called the Great Renunciation,Bethlehem, 28:of humanity, which is the essence of the crucifixion, can the resurrection be undergone. What isBethlehem, 40:The Way from the Birth at Bethlehem to the Crucifixion Mount is a hard and a difficult one, but itBethlehem, 42:we are faced with the supreme achievement of the Crucifixion and the Resurrection. Then, we areBethlehem, 60:in [60] a cave. The Transfiguration and the Crucifixion were enacted on the summit of a mountain orBethlehem, 61:Sepulchre at Jerusalem. There is (11) [61] the Crucifixion and death of the Lamb-God, on GoodBethlehem, 123:descended upon Him like a great darkness in the Crucifixion assailed Him now. Was He the Son ofBethlehem, 135:the emphasis mainly upon one of them only, the Crucifixion. One wonders sometimes whether the otherBethlehem, 135:have been relatively overlooked in favor of the Crucifixion had the [136] Epistles never beenBethlehem, 136:demonstrated and recognized. The Baptism and the Crucifixion have other values, emphasizing as theyBethlehem, 156:was as potent a moment in racial history as the Crucifixion, of more potency perhaps than even thatBethlehem, 158:to share and enter into the meaning of the Crucifixion. We have looked on at the Transfiguration,Bethlehem, 162:and He Himself nowhere correlates blood with the Crucifixion. He speaks in the present tense, andBethlehem, 162:not relate the blood to the new birth or to the Crucifixion, or make it a factor in theBethlehem, 173:- Chapter Five - The Fourth Initiation - The Crucifixion CHAPTER FIVE The Fourth Initiation - TheBethlehem, 173:CHAPTER FIVE The Fourth Initiation - The Crucifixion KEY THOUGHT A fire-mist and a planet, ABethlehem, 175:the history of the Christian Church. But the Crucifixion has always been the outstanding, dramaticBethlehem, 176:is the fact, the definite fact, that Christ's Crucifixion must be lifted out of the realm of itsBethlehem, 176:- Chapter Five - The Fourth Initiation - The Crucifixion In considering the story of Jesus upon theBethlehem, 179:- Chapter Five - The Fourth Initiation - The Crucifixion Christianity is the restatement of a veryBethlehem, 181:Creeds, by Edward Carpenter, pp. 217, 218. The Crucifixion and the Cross of Christ are as old asBethlehem, 183:- Chapter Five - The Fourth Initiation - The Crucifixion The early Fathers recognized this truth,Bethlehem, 185:heaven, and the release of God from the cosmic crucifixion. The poet, Joseph Plunkett, makes thisBethlehem, 186:has a definite bearing upon the story of the crucifixion its wider implications. It is, however,Bethlehem, 187:- Chapter Five - The Fourth Initiation - The Crucifixion Let me state here, briefly and succinctly,Bethlehem, 188:- Chapter Five - The Fourth Initiation - The Crucifixion II. When the Church lays its emphasis uponBethlehem, 189:down the ages. But the end of this period of crucifixion is close upon us. Mankind can descend fromBethlehem, 191:- Chapter Five - The Fourth Initiation - The Crucifixion The difference lay in the point inBethlehem, 194:pre-eminently St. Paul's interpretation of the Crucifixion, but the doctrine which Christ HimselfBethlehem, 195:condensed into a proximate reality; and in His crucifixion the old stories of their ghastlyBethlehem, 195:"Advanced Christian thinkers now regard the Crucifixion of our Lord as the supreme sacrifice madeBethlehem, 195:- Chapter Five - The Fourth Initiation - The Crucifixion How then is it that today we have such anBethlehem, 199:- Chapter Five - The Fourth Initiation - The Crucifixion Salvation is not primarily connected withBethlehem, 199:which is in every man; this is the lesson of the Crucifixion and the Resurrection: the lower natureBethlehem, 200:the Cross with Him and share constantly in the Crucifixion experience. We are coming to theBethlehem, 201:of Transfiguration, and on to the agony of the Crucifixion - if they too are to share in the lifeBethlehem, 201:- Chapter Five - The Fourth Initiation - The Crucifixion These thoughts bring us directly to theBethlehem, Italic:- Chapter Five - The Fourth Initiation - The Crucifixion The sense of responsibility for one'sBethlehem, 207:- Chapter Five - The Fourth Initiation - The Crucifixion III. In turning our attention to the storyBethlehem, 207:In turning our attention to the story of the Crucifixion it is obvious that there is no need toBethlehem, 208:understand Him and His mission and career. The Crucifixion itself was only an anticipated andBethlehem, 208:and the world has another. We have made of the Crucifixion a tragedy, whereas the real tragedy wasBethlehem, 210:it evoked, brought Christ to the place of crucifixion. The hardness of men's hearts, the weaknessBethlehem, 210:p. 215.) Is it not, perhaps, a fact that the Crucifixion of Christ, with its great preceding eventsBethlehem, 211:our belief or non-belief in the efficacy of the Crucifixion upon Calvary to save our individualBethlehem, 211:- Chapter Five - The Fourth Initiation - The Crucifixion The real issue was the issue between loveBethlehem, 213:- Chapter Five - The Fourth Initiation - The Crucifixion IV. "Father, forgive them; for they knowBethlehem, 217:- Chapter Five - The Fourth Initiation - The Crucifixion In the second word from the Cross we haveBethlehem, 217:and joy and love. He knew also bliss, for at the Crucifixion the bliss which is the reward of theBethlehem, 220:- Chapter Five - The Fourth Initiation - The Crucifixion Although each son of God at differentBethlehem, 223:into the kingdom. But this is the way of Crucifixion. Only when we can utter the five Words ofBethlehem, 224:- Chapter Five - The Fourth Initiation - The Crucifixion Only one more Word of Power came forthBethlehem, 225:mastery." In concluding this chapter upon the Crucifixion, let us consider what really was theBethlehem, 231:not possible for them to know more. After the Crucifixion we are told little of Christ's own life,Bethlehem, 235:being wholly engrossed with consideration of the Crucifixion, we have been apt to forget the factBethlehem, 237:the thyrsus on the heart - the 'spear' of the crucifixion - and, leaving the body, he passed intoBethlehem, 242:initiation, finding its culminating point in the Crucifixion. All previous lesser renunciationsBethlehem, 270:for that conquest of self which means a daily crucifixion, and for that close attention which neverBethlehem, 282:dying to self, to fit ourselves for the final Crucifixion initiation, and by the constantDestiny, 61:and spiritual religion which will justify the crucifixion of a great nation and which willDiscipleship1, 770:and if they would simply obey to the point of crucifixion the "order of Service," they would passDiscipleship2, 258:of the intermediary," and to this the crucifixion and death of the Christ was dedicated andDiscipleship2, 259:at the time of the fourth initiation, the Crucifixion. All lesser dissolutions, deaths,Discipleship2, 259:of the causal body, consummated at the Crucifixion. This leads to the resurrection or uprising ofDiscipleship2, 380:are all symbolized for us upon the Mount of Crucifixion. There are also far deeper meanings to theDiscipleship2, 470:to its very last drop - not at least until the crucifixion initiation is your right. The task todayDiscipleship2, 527:that this indicates the fourth initiation, the Crucifixion. That initiation has to be facedExternalisation, 166:"resurrection which is in Christ," through the crucifixion or sacrifice of the soul upon the CrossExternalisation, 166:and the impulse which should direct each of us - crucifixion and death, resurrection and life, andExternalisation, 168:of this at-one-ment, wrought out in the crucifixion of humanity at the present time. The differenceExternalisation, 473:the baptism, the transfiguration, the final crucifixion and the resurrection. But they still areExternalisation, 473:known to all truly thinking people. Devastation, crucifixion, slaughter and death are widespread;Externalisation, 537:and Humanity. This was symbolized for us at the Crucifixion when the Savior hung pendant betweenExternalisation, 605:close at hand. 4. Finally, in the triumph of the Crucifixion or (as it is more accurately called inFire, 384:is undergoing that which the mystic calls "the Crucifixion." The cells in His body - those cellsFire, 1197:which makes itself felt in man in the necessary crucifixion of the animal physical nature,Fire, 1216:of that which has been realized. This is crucifixion, the basic law of all group work, theFire, 1218:achievement. No man liveth to himself, and the crucifixion of the units throughout the aeons, andHealing, 460:up. The path of resurrection presupposes [460] crucifixion and death, and then leads to the mountHercules, 9:recurring cycle of existence and the constant crucifixion upon the cross of matter. TheHercules, 24:up and quarrelled over by the soldiers at the crucifixion. It is the general opinion that the robeHercules, 24:Christ, the World Savior, came to an end at the crucifixion [25] when he entered upon greater andHercules, 64:mystery of God incarnate in matter, and the crucifixion of the cosmic Christ upon the cross ofHercules, 104:merging in the universal whole. This is the true crucifixion: the sacrifice of the reflection toHercules, 104:therefore, was the problem of the sign; the crucifixion of the lower self and the conquering ofHercules, 110:of transfiguration is climbed, the mount of crucifixion is achieved, to be succeeded finally by theHercules, 137:been seen in the Occident since the time of the Crucifixion, when it was seen at Jerusalem. Now theHercules, 152:express life through it. In Pisces we have the crucifixion, the death of a world savior because heHercules, 200:death of a world savior for it is the sign of crucifixion and marks the end of a zodiacal cycle.
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