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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CRY

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Astrology, 277:the light of soul seems gone." Then comes the cry triumphant: "I know I am the Light of God. ThereAstrology, 326:themselves to save and serve respond. Their cry too rings forth and, ringing, penetrates into theAstrology, 349:He heard a sound go forth...Arousing to that cry, He stretched Himself, reached forth both arms inAstrology, 349:and, lo, the Cross was formed. "He heard the cry of the Mother (Virgo), of the SeekerAutobiography, 236:to war were present everywhere even while the cry was going up "let there be peace on earth." WhenBethlehem, 219:end, this triple personality gave vent to the cry, "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?"Bethlehem, 222:had constituted His very being. This brought the cry of protest and of questioning: "My God, myBethlehem, 224:He could then do, and so we hear the triumphant cry, "It is finished." Bethlehem, 233:Deane, p. 72. [233] "Christ is risen," is their cry, and because He has risen the kingdom of GodDiscipleship1, 265:goes forth to reach the hearts of men. I seek, I cry to serve your need. Give me your hand andDiscipleship1, 392:ordered responsibility, each morn I stand. I cry aloud: 'Lord of my life, how can I do the duty ofDiscipleship1, 736:of the neophyte with his own growth. The cry of the neophyte is: "Tell me. Tell me. Then I willDiscipleship1, 736:accept anything that is said but tell me." The cry of the disciple is: "Aid [737] the work. ForgetDiscipleship2, 4:is great upon them and the urgency of humanity's cry grows stronger in their ears. I have given youDiscipleship2, 40:sounds of war, the noise of explosion, and the cry of suffering humanity. This will create aDiscipleship2, 64:of the invocative, though inchoate, [64] cry of the masses of those who are not yet even upon theDiscipleship2, 66:The energies set in motion by the uprising cry of humanity itself, which inevitably shapes andDiscipleship2, 160:In our Aryan cycle, another great invocative cry is issuing forth. It is this time a threefold cry.Discipleship2, 160:is issuing forth. It is this time a threefold cry. It is the cry for light upon our way and forDiscipleship2, 160:It is this time a threefold cry. It is the cry for light upon our way and for light to flow intoDiscipleship2, 160:into the dark places of the Earth; it is also a cry for more love in the world as voiced by the menDiscipleship2, 632:back and forth. From within that gloomy land a cry comes forth: We need your aid. We cannot see.Discipleship2, 716:I add an understanding heart. 8th month - The cry goes out for workers. I answer, Master of myEducation, 71:the first breath, often accompanied by the first cry. Character delineations will be noted andExternalisation, 114:life of the race; there is everywhere a cry for change and for those new forms in the religious,Externalisation, 115:which gives rise to the recurrent and foreboding cry, "This is the death of civilization; it mustExternalisation, 233:in human affairs. I would say to those who cry, "Peace, peace when there is no peace": Are youExternalisation, 264:some form of this belief lies behind the cry of the millions. Will this demand from the hearts ofExternalisation, 295:stands apparently at its darkest hour. But the cry is going forth for aid, for relief, forExternalisation, 295:with the divine pattern, and with an urgent cry for help, humanity stands expectant of relief. InExternalisation, 296:and all enlightened people in all lands the cry goes up, "Let light and love and power and deathExternalisation, 296:High Place until the demand is adequate, and the cry clear enough to warrant His descent and HisExternalisation, 305:Hierarchy today stands with massed intent. The cry of the masses is rising up to the very gates ofExternalisation, 388:further by pointing out that the invocative cry of humanity and of the Hierarchy, jointly soundedExternalisation, 390:and with eyes directed towards God so that their cry can mount to His ears? And will theExternalisation, 394:Always in moments of crisis and tension, the cry of humanity has evoked response from the HierarchyExternalisation, 397:the normal, largely unconscious, invocative cry of humanity. It summed up in itself the desire ofExternalisation, 414:of the inchoate, voiceless appeal or invocative cry of the masses, and also by the planned, definedExternalisation, 418:can work consciously, focusing the invocative cry of the masses and at the same time using certainExternalisation, 454:spiritual Potencies awaiting the invocative cry of mankind. When that cry arises, these divineExternalisation, 454:the invocative cry of mankind. When that cry arises, these divine energies will precipitateExternalisation, 465:women and children everywhere who can voice no cry, for they know not where to turn, but whoseExternalisation, 477:do not understand [477] stand such measures. The cry of such people that "God loves all men" isExternalisation, 521:powers to recognize Reality, of the invocative cry of the masses everywhere, plus the directedExternalisation, 594:bewildered, unhappy world of men, the cry is ceaselessly rising: "May Christ return to Earth." ThusExternalisation, 594:now be stopped; I speak because the invocative cry of distressed humanity is today of such a volumeExternalisation, 596:thirdly: a steadily mounting invocative cry, prayer or demand, directed toward high spiritualExternalisation, 596:have aroused - as never before - the invocative cry of humanity; it is clearer, purer and moreExternalisation, 598:since 1935, and the energy of the invocative cry of humanity has been directed into those channelsFire, 14:down. The forms met His approval. Forth came the cry for further light. Again He gathered in theFire, 22:the crystal cave becometh ever greater. The cry goes forth for other aid from other Flaming Souls.Fire, 60:of Mother Nature, and which is back of the cry of the modern physician, when he wisely says "BackFire, 839:place call each to each, and four take up the cry: "The fire is burning. Does the heat suffice?"Fire, 850:dies upon the open field of knowledge, hearing a cry beat on his dying ears: "Know that the knowerFire, 875:of the words of the Christ in answer to the cry "Lord, show us the Father" is little appreciated.Fire, 955:of the keynote of the race, and aware of the "cry of humanity." Next, to secure control over theFire, 1237:sparks in the one great Flame. Three times the cry goes out to all the Pilgrims upon the Path ofFire, 1237:broken. Then when the man stands adept, the cry goes forth "Know the One" and the words ring in theFire, 1269:by Him. Its sound is lost in the uprising cry of the children of the lesser dragon. [1270] NOTE:Glamour, 65:to do this that led Jesus upon the Cross to cry out in words of apparent distress. He then finallyHealing, 451:out from form to form, from life to life. Only a cry of pain, a demand for restitution and anHealing, 453:that led the disciple in the Book of Job to cry out and say, "I have perverted that which wasHercules, 57:on his way. Suddenly, he halted in his steps. A cry of deep distress smote on his ear. SomeHercules, 57:rock caught his attention; then again the cry broke forth. Should he proceed upon his way, orHercules, 57:been lost; he felt the need for haste. Again a cry broke forth and Hercules, with rapid steps, spedHercules, 80:court of that most holy place heard his loud cry of victory and said: "Not so. The doe is mine andHercules, 209:The oracle has spoken and down the centuries the cry has gone forth: "Know thyself". This knowledgeInitiation, 194:recognition. They are the one who send forth a cry for added power to aid, which penetrates to theInitiation, 194:to sound it forth. Let the disciple sound the cry across the desert over the sea, and through theIntellect, 73:says practically the same thing in his desperate cry: "For I know that in me (that is, in myIntellect, 256:of women, there may be found a disposition to cry easily. Sometimes there is a tendency to nausea,Intellect, 265:God forbid! The search in the world goes on; the cry of humanity rises from the depths and mountsMagic, 265:[265] or environment), well may the Initiate cry out: "I am that I am, and there is naught else."Magic, 393:and willingly) in the Oversoul. "I am", - the cry of every human being; "I am That", - the cry ofMagic, 393:the cry of every human being; "I am That", - the cry of every personality, who realizes hisMagic, 393:entity, the true person. "I am that I am" - the cry of the individual soul as it is lost in theMeditation, 55:and in its entirety might be called the "cry of Man." Each of the sounds directly called intoPatanjali, 288:words: "Let thy Soul lend its ear to every cry of pain like as the lotus bares its heart to drinkPatanjali, 403:that led the disciple in the Book of Job to cry out and say "I have perverted that which wasPatanjali, 419:fit to offer to the thirsty ones who, groping, cry of thirst. That which hath slain and veiled thePatanjali, 420:one? Many who suffer, Master, who weep and cry for help. What will thou do, Oh! man of peace?Problems, 12:does not belong to them. Like children, they cry for "more". Problems, 12:for a white Australia or South Africa, the cry of "America for the Americans", or BritishProblems, 13:quarrels over some favorite toy. The challenging cry of "This is mine" will some day no longer beProblems, 112:constitutional rights of American citizens. The cry of the south that the Negro is notProblems, 112:so also can that of the white voter; the cry that white women must be protected from the animalProblems, 112:and this statistics will adequately prove; the cry that paternalism is what the Negro needs andProblems, 114:aware of what is really needed - able only to cry in unison: Give us peace in our time! If by anProblems, 158:of crisis, such as the present. This invocative cry rises ceaselessly from all men living in theProblems, 159:and who - as they do - focus the invocative cry and the invocative appeal of the other two groups,Psychology1, 78:and hear. Let a deep murmur rise and let the cry of seeking man enter into their ears. Let manPsychology1, 184:with their demand for light, so earnest in their cry for release from the present blindness, and soPsychology2, 38:all ways. What shall I do to find The Way?' A cry went forth. It seemed to come from deep withinPsychology2, 665:at the same time, they must be attentive to the cry of humanity as it voices its highest hopes,Rays, 20:behind. That is a happening of the past. Let the cry of invocation issue forth from the deep centerRays, 40:unity through the emission of the sound, the cry, the invocation, such as the cry of the ChristRays, 40:the sound, the cry, the invocation, such as the cry of the Christ upon the Cross symbolized. HisRays, 64:The second demand is related to the earlier cry of the disciple, which was sounded forth "over theRays, 65:planes. Always, therefore, whether it is the cry of the disciple or the demand of the initiate, theRays, 67:behind. That is a happening of the past. Let the cry of invocation [68] issue forth from the deep
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