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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CURING

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Discipleship1, 719:occupied with the overcoming of glamor and the curing of the distorted, myopic vision of the manExternalisation, 508:of violet light in lessening human ills and in curing those physical plane sicknesses whichExternalisation, 516:must also be done in healing, in exorcising, in curing mental and astral diseases, and it must beHealing, 99:can greatly increase the trouble instead of curing it. It can stimulate the disease itself toHealing, 295:when followed, will be found essential to the curing of disease and the maintenance of health. LawHealing, 314:and the trouble many times increased. The curing of cancer in the early stages falls therefore intoHealing, 381:the technique of inducing fever as a means of curing certain forms of disease, and the methodInitiation, 206:in: Healing bodily ills. Blessing, and thus curing emotional ills. Raised in prayer, or the use ofMeditation, 245:little concern us at this time. Nevertheless the curing of physical ailments that have their seatPsychology1, 205:the fifth he will be a master of the pen. The curing of disease by the third ray man would be by
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