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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CURIOUSLY

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Astrology, 4:mathematical computations. Astrology is based, curiously enough, upon illusion for, as well youAstrology, 101:to or expressing themselves through Aries are curiously balanced, Rays 1 and 7 are the highest andAstrology, 260:end of the appointed time. Today it would seem (curiously and convincingly) that we are enteringAstrology, 342:salvage the lives with which it had an affinity. Curiously it is Sepharial who places the rulers ofAstrology, 402:and from form control of any kind. This is curiously emphasized by the rulers of the decanates inAstrology, 537:are: Leo, Capricorn and Pisces. These are curiously and most mysteriously related to the fourthAutobiography, 56:I might get away with it and be really useful. Curiously enough I have never had any trouble fromAutobiography, 107:she did her best to see me through. I have been curiously unlucky when my three children were born,Autobiography, 131:of the facts of the case, I did what I could. Curiously enough, a few days later I went into aAutobiography, 214:in the girls' engagements and marriages, which, curiously enough, took a good deal out of meBethlehem, 58:The majority of these great Sons of God were, curiously enough, born in a cave and usually of aBethlehem, 91:of human affairs, is the story of history; but curiously enough, ideas constitute the oneBethlehem, 120:this theory many teachers and groups thrive, and curiously enough, they do so quite sincerely andBethlehem, 144:to which we have already had need to refer. Curiously enough, the name "Moses," according toDestiny, 5:need and human demand for succor. This demand curiously enough remains largely in the realm of theDestiny, 46:during the last century and has achieved its curiously phenomenal growth only because it startedDiscipleship1, 117:above may indicate to you something of value. Curiously enough you and your fellow-disciple B.S.W.Discipleship1, 315:energy is of immense value to you because it is, curiously enough, your only link with the greatDiscipleship1, 343:the centers below the diaphragm and with you - curiously enough - it is the center at the base ofDiscipleship1, 402:with the material life of your environment, in a curiously symbolic manner. Ponder on this. YouDiscipleship1, 518:of criticism. One's spiritual responsibility is, curiously enough, usually the last to beDiscipleship1, 596:chela of the Great White Lodge. You have managed curiously to keep these two lines of activity freeDiscipleship1, 647:equipment which is on one of the major rays. Curiously enough, this fact indicates to those of usDiscipleship2, 189:is hard and its exigencies are inescapable. Curiously enough, a good deal of this recognition isDiscipleship2, 201:influenced by the meditation work accomplished. Curiously enough, in view of the fact that theDiscipleship2, 273:a square, such as that depicted below: [273] Curiously enough, it is this ancient symbol, with itsDiscipleship2, 323:then focusing itself through the Monad. [323] Curiously enough, in these three you have -Discipleship2, 411:for this that the disciple must search. This is, curiously enough, a part of the content of theDiscipleship2, 534:or as an employee. Such phases have been curiously lacking in your life. You have evaded them, andDiscipleship2, 558:decision and adjustment are most difficult, but curiously enough, when the disciple interiorlyDiscipleship2, 585:brother? Forgive my use of slang, but it is oft curiously descriptive. If you study carefully whatDiscipleship2, 668:singularly sensitive to the Christ force. Curiously enough, these particular disciples are selectedDiscipleship2, 673:presents difficulties to you of which you are curiously unaware. It is your task - at any cost - toDiscipleship2, 748:This work of preparation for his coming is curiously fraught with danger because of the immense andEducation, 5:lower mind and the soul has to be bridged, and curiously enough humanity has always realized thisEducation, 15:in elementary arithmetic. These three are curiously symbolic of the whole evolutionary unfoldmentEducation, 15:a clothed idea of some kind, whereas writing is, curiously enough, concerned with the individual'sExternalisation, 52:through analysis, discussion and experiment. Curiously enough (from the point of view of many) theExternalisation, 257:be enabled to work also more actively on earth. Curiously enough, they are often hindered today byExternalisation, 650:to spiritual hope, to the expectancy and to the curiously widespread belief that divineFire, 323:can be predicated anent a solar system, and, curiously enough, anent the planes themselves. ForFire, 622:a lost soul should he trespass ignorantly, and curiously, into their domain. He is concerned alsoFire, 940:the appearance of man in the third root race. A curiously interesting sequence of the three linesFire, 1104:rapid assimilation of the experiences learnt. Curiously enough, from the standpoint of the averageFire, 1170:the radiations of the vegetable kingdom and (curiously enough) the entire question of perfumes.Fire, 1258:Earth scheme and the Venus chain in our scheme. Curiously enough it will be through a comprehensionGlamour, 52:the effects of this error of illusion for it is, curiously, based upon right success and rightGlamour, 147:away from like, and the Germans and the Jews are curiously alike. Just as many British people andHealing, 49:regarded as group diseases. Diseases which are, curiously enough, accidental. To these a man fallsHealing, 59:sometimes recognizable and sometimes not. Curiously enough, the cause of this great white scourgeHealing, 62:of those who succumb to the inherited taints. Curiously enough, the free use of salt sea bathingHealing, 149:It is the organ of idealism therefore, and - curiously enough - it is closely related to the sixthHealing, 255:bridging. A great deal of the difficulty is, curiously enough, to be found fostered by the newerHealing, 303:the spirit of the universe. What then is wrong?" Curiously enough, it is the potency of this sixthHealing, 312:and scarlet fever, smallpox or cholera are, curiously enough, definitely group diseases and areHealing, 464:simply a conscious and deliberate withdrawal. Curiously enough, if there appears to be a conflict,Healing, 564:working in the fourth root-race, the Atlantean. Curiously enough also, when humanity can functionHealing, 712:for yet a little while. [712] This technique is curiously potent and sudden when the healer is onHercules, 9:thousands now. It will become apparent also how curiously applicable to modern conditions are theHercules, 22:overmuch, why shouldst thou die?" This stage is curiously exemplified for us on a large scale inHercules, 130:Hercules seizes his opportunity. It is curiously Libran to avoid a direct encounter, and not toHercules, 163:- Labor IX The Chrysalis Symbol Sagittarius, curiously enough, has been called the chrysalis stage;Initiation, 63:of the development of the indwelling spirit is curiously interesting. We might look at it in thisInitiation, 188:may be communicated about this Path, and the curiously close relation between it and the PleiadesIntellect, 5:yet the world into which they enter is curiously the same; the instrument of thought which theyIntellect, 184:same way, and employ the same methods, and use a curiously similar phraseology. That the time hasIntellect, 248:from many different interior sources. They are curiously alike; they indicate a lovely aspirationalIntellect, 261:usually the solar plexus, sometimes the heart, curiously enough never the head. Meditating upon aMagic, 248:there is the place for the working of magic. Curiously in these phrases the idea of location isMagic, 285:full manifestation of the divine nature. This, curiously enough, can only occur when the lowerMagic, 403:The Masters found the minds and brains of chelas curiously insensitive to the higher contacts, andMagic, 411:require a word of comment. Their work is curiously different to that of the other groups and theirMagic, 596:for the work to be done. This truth is curiously substantiated in a study of the number "eight" inMagic, 624:the strain, learning detachment, and this curiously enough is what might be called the "defenseMeditation, 128:lies peril for the unwary. This danger is curiously real now, owing to the following reasons: TheMeditation, 216:marks burning; it is the symbol of flame, and curiously enough the color that epitomize separation.Meditation, 306:to use it as a basis for the occult school. And, curiously enough, only those nations whichPatanjali, 28:also water. The idea of man being the "fish" is curiously complete here. This symbol (as is thePatanjali, 184:summation of the others. These commandments are curiously complete and cover the triple nature; inPsychology1, 71:short and excessively brief commands uttered, curiously enough, late in the creative period [72]Psychology1, 80:on the Perfect Way The One Who leads the Twelve Curiously enough, this sixth ray Lord has alwaysPsychology1, 176:love which is normally inclusive and intuitive. Curiously enough, along this line the seethingPsychology1, 354:I - Section Two - III. The Rays and Man Curiously enough, in Lemurian days the first ray wasPsychology1, 398:the hidden events of initiation still persist. Curiously enough, this ancient race, founded by thePsychology2, 55:the conditioning here discussed. Literally and curiously, this is not so. From the angle ofPsychology2, 224:to organize comes into being. It is the result - curiously enough - of the work of a peculiar groupPsychology2, 373:aspirations and the glamor of his own thoughts. Curiously enough, there is a close relation betweenPsychology2, 387:through rightly applied technique, produces curiously enough, third ray results, of which the usePsychology2, 553:congestion and similar consequences. But, curiously enough, a great many of the difficultiesPsychology2, 621:time to demonstrate the accuracy of my position. Curiously enough this whole subject of breathing -Rays, 117:Hierarchy and Shamballa. This first demand is, curiously enough, the first expression ofRays, 266:the seven cosmic Paths made - a choice which curiously enough is not dependent upon ray, for allRays, 372:major center, Humanity. You have, therefore, curiously interrelated: The seven Paths The seven RaysRays, 420:united intention of all of Them eventually, are curiously and uniquely connected. The Master onRays, 604:terrain in Europe and in Great Britain, being - curiously enough - preceded by the floods andRays, 622:is prevented, distorted or stunted. Curiously enough, the intention of the dictating agents, inRays, 625:continuing voice of the Vatican is left, but - curiously enough - receives less attention in ItalyRays, 635:is the true Prodigal Son of The New Testament. Curiously enough, the Jews have never been aRays, 648:of its products and its radioactive properties. Curiously enough, it is the wise, controlled use ofRays, 694:five initiations; the fourth initiation is, curiously enough, governed by neither the Fixed Cross
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