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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CULMINATED

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Autobiography, 229:uprising of the forces of evil which culminated in the World War; that this rising tide has beenBethlehem, 260:and of God immanent. The past of humanity culminated in Him; the present finds in Him its solution,Discipleship1, 232:following the lines of least resistance. This culminated for you in certain aspects of creativeDiscipleship1, 695:similar and still greater climaxing effort which culminated in the inclusion of disciples in theDiscipleship1, 730:was the first ray. The activity of this ray culminated in the declaration of war by Great BritainDiscipleship2, 259:Father or the Monad. This great dissolution is culminated for us at the time of the thirdDiscipleship2, 581:with simplicity everywhere; their influence culminated in the highly successful campaign of 1936.Education, 39:on in Germany, and in a lesser way in Italy; it culminated in the Axis. Fortunately, the tide ofEducation, 53:of a new divine aspect, that of love. The Buddha culminated the "age of knowledge." The ChristExternalisation, 394:in this preparation many of you participated; it culminated at the time of the Full Moon of MayExternalisation, 455:world of separativeness and of the abuses which culminated in this war; it will at least have setExternalisation, 470:have prepared humanity. This preparation has culminated in the restlessness of the twentiethExternalisation, 474:of the world; Their appeal reached millions and culminated in May, 1936, in a planetary effortExternalisation, 646:the products of the vegetable kingdom. This has culminated in the modern preoccupation with money.Fire, 715:had its beginning in the energy which eventually culminated in the world war. The first effect ofHealing, 230:has gone steadily forward until it has culminated in our present system of marriage and our stressInitiation, 35:the Atlantean civilization, and which culminated in the destruction called the flood, referred toMagic, 224:and which began in those conditions which culminated in the world war and the present world strain.Problems, 13:the meantime, this aggressive, immature spirit culminated in the war of 1914-1945. A thousand yearsPsychology2, 578:the mysteries - the Light and the Dark - which culminated in the destruction of the then knownRays, 572:Just as the period governed by the sixth ray has culminated in a world wherein men work in greatRays, 603:led to the great war in the fourth race which culminated in the Flood, to which all parts of theRays, 655:expression) has been revealed, and this has culminated in that tremendous expression of power - the
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