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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CULTIVATED

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Astrology, 203:felt in world affairs that true insight may be cultivated, optimism and understanding developed andAtom, 127:unselfish people whom we know. We have not yet cultivated within ourselves the ability to respondAutobiography, 223:nasty. All kinds of vices and evil were cultivated and a lot of those who practiced theseBethlehem, 274:gives us the clue to the process which must be cultivated in this work of essential unity by sayingDiscipleship1, 14:disciples. This telepathic interplay should be cultivated but it must be most carefully checked andDiscipleship1, 15:of the soul to spiritual vibration has to be cultivated and existing sensitivity to lower psychicDiscipleship1, 28:. . . It is the inner life of reflection, the cultivated recognition of the soul and the reflectiveDiscipleship1, 47:It is spiritual sensitivity which must be cultivated; this is only truly possible when you learn toDiscipleship1, 59:telepathic work and by a closer and deeper love, cultivated by all of you. Three things are ofDiscipleship1, 59:Rapport or contact with the soul through a cultivated alignment and correct meditation. Rapport orDiscipleship1, 66:those in power throughout the world must also be cultivated: they need above all else theDiscipleship1, 82:impersonality is little understood and even when cultivated by well-intentioned aspirants has aDiscipleship1, 130:an outstanding requirement and a quality to be cultivated. This is not the detachment ofDiscipleship1, 138:the sense of inferiority. I call you also to a cultivated joyousness which will end in releasingDiscipleship1, 211:gains of illumination must at the same time be cultivated; in the light which streams forth fromDiscipleship1, 211:who share the same secrets. The reticence to be cultivated is that of relation ship with the groupDiscipleship1, 252:placed at the center, the inner attitude cultivated must be that of a planned, peripheralDiscipleship1, 274:brain. This should be gradually developed and cultivated. It is one of the major integrating forcesDiscipleship1, 332:the solution for both of you, plus a trained and cultivated self-forgetfulness. In some ways, theDiscipleship1, 406:a definite gift of healing and this must be cultivated, because it is consecrated and because itDiscipleship1, 459:This meditation is to be followed with the cultivated realization that you are the soul, the ChristDiscipleship1, 497:silence where you yourself are concerned, and a cultivated sense of values will protect you. IDiscipleship1, 551:through the service of the race, and through a cultivated self-forgetfulness. [552] You are in thisDiscipleship1, 595:in an inner response to the soul. This must be cultivated with care, and no attention should beDiscipleship1, 617:A clear, focused mind, a loving heart, and a cultivated simplicity of understanding of yourself, ofDiscipleship1, 683:the practices of a purificatory nature and the cultivated right habits of thought which are theDiscipleship2, 116:The second part is a reflective process or cultivated recognition which will serve to conditionDiscipleship2, 482:strenuously to overcome negativity. For you, a cultivated and conscious negativity has been anDiscipleship2, 656:factor. Let spontaneous love and not a cultivated kindness condition your relations with yourEducation, 19:will-to-beauty, and the will-to-serve must be cultivated. 2. Love-wisdom. This is essentially theEducation, 48:out and idealism consciously and definitely cultivated. The practical application of ideals will beEducation, 82:process whereby unity or a sense of synthesis is cultivated. Young people in the future will beEducation, 83:right instinctual reactions will be watched and cultivated; in the later grades, in what isExternalisation, 15:plane of illusion, the astral plane, should be cultivated. Thus we shall gradually find emerging inExternalisation, 31:because upon that rapport, understandingly cultivated and developed, the success of these seedExternalisation, 148:control over the minds of men assumed or cultivated by the Hierarchy; all aspirants and disciplesExternalisation, 279:ideals go, as well as all beloved tendencies, cultivated habits of thought and every determinedExternalisation, 651:it means the spreading of an intelligently cultivated goodwill and the fostering of thoseFire, 201:to be found. A perception of difference has been cultivated that has caused a divine discontentGlamour, 81:the purposes for which the intuition must be cultivated and the illumined mind developed, askingHealing, 338:subconscious origin, or it can be a carefully cultivated habit or attitude. A devitalizedHealing, 440:In the meantime, let a new attitude to death be cultivated and a new science of death beHealing, 677:healing of the patient? Only as the healer has cultivated the three requirements, and has thereforeInitiation, 166:them by the Hierophant; secondly, by having cultivated within themselves the power to visualizeInitiation, 199:action upon the physical plane. Silence will be cultivated, and applicants will be careful toIntellect, 107:develop the capacity to concentrate. To this cultivated attitude there must be added definiteIntellect, 260:mental preoccupation and interest should be cultivated in other directions than the line of leastMagic, 141:the carrying forward of the plan. Through the cultivated receptivity of the developed andMagic, 142:words is reduced, and silence in speech is cultivated, will it be possible for the Word to make itsMagic, 143:right and correct speech will be increasingly cultivated, because we shall think more before weMagic, 265:vibration. In that adaptation those who have cultivated pliability and adaptability, or who haveMagic, 342:It is here that a sense of proportion must be cultivated, that the faculty of wise balancingMagic, 425:that sensitivity to the subjective realm is cultivated, and any necessary outer activities areMagic, 500:In the meantime, let a new attitude to death be cultivated and a new science of death beMagic, 625:- A Call to Service But if true impersonality is cultivated, if the power to stand steady isMeditation, 132:If this quality is laboriously built in and cultivated in all events, big and little, in the dailyMeditation, 156:forms, and when the pupil has strenuously cultivated the quality of discrimination, and made it aPatanjali, 65:This faculty of enquiry is deliberately cultivated in their disciples by all true Masters in thePatanjali, 92:complete realization is the case. This can be cultivated in a most practical way between humanPatanjali, 112:For this reason, the contrary thoughts must be cultivated. 35. In the presence of him who hasPatanjali, 171:first an attitude of mind and must be sedulously cultivated. The premise of the duality is admittedPatanjali, 183:attitude to life in its triple manifestation is cultivated. The etheric body is organized andPatanjali, 192:3. When it is found that the thoughts habitually cultivated are productive of astral and physicalPatanjali, 192:4. Contrary thoughts to these must then be cultivated; these can be easily ascertained for theyPatanjali, 193:For this reason, the contrary thoughts must be cultivated. It will be noted that the fivePatanjali, 200:and for form life. When contentment is cultivated and present, gradually these chains drop off andPatanjali, 229:must the right attitude towards all things be cultivated and the life currents consequentlyPatanjali, 317:frequency as the habit of meditation is cultivated and persist for increasingly long periods asProblems, 42:two major linking relationships which should be cultivated and which will bring about a closerProblems, 53:process whereby unity or a sense of synthesis is cultivated. Young people in the future will beProblems, 55:right instinctual reactions will be watched and cultivated; in the later grades, in what isProblems, 56:out and idealism consciously and definitely cultivated. The practical application of ideals will beProblems, 99:which has made the Jew separative and which has cultivated in him the superiority complex whichPsychology1, 137:have learnt to see below the surface and have cultivated true vision, then we shall have the steadyPsychology2, 22:seated, though oft unrecognized, interplay and cultivated intercourse, which produces thePsychology2, 247:with the world of outer sense perceptions. This cultivated interest in the inner world of meaningPsychology2, 683:with diligence and tact, and wisdom must be cultivated in order to avoid all antagonism, allRays, 137:This is a concept which must be increasingly cultivated; "As a man thinketh in his heart, so heRays, 214:of the disciple. The silence of thought is to be cultivated and, my brothers, I do not mean silentRays, 287:vehicle. They know likewise that the sight to be cultivated is the power to see the beautyRays, 729:VII - The Resurrection There is no idea more cultivated subjectively by humanity than that of theTelepathy, 7:the evolutionary process. When this awareness is cultivated and the individual mind is broughtTelepathy, 8:by similar thought currents. This has to be cultivated. How, my brother, shall this be done? Let usTelepathy, 174:and its extent and purity of contact should be cultivated by the pledged disciple. There is true
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