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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CULTIVATE

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Autobiography, 10:whom she has been happy ever since. One needs to cultivate the awareness of the things of joy andAutobiography, 47:no longer required that parents would do well to cultivate the friendship angle. I was absolutelyAutobiography, 292:soul. We only ask that he keep an open mind and cultivate a willingness to see life and worldBethlehem, 52:aspirants of the world in all the many religions cultivate the ability (through meditation) to hearDiscipleship1, 10:Deity itself to action. Love is a hard thing to cultivate - such is the inherent selfishness ofDiscipleship1, 27:personality rebellion and limitation; they must cultivate that "divine indifference" to personalDiscipleship1, 41:Never lose sight of the group objective. [41] 3. Cultivate the dual capacity to apply the laws ofDiscipleship1, 59:a member of my group, it is essential that you cultivate two aspects of the "art of rapport" whichDiscipleship1, 83:to the need of the time. Note that phrase. Cultivate insight and a fluid response to the immediateDiscipleship1, 96:cooperators and co-sharers in my experiment. Cultivate the humility which is based on understandingDiscipleship1, 130:expression of work well done. You have also to cultivate more definitely than you do the habit ofDiscipleship1, 160:also an opening door of increased usefulness. Cultivate love for your fellowmen or rather, myDiscipleship1, 206:and close and the disciple in training has to cultivate that spiritual, instinctual response whichDiscipleship1, 233:You should bear this most carefully in mind and cultivate the higher or group idealism assiduouslyDiscipleship1, 235:You need, if I might so express it, to cultivate a close identification with others and not toDiscipleship1, 235:a close identification with others and not to cultivate the effort to understand. Ponder on this. IDiscipleship1, 242:worker, or disciple of the Tibetan; you must cultivate that understanding heart which will make youDiscipleship1, 284:listening. Give expression to the sensed vision. Cultivate the waiting attitude of psychicDiscipleship1, 307:spiritual life which you should increasingly cultivate, and to that dual activity which everyDiscipleship1, 326:which first ray disciples ever need to cultivate. This you have attempted to do with markedDiscipleship1, 356:you and have earned it. Be not sidetracked but cultivate that one-pointedness which is one of yourDiscipleship1, 363:the work of joyous service? May I ask you to cultivate the spirit of joy? If you give this moreDiscipleship1, 391:should connote simplicity, peace, and joy. Cultivate simplicity of thought and remember thatDiscipleship1, 414:must some day learn, my brother. One is to cultivate the ability to "sit light in the saddle" (toDiscipleship1, 417:him to renewed self-effort. He needs also to cultivate that true humility which will force him toDiscipleship1, 417:are present can a disciple really serve. Cultivate, therefore, these qualities and continue theDiscipleship1, 442:to you. The essential attitude for you to cultivate is that of the One who looks on, that of theDiscipleship1, 472:the working of the law and offers opportunity. Cultivate happiness through understanding. I meanDiscipleship1, 483:and also the nations of the world. Evoke and cultivate the sense of the immanent beauty of drama,Discipleship1, 493:yourself your paralleling sources of content. Cultivate a sense of the relative values, comparingDiscipleship1, 514:the same objective and the same-necessity to cultivate the spirit of liberating love will sufficeDiscipleship1, 618:with your fellow workers, and if you will cultivate frankness and open-heartedness and clearDiscipleship1, 647:of Will or Power. The qualities which you should cultivate are persistence, expansion, andDiscipleship1, 691:group. If you would reject all criticism, if you cultivate the joy of relationship and seek ever toDiscipleship1, 740:major importance. It is essential that disciples cultivate the attitude of spiritual recognitionDiscipleship1, 742:the lower psychism rules? I am not asking you to cultivate psychic powers, but I do ask you to holdDiscipleship2, 6:endeavor, in relation to this new experiment, to cultivate from the very start a humble spirit andDiscipleship2, 26:of the full moon, I will ask you to begin to cultivate that inner attitude of poisedDiscipleship2, 130:meaning), but you will at the same time learn to cultivate the "double life pattern" of the pledgedDiscipleship2, 186:that every worker for the Hierarchy must cultivate. Before, however, he can do this, he has toDiscipleship2, 443:truly effective in the manner desired, you must cultivate the attitude of being only a clearDiscipleship2, 444:be; aim at being a conduit for spiritual force; cultivate the power of identification with thoseDiscipleship2, 542:is this blended realism which I would ask you to cultivate, for it creates - when achieved - theDiscipleship2, 557:lines of thought will you have to eliminate, cultivate or express? If you are realistically livingDiscipleship2, 657:of the major qualities which I suggested you cultivate many years ago. There comes a time in theDiscipleship2, 657:humility of heart - a quality you much need to cultivate. Humility of head is [658] largelyDiscipleship2, 688:and welcome each departure from the normal way. Cultivate a fluidness of living when demand arises.Discipleship2, 695:you and also to your group brothers. Strive to cultivate a happy spirit. Let not life, lonelinessDiscipleship2, 699:disturbed. Your aim, therefore, should be to cultivate all the characteristics which are the mostDiscipleship2, 730:during the past year, and by your refusal to cultivate the glamorous thinking which characterizedDiscipleship2, 763:Ashram. This is the factor you need the most to cultivate at this time. It will necessitate aDiscipleship2, 763:Note the word "chosen." It is wiser to cultivate the quality of spiritual solitude than to have itEducationpersonal philosophy and sense of values; to cultivate tastes for literature, music and the arts; toEducation, x:of the University. The main objective is to cultivate the habit of reflective synthesis and find orEducation, 111:temporarily your preconceived ideas; that you cultivate a willingness to consider and to weigh, notExternalisation, 82:of a loving heart. It will be good also to cultivate the joy that brings strength. This is not theExternalisation, 102:Have you got them, or are you trying to cultivate and unfold them, my brothers? Another of theExternalisation, 205:of all demanded service. Men should cultivate these qualities, divorcing them from all sentimentalExternalisation, 383:[383] and to know what is being discussed. Cultivate an intelligent opinion, based on goodwill andGlamour, 37:is always difficult for the third ray person to cultivate the intuition. The apparently profoundGlamour, 82:found in this group, must seek; and they must cultivate the power to use the mind as a reflector ofGlamour, 142:group are exceedingly watchful and unless they cultivate the habit of careful observation, they mayGlamour, 213:work and service. Disciples and aspirants must cultivate the consciousness of cooperation andHealing, 14:be cherished. Were that the case, one would cultivate disease and put a premium on suicide.Healing, 355:using the imagination to this end, you have to cultivate the power to ignore the outer forms and toHercules, 193:a particular way under a particular condition? Cultivate the Aquarian spirit of leaving peopleHercules, 193:the Aquarian spirit of leaving people free, cultivate the capacity of trust. Cut out distrust ofHercules, 193:as fair as we can with the light we have. Let us cultivate the Aquarian spirit ofHercules, 203:uninteresting, but whatever is your duty, do it. Cultivate the right inner attitude and be wideInitiation, 52:everywhere to recognize these facts, and to cultivate the ability to recognize the hierarchicalInitiation, 76:together those through whom later he will work. Cultivate happiness, knowing that depression, anInitiation, 205:many students go astray upon these matters, and cultivate either an attitude of mind which resultsIntellect, 105:to make these basic differentiations, and to cultivate the habit every day of making theseIntellect, 107:Concentration will be rapidly developed if we cultivate the habit of accuracy in all the affairs ofIntellect, 107:make it our servant and not our master, and to cultivate the power of concentration preparatory toMagic, 66:that comes from the inner calm is the one to cultivate. Aspirants are urged to remember that theMagic, 66:Withdraw steadily into interior work and so cultivate a responsiveness with the higher planes. AMagic, 85:that dispassion is the great thing to cultivate, and that a willingness to undergo joyously anyMagic, 132:of the primary conditions that a disciple has to cultivate, in order to sense the plan and be usedMagic, 141:To be receptive to the mind of the Master. To cultivate a right intuitive understanding of theMagic, 166:objective is to become aware of the soul, to cultivate soul consciousness, and to learn to live andMagic, 174:group aura presupposes a purity which few can cultivate; to have the ear of the Master and to earnMagic, 203:him that he needs to be calm and peaceful and to cultivate detachment and so gain control ofMagic, 265:present? It was so before; it will be so again. Cultivate responsiveness to the Great Ones, aim atMagic, 343:those who choose the path of occultism need to cultivate, and that the group should specially seekMagic, 357:man has learnt what to avoid and what to cultivate. This works in the realm of physical planeMagic, 417:these difficult transitional times they have to cultivate a world grasp of conditions and possess aMagic, 558:man, is urged to be vital in his search and to cultivate his aspiration. When that aspiration isMagic, 559:to create. The secret for all aspirants is to cultivate the attitude of the onlooker and of theMagic, 585:seeks to obey the impulses of the soul has to cultivate an accuracy of summation and a truthfulnessMagic, 585:and sagacity. If the aspirant has need to cultivate a capacity to walk alone, if he has to [586]Magic, 586:truthful in all things, he has likewise need to cultivate courage. It will be needful for him toMagic, 604:instead of being practical and effective. To cultivate this inner esoteric sense, meditation isMagic, 606:and very difficult. Steadily they have to cultivate that detachment which characterizes the soulMagic, 635:no sense of humor whatsoever. I urge upon you to cultivate both these qualities. Do not takeMeditation, 44:is by you to be desired and eagerly welcomed. Cultivate daily, therefore, that supreme desire thatMeditation, 93:Proceed slowly and with caution. Study effects. Cultivate the realization that eternity is long andMeditation, 294:note, he should endeavor to register it, and cultivate the faculty of both recognizing it andPatanjali, 67:of physical plane existence. The disciple has to cultivate "dispassion" or that attitude whichPatanjali, 120:clear concept as to their distinctions and thus cultivate his discrimination. The principal yogas
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