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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CUSTOM

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Astrology, 101:whether to proceed as usual and according to custom or, reversing the wheel, to pass through theAstrology, 233:those who blindly follow either instinct or custom and those who climb freely where they choose andAutobiographyEach day therefore, as it had been her life's custom, she worked to the limit of physical capacityAutobiography, 67:myself - but what could I do? Tradition, custom and the woman responsible for me worked against me,Autobiography, 199:more freely to strangers than has ever been the custom with the other half of the Anglo Saxon race.Bethlehem, 63:amongst the Latin races, with whom the northern custom of feasting and giving Christmas presentsBethlehem, 202:They constitute the boundary which ancient custom, ordained right habits, and the social order haveDiscipleship1, 243:and sit not so fiercely erect as is your usual custom. Rest back somewhat, achieving comfort andEducation, 75:has hidden itself behind an outer shell which custom and tuition have enforced. Add to this aEducation, 130:tradition, racial attitudes and national custom. Families (under any category and bracket) presentExternalisation, 542:visit the Himalayas annually, as has been His custom for so many centuries. The Eastern Festival ofFire, 197:matter of a quality rarer than is his usual custom. He contacts his causal body, in time heFire, 360:can be considered in various ways, and as is our custom we will simply tabulate the statementsHealing, 249:good will be brought about through the growing custom to cremate those forms which the indwellingHealing, 249:life has vacated; when it is an universal custom, we shall see a definite minimizing of disease,Magic, 420:nor will he offend against established custom, nor lower the standard which the world has set forMeditation, 70:The Seven Centers and the Sacred Word As is our custom, let us divide our thoughts under theMeditation, 293:man's own Ego. This is really the basis of the custom of the doorkeeper responding to the would beMeditation, 299:handling this matter we might, as is our usual custom, divide the subject matter under differentPsychology1, 273:of specious argument; each has been the common custom and the rightful method, according to thePsychology2, 122:it is becoming increasingly the fashion and the custom to be occupied with some form of service.Psychology2, 671:thinkers with differing ideas, has long been the custom. In this process the more powerfulRays, 48:these are indicated. We will, as is our usual custom, study each separate part sequentially and asRays, 145:down via the Hierarchy, as has hitherto been the custom. The determination to apply this touchRays, 329:divide what I have to say, according to my usual custom as follows: The Aspirant and the Mysteries
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