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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CULTURES

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Destiny, 4:themselves through successive civilizations and cultures, and fashioning the many races andDestiny, 64:is the keynote of certain of the more modern cultures. These fortunately are in a minority, forDestiny, 152:of languages - symbolic of differing traditions, cultures, civilizations and points of view - willDiscipleship2, 232:government. Nations differ; they have different cultures and traditions; they can functionDiscipleship2, 271:would remind you here that all civilizations and cultures are externalizations - modified,Discipleship2, 279:may require, for they are drawn from different cultures and civilizations and among them canDiscipleship2, 415:its dogmatisms and its separative thinking and cultures. He finds out - as a preliminary step - theEducation, vi:the universe we can extract from all regional cultures in their local times and places. TheseEducation, vii:develop the fundamental values in its regional cultures. While the West is seeking the principlesEducation, viii:in a prodigious effort at synthesis of the two cultures while there is still time. Should theEducation, 113:commensurate with its unfoldment. Civilizations, cultures, races and nations appear and disappear,Education, 114:driven him on, through progressively developing cultures and civilizations, until today he standsExternalisation, 373:types, individual national interests, national cultures and national civilizations exist side byExternalisation, 376:basic values must be preserved. Past and present cultures and civilizations are of great value; theExternalisation, 482:and will implement (upon the few foundational cultures of the past) that new and better cultureExternalisation, 519:more than is realized, the unfolding cyclic cultures and their resultant civilizations. These canExternalisation, 520:for the emerging soul of humanity. The format of cultures and civilizations receives specialExternalisation, 547:civilizations and their peculiar national cultures, which should unitedly create a beautiful wholeExternalisation, 548:shall not have civilizations and their emerging cultures but a world culture and an emergingExternalisation, 589:analysis of ancient and modern civilizations and cultures. The thread of purpose will be noted andExternalisation, 590:and physical, producing civilizations and cultures appropriate to a particular point in evolution)Externalisation, 664:which will preserve individual and national cultures, but which will subordinate them to the goodExternalisation, 668:in the substitution of order for chaos, national cultures must be preserved and the outline of theExternalisation, 671:time preserve the individual and the national cultures, alongside a universal civilization and aGlamour, 89:we find an increasing emphasis upon the physical cultures, disciplines, and physical training, suchProblems, 12:to the point where they regard their national cultures, their national resources and their abilityProblems, 41:their own children, to restore their own special cultures and their lands. The task of the GreatProblems, 42:They have each of them their own traditions, cultures and backgrounds. They are being forced toProblems, 88:and a contempt of other civilizations and cultures which is evil and degenerating; it engendersProblems, 102:make no concessions to the civilizations and cultures in which they find themselves but insist onProblems, 147:brothers; under the divergences of color, creed, cultures and civilizations, there is only onePsychology2, 205:the modern correspondences to the old Lemurian cultures. The souls who are primarily emotional. ThePsychology2, 311:we find an increasing emphasis upon the physical cultures, disciplines, and upon the vogue forPsychology2, 455:working out in all schools of thought and of cultures and is primarily applicable to the leaderPsychology2, 744:ways of approach to God. Between the old cultures and civilizations and the new incoming ways ofRays, 244:of nature, what precipitates civilizations and cultures, and which expresses the best response atRays, 308:I have referred above - cycles, civilizations, cultures, races, kingdoms in nature and so forth -Rays, 311:will be in connection with civilizations and cultures for which the third department isRays, 559:history only covers the emergence of those cultures and civilizations which are called the fifthRays, 592:them workable factors in human evolution, its cultures and civilizations. Rays, 596:of the fact that the old order, the old cultures and civilizations are rapidly passing away, andRays, 657:To these civilizations must be added the cultures which have evolved out of them. This obviously weReappearance, 76:and gradually developed into civilizations and cultures. Such is the urgency of human need at thisSoul, 80:already stressed the fact that in all primitive cultures the 'soul' is by no means identical withTelepathy, 133:will result in the developing civilizations and cultures as well as the eventual appearance on
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