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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CURRENT

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Astrology, 254:went - as a whole - against the normal zodiacal current, so to speak, and it is only upon the pathAstrology, 325:details anent individual return given in the current so-called occult books, most of which areAstrology, 457:the trend of events. A study of history and of current affairs will produce some understanding ofAstrology, 457:Hierarchy who are dealing with and influencing current human affairs in this time of momentousAstrology, 586:see why there was more than the casual use of a current word in my mind when the terms of goodwillAutobiography, 24:the throat and she was always in love with the current curate; a hopeless love, for she neverAutobiography, 54:play games, sit around the fire and read the current papers, play chess and checkers and be talkedAutobiography, 66:enough to be hated. I had taken no part in the current life of the ship, but had strutted about theAutobiography, 77:time I spoke to no woman except my co-worker and current chaperone. I candidly admit to this dayAutobiography, 77:taking an average of fifteen meetings a week, to current correspondence, to conference with theAutobiography, 117:or that was part of his stipend to be spent on current bills, would be spent by him onAutobiography, 134:and being a mother to have had time to read the current books on evolution. I am not sure IAutobiography, 175:letters and once I timed myself as regards a current day's correspondence and it took meAutobiography, 191:when I first met them. The attitude of the current Theosophical leaders and membership has alwaysBethlehem, 55:steady application of the message of Christ to current affairs, modifying them, changing them andBethlehem, 101:is simply a recognition. It is a false idea, current in many schools of the mysteries and ofBethlehem, 227:to build a kingdom of God divorced from current daily life and the general economic situation, andDestinyenergy of Devotion or Idealism, producing the current ideologies. [4] The energy of CeremonialDestiny, 16:recognized and never as yet referred to in the current writings on occult subjects. It is wise andDestiny, 28:and potencies which are directly changing the current of men's thoughts, which are molding theirDestiny, 31:express soul quality condition and determine the current culture. [32] The activity of the fifthDestiny, 112:it (being a representative human being from the current evolutionary angle) has been the unfoldingDestiny, 113:world need, or some potent adherence to some current ideology. This indicates phenomenal racialDiscipleship1, 5:as occult obedience as usually taught by the current occult schools. In the olden days in the East,Discipleship1, 68:is built into form and then travels along the current, as set up between the two points. TheDiscipleship1, 68:of the recipient, establishing first of all a current of rapport (which you sometimes call "sensingDiscipleship1, 68:"sensing the Tibetan's vibration"); along that current, I send the impression, the idea or theDiscipleship1, 175:- The Power of the Soul pours like a steady current through my life. I sense it in my attitude toDiscipleship1, 239:or to those connected with you in your current daily life. It has indeed produced a separatingDiscipleship1, 474:See to it that what you put into the general current of thought power is of significance. ContinueDiscipleship1, 516:lack almost constitutes your Waterloo, to use a current phrase. It is simply the failure to beDiscipleship1, 653:presence of the pressure in the world and the current turmoil, or else he can count for a veryDiscipleship1, 747:is? Have you tried to carry this out in your current life processes? Is your main objective theDiscipleship2, 70:- a very different interpretation to the current theosophical one. As I often told you, a man is anDiscipleship2, 166:instances) by his practical interest in current world affairs and not in religious and churchDiscipleship2, 185:human ideals and consequently in time create its current civilization, thus [186] providing a fieldDiscipleship2, 258:- Part II I am at this time carrying the current teaching upon initiation a step forward and amDiscipleship2, 295:along political lines and along lines of current ideologies. Even peoples long dormant are nowDiscipleship2, 319:deeply esoteric statement he encounters in the current teaching; from this isolated hint he has toDiscipleship2, 395:note the word "eventual" in its connotation with current events. Time is naught but a succession ofDiscipleship2, 428:attention; it is for you to watch and interpret current events, and it is for you to note theDiscipleship2, 458:- yours or those of anyone else - from your current meditation project; that project you will haveDiscipleship2, 520:Venus, from the Central Spiritual Sun, from the current conditioning constellation through whichDiscipleship2, 520:cycle of a planet. This great Intention embodies current purpose and expresses itself through theDiscipleship2, 552:Then across the silence and breaking into the current of your quiet thought will come a voice,Discipleship2, 689:I now ask you, my brother, and am wording in a current phrase in order to arrest your attention isDiscipleship2, 702:and there is little that they can do to help in current conditions. What, then, my brother, shallDiscipleship2, 719:meditation; you will therefore only receive the current group instructions after the sun has movedDiscipleship2, 735:with ideas, with attaining the goal of their current idealism and are driven by longing to findDiscipleship2, 744:and clearly, and as you do so, see a movement or current in the sea of lighted energy, convergingDiscipleship2, 758:but are the free contribution of the soul to a current need. Your response is not always to need,Educationour educational theory and practice. A survey of current developments proves that, at long last,Education, 17:will register also the thoughts and the ideas current in its environment. At present, it is alasEducation, 39:In each age, some idea must be expressed in the current racial idealism. In Atlantean times, theEducation, 41:are the custodians for the advance ideals of the current civilization, but the energy which theyEducation, 63:people and aid in the production of any current civilization, forcing the masses of men intoEducation, 99:seen. Certain basic ideals, emerging out of the current ideologies, are beginning to make theirEducation, 131:in no sentimental sense, or in the coin of current ideas, but always from the angle of a trainedExternalisation, 33:impulse which is basically the source of all current phenomenal appearance. This group ofExternalisation, 34:world aspirants and servers (who represent the current civilization and current culture) and at theExternalisation, 34:(who represent the current civilization and current culture) and at the same time to absorb andExternalisation, 98:This quality of the seed groups is described in current esoteric literature as love-wisdom (theExternalisation, 141:of right thought, right interpretation of current events and a right preparation whilst the warExternalisation, 204:should seek intelligently to understand the current problem, and to study the world situation fromExternalisation, 205:will be found among the adherents of all the current ideologies and in political and scientificExternalisation, 297:upon their achievement. But they changed the current of men's thoughts; they pointed a way to aExternalisation, 346:see why there was more than the casual use of a current word in my mind when I talked to all of youExternalisation, 388:and you yourselves may come more fully into the current of the downpouring life. At the comingExternalisation, 399:they must do through their own clear thinking on current matters, by the cultivation of a receptiveExternalisation, 484:energy which will be set in motion at the three current Full Moons - one already past and two toExternalisation, 553:and so act as channels for the direct current of energy. The same procedure will be followed at theExternalisation, 569:of a wide culture and understanding of the current civilization which will be coming into activityExternalisation, 570:office of some kind or another; they will be the current politicians, business men, financiers,Externalisation, 615:Why not permit the pressure of the evolutionary current, eventually and at long last, to bringExternalisation, 695:fails to recognize error and his own part in any current mistakes whenever they occur, and as longFire, 59:for instance - will be affected by the akashic current, the electrical current, or the pranicFire, 59:affected by the akashic current, the electrical current, or the pranic current in some way, but allFire, 59:current, the electrical current, or the pranic current in some way, but all of these currents areFire, 63:Buddhism, and after having set the evolutionary current in motion, retired to the spiritual planeFire, 325:call physical death ensues, for the electrical current burns up that which had caused objectivity,Fire, 435:active and the electrical force, or the fohatic current, will pour through it, and enable those menFire, 463:already can be seen; for instance, in all our current magazines at this time, stories which dealFire, 592:have waited, when they can again swing into the current of evolution and the imprisoned spirits mayFire, 751:through Him via a particular spirilla or life current in the permanent atom of the planetary Logos.Fire, 814:the many stories to be found in books and current periodicals. We are told by H. P. B. (S. D., III,Fire, 974:to the inner Identity, or to that magnetic current which, emanating from the true Identity, theFire, 975:the "Eye" is directed to the created form, the current of force will be transmitted to it, and theFire, 1022:[1022] the white magician avails himself of the current Ray influence. When the third, fifth andFire, 1262:its responsiveness to a certain magnetic current, and the tendency which it demonstrates to pointGlamour, 19:they can mould public opinion and change the current of men's thoughts. All small groups of people,Glamour, 63:not temperamentally suited. He imposes an energy current upon his mental body with which he cannotGlamour, 134:lies behind every outer form. I have used the current situation as an illustration of the ideaGlamour, 134:ideals, expressing themselves through the current ideologies, will serve their [135] purpose andGlamour, 201:upon the immediate need or any particular and current world glamor. It will be apparent to you,Healing, 20:as one would surmise as one reads the current books upon the subject; that is but one aspect of theHealing, 328:which he most easily and normally responds. The current of energy used in healing will be aHealing, 444:difference that in sleep the magnetic thread or current of energy along which the life forceHealing, 483:A great deal of nonsense has been told in current theosophical literature about the time equationHealing, 484:dissolved and its forces swept away by the current of flame into the reservoir of vital energies.Healing, 524:healing of any patient under any of the current healing schools. There has been what I might call
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