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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CURRENTS

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Astrology, 221:bring about the necessary reversal of the life currents in the man's nature and place him upon theAstrology, 409:of much greater and vaster combinations of force currents in macrocosmic relations. Briefly itAstrology, 413:expressing themselves as ideas and vast thought currents. This is the fact that humanity as a wholeAtom, 104:on, keenly conscious, responsive to thought currents of various kinds in human affairs, andAutobiography, 162:automatic writing, the tapping of thought [162] currents (which everybody is doing all the time) orBethlehem, 180:nodal points or periods at which the psychology currents ran together and condensed themselves forDiscipleship1, 24:powers enable them to be sensitive to the mind currents and to register the thoughts of those whoDiscipleship1, 36:and with the reception and direction of thought currents. They are also working at the facilitationDiscipleship1, 68:correctly and from a poised point of action) the currents of this mind-stuff are set in motionDiscipleship1, 664:a magnetic field for the interplay of the currents and energies which are brought into action byDiscipleship2, 36:originating pressures, directing thought currents along specified lines out into the world,Discipleship2, 521:will and motive, will become the directing currents of thought which will sweep you on your Way,Discipleship2, 671:intended to make you responsive to the different currents of energy to which those who are toExternalisation, 420:other's work and enhance powerfully the thought currents directed to the waiting Spiritual Lives.Externalisation, 524:the impact of astral forces, or to the thought currents of those not oriented to the Kingdom ofExternalisation, 526:can express Itself through the medium of thought currents and ideas and through them impose ItsExternalisation, 680:of world servers - into the aura of the thought currents of the Christ, as He formulates His ideas,Externalisation, 690:is an extreme sensitivity to the thought currents of those with whom they are immediately inFire, xiii:of the laws of radiation, of magnetic currents, and of the force centers found in men's bodies andFire, xiii:and their relationship to the force centers and currents of the solar system. Fifthly, to give someFire, 59:the pranic current in some way, but all of these currents are only the internal fires of the systemFire, 99:which draw within their sphere of influence the currents that come their way. The centers should beFire, 106:as follows: First. Inability to tap pranic currents, owing to the unhealthy lives passed by soFire, 107:Second. Over-ability to tap pranic currents. The first type of functional disorder is common andFire, 109:burning of the web may let in extraneous astral currents against which man is helpless; the brainFire, 126:etheric, of undesirable and extraneous forces, currents, and even entities. These wreck and tearFire, 156:the channels through which it can be felt. These currents or radiations we call Akashic.Fire, 162:of insanity, and in opening the door to currents and forces, undesirable and destructive. It is notFire, 312:to its origin. All the phenomena of earth currents, terrestrial magnetism and atmosphericFire, 312:magnetism incessantly generating electric currents which tend to restore the disturbedFire, 501:to manifest. [501] His adaptability to mental currents and vibration, and his utilization of themFire, 502:His receptivity to life impulses and spiritual currents emanating from the planetary Logos of HisFire, 524:cycles pass away, the balancing of these fiery currents will be gradually brought about, and willFire, 553:It concerns the pranic and akashic fluids and currents. The vibrations of the cosmic astral planeFire, 564:automatically into action by the force of the currents, and energies set up in subtler matter, byFire, 622:the vague and general indications of these currents and forces as they may be felt as emanatingFire, 660:thus prove incapable of being swayed by thought currents, and the separative processes of thatFire, 676:who ensoul the astral plane, and the astral currents of the highest religious and aspirationalFire, 685:thrills under the spiritual impulse, then the currents spread and circulate and divineFire, 755:at the time of the festival, thus setting up currents of thought which will have a great appeal inFire, 788:Under the influences of certain force currents, emanating from certain constellations. These threeFire, 789:substance is swept up in the vortex of force currents issuing from the centers and cannot escape.Fire, 791:is the result of the fivefold direction of force currents from five centers. It might beFire, 812:and will study the effects of the emotional currents upon the fluids of the body, and primarilyFire, 857:builds in the body, through its energy and force currents, what is needed to replace the daily wearFire, 861:and cause him to become aware of the inner currents. This takes place usually when the fifth petalFire, 863:higher vehicles, and of how to manipulate energy currents so that his own nature is transformed. HeFire, 867:of energy and wise manipulation of force currents, to the Portal of Initiation, and graduates outFire, 881:them. This is knowledge: to rightly direct force currents, first in the three worlds of humanFire, 884:and the [884] circulation of the force currents perfected. According to a man's ray and subray, soFire, 894:and its relation to the spine, and the spinal currents investigated. This third eye is one of theFire, 952:are [952] irresponsibly responsive to energy currents, and theirs is not the problem of dealingFire, 952:main responsibilities is the direction of energy currents from the mental plane, and the creationFire, 952:of energy, and an ability to direct energy currents, to disintegrate (or withdraw energy from) allFire, 952:are directed and controlled. When the energy currents of the human family are directed from egoicFire, 955:power of thought; of the direction of thought currents, of the science of thought building, of theFire, 976:for creative ineffectiveness is owing to the currents which emanate from the majority of peopleFire, 1011:that through his eye by means of directed energy currents He can help and stimulate His disciplesFire, 1017:in quality and vibration, but are essentially currents of energy, one forming an initial vortex orFire, 1025:Ego is just and unimpeded, and the communicating currents in full play. He must literally "renewFire, 1054:is consciously made to extraneous force currents, resistance to retarding forces is initiatedFire, 1057:and has some realization of the force currents of the solar system, that all can be regarded as theFire, 1057:regarded as the swirling tide of intermingling currents, with numerous focal points of energyFire, 1060:can be read and expressed in terms of force currents, energy centers, and dynamic fiery systemicFire, 1069:purpose of the planetary Logos, and upon the currents of force which play upon His planetary body,Fire, 1070:in the earth, of the planetary magnetic currents, and of the electrical intercourse between ourFire, 1103:the mental body becomes a transmitter for force currents from the egoic mind, the antahkaranaFire, 1105:from the physical personality, or the thought currents sent through in course of time from theFire, 1105:The activities of the astral body. The thought currents or energy units initiated by identificationFire, 1105:groups, national, family, racial and egoic. The currents which impinge upon the mental bodies ofFire, 1248:and vibration. Great waves of ideas and surging currents of public opinion on astral levels as wellFire, 1264:insulates himself from the magnetic flow of all currents save that for which he is responsible. TheGlamour, 29:and usefulness. As the maya of distorted energy currents ceases to swing you into lines ofGlamour, 30:of the astral plane or the swirling tides and currents of energy of the etheric plane, we have onGlamour, 32:in a deep and constantly changing density of currents which hide and distort, and which swirlGlamour, 44:understands better the subtle world of thought currents and of forces in which he dwells; and thatGlamour, 61:certain great ideas are to be found existing as currents of energy upon the mental plane, and canGlamour, 61:the trained attention of disciples. These currents of mental energy, colored by a basic idea, areGlamour, 85:finds oneself consciously the victim of force currents; one is swept into activity of some kind byGlamour, 129:Such modern ideas are construed today into major currents and dominating ideologies, and to theseHealing, 204:emphasis will be upon the energy centers, energy currents and the direction of energy to the organsHealing, 282:begins to experiment with the concept of thought currents (as they are erroneously called) whichHealing, 331:in health through the free play of the pranic currents. The above is an attempt to express a greatHealing, 370:The power of directing definitely the magnetic currents radiating from a source outside theHealing, 494:the telepathic impression of the varying thought currents emanating from the mental plane, but heHealing, 575:involves the ability to move and direct energy currents. Healing, 578:purity permitted the free flow of the pranic currents from the healer to the patient, via theHealing, 601:it concerns the direction of energy currents or their abstraction, and this is another way ofHealing, 645:are as definitely physical, using the etheric currents and the centers in the etheric body, as theHealing, 704:or distracted, and thereby deflect the currents; on the other hand, they can sometimes strongly aidInitiation, 38:energy which is theirs, they direct those force currents, and control those form-building agenciesInitiation, 80:of energy and wise manipulation of force currents - to the Portal of Initiation, and he graduatesInitiation, 164:the sons of men, and to manipulate the force currents affecting them and which they emanate. [165]Initiation, 172:degree, being able to dispense or retract force currents. The moment a man becomes consciouslyInitiation, 187:[187] Great waves of ideas and surging currents of public opinion on astral levels, as well as onInitiation, 206:in the manipulation of mental matter and currents. These three points will bear carefulIntellect, 111:the soul can manipulate the impulses or thought currents. These forces pour into the field of [112]Intellect, 206:by our feelings and emotions, or by the thought currents in the world around us. We force ourselvesMagic, 46:or astral force. The mental plane or thought currents. Egoic force, a force only registered by manMagic, 77:Secondly, the etheric body is composed of force currents, and in it are vital centers linked by
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