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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CUTTING

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Autobiography, 127:doing better. I was tired of washing diapers and cutting bread and butter. I knew the meaning ofAutobiography, 136:I learnt to peel potatoes whilst reading without cutting my fingers, and I can shell peas andFire, 106:lives passed by so many. This involves the cutting off of the source of supply, and the consequentFire, 1184:Dhyan Chohans. They spiral into manifestation, cutting across the fourfold cross, and touching theGlamour, 72:desire is like a dense widely distributed fog, cutting off the vision of truth, and distorting aHealing, 96:known to the practicing psychologist, but also a cutting off of a much needed stream of energy. AsHercules, 160:that we do not see the goal. I am not cutting away the ground under your feet, but stop thinking soPatanjali, 129:existence is necessarily a shutting in, a cutting off, and a circumscribing of itself, and only thePatanjali, 266:matrix reveals its hidden gem, and the work of cutting and polishing is accomplished, the glory ofPsychology1, 175:of the economic life of the nation, and cutting deep down, through the trained minds in the
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