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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CULTURE

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Externalisation, 32:through the coming civilization and the future culture. It might be of value here if I pointed outExternalisation, 32:which exists between a civilization and a culture. A civilization is an expression of a mass levelExternalisation, 32:relationships and methods of living. A culture is essentially an expression of the intellectuallyExternalisation, 32:their positive mental orientation produces the culture of their time, or their race or theirExternalisation, 32:Intellectuals - Positive - responsive to mind - Culture In these you have the two poles whichExternalisation, 33:to this group and giving them the keynote of the culture of their particular age on this higherExternalisation, 33:to the mind aspect. In this way the spiritual culture and the resultant civilization comes intoExternalisation, 33:impression of the deeper civilization and culture as it is expressed through the religions of theExternalisation, 34:represent the current civilization and current culture) and at the same time to absorb and thusExternalisation, 35:the coming civilization and the germ of the new culture. The germ of the life of the new age isExternalisation, 36:groups, in terms of the new age civilization and culture so that the practical results might beExternalisation, 39:trouble the germ - or seed of the new Aquarian culture and civilization along this particular lineExternalisation, 41:these groups can nurture the germ of the future culture, act also as bridging units, andExternalisation, 44:Aquarian Age we shall see humanity producing a culture which is sensitive to the finer and higherExternalisation, 45:or seeds of the new civilization and the coming culture. It embodies the objective of all theirExternalisation, 48:humanity of our present period. They represent culture and understanding, no matter where it isExternalisation, 50:then be the most important group, expressing the culture of the new age. They will set the standardExternalisation, 57:forces which will determine and motivate the culture of the time. Taking the substance or material,Externalisation, 62:easily available, therefore, for the spread and culture of goodwill and this applies equally to theExternalisation, 62:and we are witnessing the birth pangs of the new culture and the new civilization. This is now inExternalisation, 70:coming into manifestation of a new race, a new culture and a new world outlook. The work isExternalisation, 73:whereby, eventually, may come release and the culture and civilization of the New Age. If you areExternalisation, 75:old, to counteract the effects of the oncoming culture and civilization, to bring blindness to theExternalisation, 85:the new ideals and the coming civilization and culture, are the five streams above mentioned -Externalisation, 87:with its rapidly altering civilizations and culture. These thoughts will provide much that youExternalisation, 88:These effects will constitute the new Aquarian culture and civilization. In this process theExternalisation, 104:that the new civilization and the new culture can be rapidly established. As this has to be foundedExternalisation, 109:in altering the existing civilization and culture, in climaxing karmic necessity and in thusExternalisation, 112:of a civilization as an expression of spiritual culture at a particular point in evolution. HenceExternalisation, 129:and not place national possessions, frontiers, culture, power and ambition before the general goodExternalisation, 129:and historical boundaries, to impose some culture deemed desirable, to prevent economicExternalisation, 167:realized with its truly human civilization and a culture which will embody [168] the realities ofExternalisation, 176:all hope of an ordered life of beauty, peace and culture. Secondly, the nations not yet involvedExternalisation, 184:the expense of the helpless little peoples; the culture of France must be paramount and FrenchExternalisation, 189:powers hold Europe in their grasp. The intensive culture given to the youth of Germany during theExternalisation, 213:futile. A fresh cycle of civilization, culture and growth will have been inaugurated which will beExternalisation, 222:new and needed fresh cycle of civilization and culture. Many refrain from specification of theExternalisation, 236:race, the coming civilization, and the new age culture will be found throughout the world - theExternalisation, 241:of the civilization which is passing and the culture which is the flower of that civilization, butExternalisation, 291:and consequent changes in the life activity, the culture and the civilization of mankind. TheExternalisation, 292:produces a civilization, with its accompanying culture, religions, policies, governments andExternalisation, 327:and out of the spoliation of all existing culture and civilization, the new world order must beExternalisation, 373:no loss of national identity or individual culture. That must remain and be developed to itsExternalisation, 373:the emphasis of any specific racial and national culture which must be changed. The family ofExternalisation, 377:rights) should pursue its own individual culture and work out its own salvation as seems best toExternalisation, 406:of a note which produced a new civilization and culture, or a fresh recognition of relationshipExternalisation, 424:teaching, evil propaganda, a war of nerves, the culture of fear, the organization of groups and ofExternalisation, 424:to mean the superiority of the German nation and culture to all in the West, whilst the divinity ofExternalisation, 439:cities and all our centers of civilization and culture. The first phase or form of destruction wasExternalisation, 451:a biased and oft prejudiced picture of European culture and of British aims. This ignoranceExternalisation, 456:and will guarantee the new civilization and culture. This is a very different matter. These ForcesExternalisation, 480:Age and characterize the coming civilization and culture. It will climax all the past and lay theExternalisation, 482:cultures of the past) that new and better culture which will be distinctive of the New Age. TheExternalisation, 497:There will be time and freedom for a soul culture which will supersede our modern methods ofExternalisation, 506:and wisely as He the problems of the Western culture, nor the needs of the people who carry forwardExternalisation, 548:and their emerging cultures but a world culture and an emerging civilization, thus demonstratingExternalisation, 569:Another has been the achievement of a wide culture and understanding of the current civilizationExternalisation, 574:and to reorganize the factors which the new culture and the new civilization will demand. Even theExternalisation, 580:the general structure of the new world of culture, will emphasize as normal the higher concepts ofExternalisation, 627:the true values, in the significances of a right culture, and in the need for right humanExternalisation, 656:for the new civilization and the new world culture. The energy of the spiritual Hierarchy of theFire, 122:to do with civilization, with the intellectual culture of the races, and with intelligent energy.Fire, 724:seen [724] as the sumtotal of civilization and culture, viewing these from the standpoint of theFire, 1076:radiation may be consummated. This intensive culture is not proceeding upon all the planets butGlamour, 199:living, and so bring in the new civilization and culture. This dissipation can be carried forwardHealing, 127:the appalling disruption of human affairs, culture and civilization. The entire focus of humanity'sHealing, 263:modes of living [263] and civilization and culture, prejudices and likings, scientific attainmentHealing, 264:Law. Factually and symbolically, they stand for culture and civilization; factually andHealing, 340:in a new civilization based on a more subjective culture. I would ask you to ponder on this lastHealing, 373:diseases, The care of the eyes and ears, Voice culture, which is a definitely healing agency,Healing, 452:seen as giving place rapidly to a more spiritual culture; our church organizations, with theirHealing, 661:return in better bodies to a civilization and a culture more in conformity with the needs of theHealing, 713:is new and needed and determining the coming culture, civilization and science. Initiation, 131:which affect the civilization and the culture of a people are brought into coherent activity. AllIntellect, 22:debates as to whether we have any true culture. We teach our children to memorize an enormous arrayIntellect, 22:way out will not have to be found whereby the culture of the individual can proceed alongside theIntellect, 23:or should be, the formation of character, the culture of the spirit, the building of the soul." -Intellect, 23:man who showed a marked aptitude for spiritual culture. Under the Brahmanical system in the East,Intellect, 23:in the monasteries in the West, a specialized culture was imparted to those who could profit by it,Intellect, 27:must be given his full heritage, and special culture provided which will foster and strengthen theIntellect, 32:by which a specialized training and self-culture can be applied by every individual unit who [33]Intellect, 35:to their equipment and training a specialized culture which enabled them to enter a spiritualIntellect, 35:many thousands are ready for this specialized culture, and, therefore, are we facing a crisis inIntellect, 40:instructive. In the East we have the careful culture of the individual, with the masses leftIntellect, 42:as hypothetical, and the premises upon which our culture is based are as follows: First, there isIntellect, 43:the reverse of the Oriental. We have no specific culture of a kind to produce such world figures asIntellect, 44:Wisdom Objective Civilization Subjective Culture Mechanical Development Mystical DevelopmentIntellect, 44:of imposed knowledge, of a technique of Soul Culture, as it has come to us from the Orient, willIntellect, 61:and soul-direction. Now the intensive [61] culture of the individual, as taught in the EasternIntellect, 208:modern western aspirant has either to forego the culture of the soul nature until such time as heMagic, 334:There will be time and freedom for a soul culture which will supersede our modern methods ofMagic, 604:useful. The first stage in this development and culture of the esoteric sense consists in theMeditation, 69:sound. Still other groups will deal with child culture, with the individual training of people,Meditation, 80:awakening of the inner fire, in its scientific culture and transmission, and instruct him in theMeditation, 199:to the streams of force contacted, and their culture and the intensification of the rotary movementMeditation, 202:of the Mahachohan, the Lord of Civilization and Culture and the head of the third line ofMeditation, 251:the Mahachohan, or the Lord of Civilization or Culture. Supreme concentrated attention to thePatanjali, 52:germ of knowledge has been subjected to proper culture and thus developed, until it flowered forthPatanjali, 64:any later realization of the need of soul culture. The apparatus of thought must be contacted andProblems, 6:and political civilization of modern times. The culture of the ages, the arts, literature, the
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