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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CURRENTS

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Magic, 138:hidden and dim through the whirl of astral currents and by thought forms of personal antagonism,Magic, 177:or symbolic truth, flows. They can tap thought currents that have been set in motion by that greatMagic, 177:or those definite, specialized thought currents originated by one of the great staff of teachers.Magic, 227:above, it is responsive also to the thought currents of the mental plane as well, and becomesMagic, 274:into our solar system from all sides are force currents, emanating from what A Treatise on CosmicMagic, 274:the "One about Whom naught may be said". These currents embody His will and desire, express HisMagic, 290:own body through which the magnetic or other currents must flow; they are unaware of the conditionMagic, 296:for a short moment and then is lost. When the currents of the sentient life meet where the riverMagic, 296:can be also used to depict the flow of the two currents - Ida and Pingala - and their blending inMagic, 297:to a right or wrong direction of the force currents and not to anything inherently wrong or rightMagic, 323:work of developing the ability to touch certain currents on mental levels - currents which [324]Magic, 323:to touch certain currents on mental levels - currents which [324] emanate from the higher self,Magic, 324:must be present. If they do not exist, then the currents are (if I may so express it) deflected,Magic, 324:emotional or mental chaos exists, then again the currents are deflected and the brain makes noMagic, 324:into the necessary quietude, then again the currents may be encountered, response follows and aMagic, 357:discrimination as to ideas and as to thought currents, man has learnt to decide upon what to baseMagic, 491:world of ideas and the stream of human thought currents. The world of ideas is the world of theMagic, 495:form. This life current differentiates into two currents or two threads when it reaches the body,Magic, 576:the projection of a steady flow once the blended currents have been tapped, or indirectly, or byMagic, 577:also combine them with the planetary or cosmic currents to be found in his environment. This isMeditation, 40:At the points of merging in a cycle, cross-currents are found, and all the system seems to be in aMeditation, 120:these problems, thought-waves are set in motion, currents are contacted and thought-formsMeditation, 156:and inspiration), and by certain rhythmic currents set up on the mental plane and driving fromMeditation, 180:of force in nature, of the electrical [180] currents of the universe, and of the latent heat storedMeditation, 180:on those streams of force, those magnetic currents, that vital fluid, those electrical rays (noMeditation, 180:This same idea of force and of the magnetic currents of the solar system governs all I haveMeditation, 184:in the Microcosm to Fohat is found in the pranic currents that, through the etheric body, keep theMeditation, 246:resistance of the body, he will apply certain currents, and colors, and vibrations, which will haveMeditation, 334:physical body. It is impossible for the loftier currents of thought to impact the little evolvedMeditation, 346:No excessive emotion is permitted, though strong currents of love for all that breathe are allowedPatanjaliand wrong direction (or control) of the life currents are the results of the obstacles in the lowerPatanjali, 71:and wrong direction (or control) of the life currents are the results of the obstacles in the lowerPatanjali, 72:- soul unfoldment. Wrong directions of the life currents. This is the effect produced in thePatanjali, 72:etheric body by the inner turmoil. These life currents (for the student of occultism) are two inPatanjali, 78:the regulation of the breath and of the energy currents, he places it as the fourth means of yogaPatanjali, 112:breath. 50. Right control of prana (or the life currents) is external, internal or motionless; itPatanjali, 122:in that body and with the distribution of force currents and the awakening of the serpent fire. ItPatanjali, 140:he begins to offset the hindrances by counter currents. The hindrances themselves are the result ofPatanjali, 165:hitherto held him no longer do so; the great currents of ideas and thoughts and desires which havePatanjali, 165:thought forms which are the result of these currents in the mental, astral and physical worlds noPatanjali, 165:of phenomena. He becomes subject then to the currents of thought, and the world of ideas emanatingPatanjali, 182:and his mental attitude towards ideas, thought currents and abstract concepts. Finally, thePatanjali, 219:the blood and hence the cleansing of the blood currents and consequent physical health. 2. ThePatanjali, 220:to Union 50. Right control of prana (or the life currents) is external, internal or motionless; itPatanjali, 221:internal or motionless control [221] of the life currents of the body (dense and etheric). ThisPatanjali, 222:I. The external control of the prana or life currents concerns those breathing exercises andPatanjali, 223:produces the "external control of the life currents!" The internal control of the life currents isPatanjali, 223:life currents!" The internal control of the life currents is brought about in three ways: By anPatanjali, 223:and magic. The motionless control of the life currents is the effect of the proper development ofPatanjali, 224:be recognized, and right control of the life currents must be seen to be related to karma,Patanjali, 225:is essential to the right control of the life currents, so that the disciple can avail himself ofPatanjali, 226:phases. We have seen how the control of the life currents can be either externally active,Patanjali, 228:work of purification and the control of the life currents the light in the head becomes so apparentPatanjali, 229:towards all things be cultivated and the life currents consequently controlled, but the capacity toPatanjali, 280:in the sense that thought sets in motion certain currents of force. These currents of forcePatanjali, 280:sets in motion certain currents of force. These currents of force gradually sweep into shape formsPatanjali, 329:This etheric body is formed entirely of energy currents, and is the substratum of living substancePatanjali, 333:and not simply metaphorically, for when the life currents are directed by the soul upon the throne,Patanjali, 406:manifestation through the steady flow of thought currents emanating from one stupendous cosmicPatanjali, 410:of the tendency of the mind to respond to force currents, produced by thought or desire; hePsychology1, 9:they follow along the well-defined thought currents of the group. It must be remembered, however,Psychology2, 65:corresponding subjective force center, two great currents of energy cross: these are the current ofPsychology2, 132:and outlets, and that direction of these currents can be dangerous and prevent the rendering of thePsychology2, 337:intellectually sensitive, responsive to thought currents and reacting with increasing steadiness,Psychology2, 516:of human endeavor, as if they were opposing currents of force: The movement, tending towards theRays, 339:the same time, the disciple is receiving energy currents from the reversed wheel whereon he, as aRays, 339:himself. He is consequently the recipient of two currents of energy, going in reverse directions;Rays, 401:the Master has to work. He learns to direct the currents of this essential energy, and because ofRays, 480:substance is swept up in the vortex of force currents issuing from the centers and cannot escape.Rays, 502:organize the material energy, orient energy currents, and see their objective clearly in the mind'sReappearance, 154:other's work and enhance powerfully the thought currents directed to the waiting spiritual Lives.Soul, 16:vital, - force, etheric vibrations, and electric currents and charges and the freely floating forceSoul, 97:as the actions of the body, as the nerve currents, as thought force. From thought, down to theTelepathy, 4:that these people have tapped the inner thought currents or have responded to the play of theTelepathy, 5:to itself similar types of ideas and thought currents which are not strong enough to live byTelepathy, 8:minds which are energized by similar thought currents. This has to be cultivated. How, my brother,Telepathy, 10:of emanations and radiations, and of energy currents, is better grasped. This is rapidly comingTelepathy, 49:bad in their orientation, and from the thought currents of that which is in process of taking formTelepathy, 81:many impressions, so many telepathic and mental currents and so many qualified vibratoryTelepathy, 114:in mind: 1. The medium through which the thought currents or impressions (from no matter what
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