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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CULMINATES

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Astrology, 95:initiation of individualization. This process culminates aeons later in the reversing of the wheelAstrology, 95:attaining of a definite goal in Capricorn. It culminates in the achievement of transference fromAstrology, 106:Sun and Mars, for the initiate and the disciple culminates his career in any of the signs with aAstrology, 401:is this struggle that on the ordinary wheel it culminates (prior to the re-entry in Aries of theDiscipleship1, 762:That is the point to have in mind. This conflict culminates, prior to each of the first threeDiscipleship2, 215:wonders of our modern civilization and it culminates in the concentration achieved in occultGlamour, 203:is fought out. This dualistic consciousness culminates at the time of the third initiation in theHealing, 398:for assurance upon this subject; this search culminates today in the numerous societies which areHealing, 640:death of the personality is brought about; this culminates at the time of the third initiation. AtPatanjali, 285:in such a way that: The effect is immediate and culminates within the scope of the present lifeRays, 532:and finally, its life aspect. The form aspect culminates experience and presents the disciple'sRays, 601:leads eventually to Decision, which culminates in due time with a final refusal to accept anyRays, 607:same in mass formation. [607] This whole process culminates when the fourth initiation, the GreatRays, 663:must be held in mind - a soul-indwelling which culminates at the third initiation, and of monadic
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