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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CUBE

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Astrology, 663:because one with the Sun and Venus. As a cube, without arms because the 'power of speech andDiscipleship2, 73:rocky shore. The silver torch. The iridescent cube. The burning bush. I shall picture these to youFire, 695:manasic-buddhic and atmic permanent atoms; the cube stands for the lower material man, and theFire, 840:to the breath. The final disappearance of the cube is needed and then the work stands forth." FromHercules, 20:fourfold personality, Man, we are told, is the cube, "the city that stands foursquare". Physically,Initiation, 165:its varying forms. The lotus. The triangle. The cube. [166] The sphere and the point. Eight animalMagic, 546:He must understand the meaning, of "man, the cube", and this in three ways: Himself as a humanMagic, 553:esotericists to the creative work. They are the cube, the five pointed star, the six pointed starMeditation, 5:figure, some utilization of the lines of the cube, and their demonstration in a form of some kind.Meditation, 5:star becomes the five-pointed star, the cube becomes the triangle, and the triangle becomes thePsychology1, 239:blue white in color. The vegetable secret - A cube of sandalwood in the heart of the lotus. The
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