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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CULT

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Bethlehem, 192:every great organization or group religion or cult of any kind has originated with a person, andBethlehem, 232:and so altered the Gospel of love into a cult of separation) reveal to us "...a company of men andEducation, 124:or becomes a member of some prevalent ism or cult, he is increasingly aware of an expansion ofExternalisation, 17:by criticism and defamation, by warning and the cult of fear, and the insistence on exclusiveness.Externalisation, 245:its emphasis upon pride of race and its cult of cruelty? Can you then stand idly by or simplyFire, vi:from producing yet one more dogmatic sectarian cult. The present volume, A Treatise on Cosmic Fire,Glamour, 107:went hand in hand with the earliest Yoga, or the cult of the physical body with the objective ofHealing, 257:will bleed, the cultist (no matter what his cult may be called) will perforce avail himself of theHealing, 480:use for the medical profession and prefer some cult or some of the newer approaches to the problemHealing, 483:- and in the Occident - with its equally foolish cult of hereditary position. By the use of fire,Healing, 675:to the average modern healer belonging to some cult or expressing some unorthodox phase of healing.Magic, 168:dreams for race betterment. He will take up one cult after another as they seem to make possibleMagic, 628:civilization its intense individualism, the cult of the personality, and the production of ancestorProblems, 164:men of all faiths and all religions, of every cult and all esoteric groups were to keep these threePsychology1, 188:urgency of the task to be done, and spread the cult of unity, of love and of harmlessness. Psychology1, 362:doctrinal barriers and exclusiveness, and the cult of patriotism. The seventh ray will prepare thePsychology2, 255:which ideas must take, and the promotion of the cult of right ideas is one of the major problems toRays, 294:of the folly of past separateness and the cult of goodwill. Towards these ends, workers in theRays, 300:party, every social group, every religious cult or sect, and every organization - no matter whatTelepathy, 35:and of concentration upon the telepathic cult, the whole science of telepathy (as a seed of a
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