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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CULTIVATING

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Astrology, 16:the position of the spiritual Observer, and by cultivating the power to respond to the Soul. Then,Astrology, 295:divine plan and purpose and at the same time to cultivating sensitivity to the higher impacts ofAtom, 114:work along the line of meditation, when we are cultivating group interest and not self-interest,Bethlehem, 274:of such citizens; by men and women everywhere cultivating the wider consciousness, and becomingBethlehem, 282:Path of Discipleship, knowing what we are doing, cultivating the finer values and those distinctiveDiscipleship1, 474:to be of a vital usefulness to my group by cultivating beauty in your thought. Read deeply andDiscipleship1, 498:to make your own way, then, of learning and of cultivating self-forgetfulness. The man who standsDiscipleship2, 615:of magnanimous superiority you have lately been cultivating, and just (how can I put it to you inExternalisation, 221:their duty as citizens of their own country but cultivating ceaselessly and unrelentingly aFire, 422:themselves as "I am That." They will also be cultivating response to the higher note. One fifth andGlamour, 81:pay more adequate attention to your meditation, cultivating ever the ability to reflect and toMagic, 343:The cure for discouragement does not lie in cultivating a violent counter vibration. It lies in theMagic, 559:who reads these Instructions must consist in cultivating a detached attitude. It is a mentalMagic, 608:all their united effort is bent to one end - the cultivating of the intuitional telepathicPsychology2, 659:bending all their energies. They are steadily cultivating an international spirit of good will andRays, 215:and as a group to exemplify unity in diversity. Cultivating the potency of occult silence.
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