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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CULTURE

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Astrology, 148:new age and its new civilizations, ideals and culture. Saturn, having offered opportunity andAstrology, 217:into manifestation" of the new civilization and culture. They portend the birth of the new era forAstrology, 261:new consciousness and the new civilization and culture is inevitable and sure. I would like toAstrology, 443:the coming civilization and its attendant culture. This will be based on all the cultural processesAtom, 113:group. He will no longer give his time to the culture of his own identity, but will seek toAutobiography, 4:and which are ushering in a new civilization and culture and - incidentally from the angle ofAutobiography, 28:much leisured beauty those days and very real culture. There was time to read and hours forAutobiography, 72:forward in peace and security towards the new culture and the future civilization. Maybe myAutobiography, 102:the growth of a people, whilst the tradition, culture and noblesse oblige of the aristocracy is aAutobiography, 119:of the Jew, his contribution to western culture and learning and his wonderful assets and giftsAutobiography, 139:upon our planet and that each civilization and culture had seen humanity step forward a littleAutobiography, 196:work hard and who showed signs of true mental culture. I told him that we dropped hundreds of theAutobiography, 198:instead of the road of selfish, spiritual self-culture. We determined that the work should be hardAutobiography, 281:and the development, consequently, of human culture and civilization. These changes, however, mustAutobiography, 288:down the ages and in every civilization and culture is indicative of a divinely presented spiritualAutobiography, 298:then functioning in a setting of aristocratic culture and very considerable wealth, fulfiling theBethlehem, 58:spoken those words which determined the culture and the civilization of the peoples, and thenBethlehem, 58:it, and proclaim a possible future spiritual culture which will greatly transcend all that the pastBethlehem, 79:we can live as souls, giving due time to the culture of our souls, yet at the same time preservingDestiny, 11:to produce widely divergent civilizations and culture - one of which would be the perpetuation andDestiny, 11:direction and proportion. In this way, the new culture for the relatively few and the newDestiny, 17:of the life of God, for they negate the new culture and render inactive the seeds of the comingDestiny, 28:humanity and its coming civilization and culture. I would ask you, therefore, to read what I haveDestiny, 31:The new age with its peculiar civilization and culture will be brought into manifestation throughDestiny, 31:soul quality condition and determine the current culture. [32] The activity of the fifth principle,Destiny, 46:new presentation of truth so that the emerging culture will be properly rooted in the old. TheDestiny, 61:guarantee that a true and living religion and culture will finally emerge. Out of Russia - a symbolDestiny, 82:leads them to feel that they have a superior culture to any other race, the sure pride of theDestiny, 110:new way. Only thus can the new civilization and culture be wisely and sanely produced and theDestiny, 116:Changes the nature of the civilization and the culture of humanity in any given period. It is thisDestiny, 116:any meeting of the ray energies takes place. The culture is first changed, because all basicDestiny, 121:and improved forms, the old ways of living, of culture and of civilization have to be destroyed orDestiny, 126:effective in determining the forms of the coming culture and civilization; towards the end of theDestiny, 130:will work and build the new world with its culture and civilization. A curious [131] indication ofDestiny, 147:removal of illiteracy, the development of a true culture and the ascertaining of truth in allDestiny, 148:entirely materially, when any civilization and culture loses its sense of spiritual values andDiscipleship1, 37:come next. Their service is along the line of culture and they will work to bring in the new typeDiscipleship1, 74:and we are witnessing the birth pangs of the new culture and the new civilization. That which isDiscipleship1, 229:its loneliness and its period of introspective culture. Therefore, my brother, I call you to a moreDiscipleship2, 142:and the flowering of the new civilization and culture." So has one of the Masters expressed theDiscipleship2, 186:thus [186] providing a field for its culture. The culture approximates the ideal closer than doesDiscipleship2, 186:[186] providing a field for its culture. The culture approximates the ideal closer than does itsDiscipleship2, 236:era, the new civilization and the future world culture. Until the foundation for the comingDiscipleship2, 261:the new world, with its coming civilization and culture begins to take shape, an increasingDiscipleship2, 271:will bring in eventually a civilization and a culture which will be utterly different to anythingDiscipleship2, 273:into every phase of a nation's civilization and culture; the nation will then be linked up -Discipleship2, 278:in connection with the coming civilization and culture. There is an "art of spiritual compromise"Discipleship2, 311:of men is to move forward into greater spiritual culture and out of the relative darkness in whichDiscipleship2, 391:understanding of the civilization and the culture of which he is a part and a comprehension of theDiscipleship2, 504:incident to the inauguration of a new culture, civilization and world religion, warrant myDiscipleship2, 622:next one above, and is not this the meaning of culture, education, refinement, purification? Is notEducationthe materialism of an increasingly industrial culture? In May of this year (1953) I attended aEducation, vi:of the Orient the overpowering concept of its culture, and the aggressive "individualism" of theEducation, vii:and to achieve a great orchestration of culture is now. Japan was not aggressive until the countryEducation, vii:technology, she threw overboard her ancient culture. What happened in Japan can happen in the restEducation, viii:make use of the vast heritage of Oriental culture available to us, even in our neighborhoodEducation, ix:shall this materialism and selfishness of our culture be corrected? By geodesies in the space-timeEducation, xii:The Evolution of Value Systems from Primitive Culture to Modern Industrial Civilization. "The firstEducation, 4:and so enabling men and women to achieve a culture which will permit them to participate withEducation, 37:as a signpost for the production of the new culture which will distinguish the Aquarian Age. OtherEducation, 38:in the New Age - Chapter II - Civilization and Culture II. The Cultural Unfoldment of the RaceEducation, 38:Cultural Unfoldment of the Race Civilization and Culture Much emphasis is being laid today uponEducation, 39:the much used words (frequently also misused) : culture and civilization. For it is the productionEducation, 39:For it is the production of some form of culture - material or spiritual, or material and spiritualEducation, 40:in the New Age - Chapter II - Civilization and Culture In the present race a different civilizedEducation, 42:of those who comprehend the true meaning of culture. In [43] the last analysis, and for theEducation, 43:the masses and the racial consciousness, while culture concerns the individual and the unseenEducation, 43:civilization which is a full expression of true culture lies far ahead in the development of theEducation, 43:lies far ahead in the development of the race. Culture is the approximation of the two ways -Education, 43:being in a tangible physical world. The man of culture relates the world of meaning to the world ofEducation, 43:were those who comprehended the significance of culture as an outgrowth of civilization. The massesEducation, 43:be civilized as a step towards giving them that culture which will make of them true andEducation, One of:coming into manifestation of a new race, a new culture and a new world outlook. The work isEducation, 45:in the New Age - Chapter II - Civilization and Culture In the field of education united action isEducation, 45:Differences of language, of background and of culture will and should always exist; they constituteEducation, 47:age with its nascent civilization and its future culture. If the children of today are taught theEducation, 48:and understood, will lead to the intensive culture of the individual and then to his recognition ofEducation, 48:objectives of the new education: Civilization, Culture, Unification. The grammar or primary schoolsEducation, 48:should regard themselves as the custodians of culture; they should emphasize the larger values ofEducation, 49:in the New Age - Chapter II - Civilization and Culture The following sequence suggests itself as weEducation, 49:Civilization Ages 1-14 Secondary education Culture Ages 14-21 Higher education Spiritual Ages 21-28Education, 50:well to study carefully this distinction between culture and civilization. Putting this same truthEducation, 50:the educators will be to bring about his true culture, by training him to use his intellectEducation, 51:of being carried forward into, the world of culture. This includes a very large number. Those whoEducation, 51:who can add to the assets of civilization and culture "the equipment" required for the process ofEducation, 52:of Purification Training of the Intelligentsia Culture Path of Discipleship Production of theEducation, 53:"intellectual"?) civilization, and our modern culture, wherever it is found. The brain of humanityEducation, 54:the energy of knowledge you have: Civilization - Culture - Illumination and in the second case youEducation, 56:SCIENCE [56] I. Knowledge Petals Civilization Culture Illumination The Masses of Men TheEducation, 56:rapidity; this will hasten the achievement of culture by the masses, and the attainment ofEducation, 99:- Chapter IV - The Angle of Citizenship IV. The Culture of the Individual The culture of theEducation, 99:IV. The Culture of the Individual The culture of the individual will be approached from threeEducation, 99:two hundred years into a civilization and a culture of which, as yet, only the faintest indicationsEducation, 121:condition the future, determine the type of culture and civilization, indicate the form ofEducation, 127:[127] means of the influence of the prevailing culture and civilization. This, through its externalEducation, 133:which will be in line with the coming world culture and concepts. But today, the motive for thisEducation, 141:will bring about the appearance of the culture and civilization which is, for the race, the nextEducation, 142:by repetition? I think not. The new culture will emerge and come into being, as all of those whoExternalisation, 28:over the civilized world of any age, wherever culture of any kind made itself felt. Thus the ideaExternalisation, 30:of [30] thought which will determine the new culture; together and as a group they can bring these
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