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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CRYSTALLIZED

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Astrology, 546:is on its way to manifest; in Germany, ancient crystallized forms of belief are met with somethingAstrology, 547:ideas and ideals must necessarily supervene; crystallized old forms must dissolve and disappear,Atom, 65:activity, and the release of the life from the crystallized vehicle and an inadequate form. Atom, 66:between the vital truths of Christianity and the crystallized form of theology. The living impulseDestiny, 30:of ending the old methods of life and the old crystallized attitudes to life, to death, to leisureDestiny, 62:are obviously of sixth ray origin and are highly crystallized. The intense individualism of theDestiny, 70:or fully expressing personalities; others are crystallized and have nearly run their course asDestiny, 122:the digging up of hints and indications of crystallized and worn-out methods from the ancient pastDiscipleship1, 86:which breaks and destroys that which has become crystallized, which has served its purpose andDiscipleship1, 113:but you have rendered that service in set and crystallized fashion and have been too often undulyDiscipleship1, 374:in one direction - that of sympathy - and crystallized into a racial pattern which is not yours; itDiscipleship1, 470:personality decisions, and from all belief that crystallized views are right, particularly whenDiscipleship1, 602:life and built a body that has in it much crystallized material and a mental body of such rigidityDiscipleship1, 621:Many first ray people become static or crystallized, as that is the method whereby the first rayDiscipleship2, 85:too old for the work of reconstruction and too crystallized; you can, however, form a strongDiscipleship2, 337:to science or their accumulation of the crystallized prana of the financial world are turned to theDiscipleship2, 532:creative living? Or will you settle down into a crystallized condition and to an ardent struggle toDiscipleship2, 674:of its developed aspect but because of its crystallized assurance aspect. A sixth ray personalityExternalisation, 402:world religions in the East and in the West have crystallized and its consequent deterioration. ItExternalisation, 423:standards, and the destruction of outworn and crystallized interpretations (called doctrines) ofExternalisation, 646:perception and desires of mankind) has been crystallized into money. Human intelligence has servedExternalisation, 646:nevertheless very rare. It still remains for the crystallized aspect of this third energy - money -Fire, 219:consonants, gradually produced the manifested crystallized forms which are collectively taken asFire, 510:67 The human Ray. "Each human center is a crystallized ray of the Absolute One that has workedGlamour, 112:intended to progress. These forms, when old and crystallized, become a menace and a hindrance toHealing, 14:and the enemy of that which is static and crystallized. Think not, from what I say, that thereforeHealing, 156:old forms of government, of religion and of the crystallized social order. Humanity has now reachedHealing, 255:you ever seriously considered the aggregated and crystallized thought-forms with which all such newHercules, 152:old emotion. It has passed away - "death". Some crystallized, long-held ideas, dogmas, that haveIntellect, 11:of his problem. That which is static and crystallized eventually falls to pieces and, where thereMagic, 22:for the thinking human being and not for the crystallized theologians or the theoretically biassedMagic, 163:of murder, which is in many cases the result of crystallized intent, or it may result in disease.Magic, 239:form the "Dweller" for the first ray types. The crystallized thought form of intellectualMagic, 265:progress with less disruption than those more crystallized and fixed. Particularly now shouldMagic, 412:of life. Money, as I have before said, is only crystallized energy or vitality, - what the orientalMagic, 619:producing two effects: it is breaking down the crystallized old forms of the Piscean age, and isPsychology1, xxiii:treatise to reserve their opinion and come to no crystallized judgment until the entire propositionPsychology1, 172:increase their effectiveness. Groups that were crystallized and sectarian as a whole would fail toPsychology1, 368:of the sixth ray the Fraternity fell into a crystallized and sectarian attitude, along with thePsychology2, 159:heart, will land the aspirant in the prison of a crystallized shell, which is far harder to breakPsychology2, 454:and they range all the way from a narrow crystallized sectarianism to that psychological phenomenonPsychology2, 623:idealistic will of the sixth ray - which is crystallized, directed, unwavering, emotional emphasisRays, 623:during the years 1947-1948. India is old and crystallized in her separativeness, in her myriads ofReappearance, 138:(both in the East and in the West) are [138] crystallized and of relatively little use. Priests and
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