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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CYCLE

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Astrology, 4:or through which the sun passes in its great cycle of approximately 25,000 years. Astrologers withAstrology, 9:manifestation of energy of certain Lives whose cycle of expression and whose infinite purposes lieAstrology, 20:its modern and exoteric aspect: In. the greater cycle of man's many incarnations, he - as is wellAstrology, 31:indicates the life goal for that particular life cycle or else over a period of seven lives. TheAstrology, 35:emphasis and will change in another world cycle. The inactivity of the five Hierarchies who are outAstrology, 36:Orders. Three Hierarchies are - in this greater cycle - of profound significance, the fourth orAstrology, 37:governing the present great astrological world cycle of 25,000 years. It was also one of theAstrology, 41:of cosmic energy. They stand for a recurrent cycle of that first type symbolized by the number 8.Astrology, 42:sixth and seventh Hierarchies are, during the cycle of incarnation, his very self. They are theAstrology, 51:existing in this particular zodiacal cycle between the twelve signs of the zodiac and the twelveAstrology, 53:comes to an end. For a long time during this cycle of reincarnations and periods of manifestation,Astrology, 63:Sun was in Aries at the beginning of this great cycle, but it is not in exactly the same positionAstrology, 65:giving the interim situation in this world cycle. [66] Astrology, 84:through three momentous crises in his life cycle. The Crisis of Incarnation - The Mutable Cross TheAstrology, 84:of the Wheel - Personality and form life The Cycle of Rebirth in Form - Experience Manifestation ofAstrology, 85:translation of an occult phrase given to a world cycle in the Masters' Archives) these energies areAstrology, 92:the Hierarchy and Shamballa. Aries initiates the cycle of manifestation. All souls, as individualAstrology, 92:in Cancer. This is an involutionary, subjective cycle. Thus they emerge into the ocean of physicalAstrology, 93:our planet to these results. And thus the great cycle of struggle towards expression starts and theAstrology, 94:three angles: I. The Wheel of Incarnation. The cycle of ordinary evolution. The period ofAstrology, 94:II. The Wheel adjusted or reversed. The cycle of discipleship. The period of emergence, wherein theAstrology, 94:III. The wheel controlled or dominated. The cycle of initiation. The period of liberation from theAstrology, 97:suffocation and drowning - but, in this world cycle, the death through air is not either known orAstrology, 97:for it concerns the planetary Logos and His life cycle. The three deaths which do overtake man, theAstrology, 105:the scene at the end of the greater world cycle. We are told that the incarnating Minds, humanAstrology, 107:eventually lead to Reorientation or the great cycle of depolarization which takes place through theAstrology, 107:this definitely in mind. Going through the great cycle from Aries to Taurus, the man re-enters theAstrology, 109:phases of the Path - with its involutionary cycle of becoming increasingly involved in matter, orAstrology, 112:lesser of the personality. In the personality cycle, the lesser zodiac conditions the personalityAstrology, 112:passes to Pisces at the close of every great cycle and not to Taurus. It emerges into outerAstrology, 115:at the beginning of the evolutionary cycle, whilst in Pisces we have the fusion or blending of soulAstrology, 116:Sacrifice and death. [116] In the first cycle of experience upon the wheel, the soul itself is inAstrology, 116:keeps them bound to each other throughout the cycle of manifested life. Later on, upon the reversedAstrology, 117:When the individual man enters upon his cycle of incarnations, and emerges in the sign Cancer,Astrology, 118:enable him to respond to all contacts in the cycle of manifestation. He is, at this stage,Astrology, 119:of the man (no matter what his ray) and ends cycle after cycle with the "word of destruction."Astrology, 119:(no matter what his ray) and ends cycle after cycle with the "word of destruction." Again andAstrology, 129:the underlying spiritual revelation of the great cycle through which we are passing; also, in theAstrology, 129:passing; also, in the Piscean Age, the lesser cycle out of which we are at this time moving, it hasAstrology, 130:exalted in Pisces and at the end of the greater cycle, the Sons of God who are the Sons of Mind areAstrology, 130:a greater round of the zodiac and to no shorter cycle), the glorification of Venus, of Virgo, theAstrology, 131:the major task of man in this particular world cycle to master and dissipate, and so to inaugurateAstrology, 141:unusually potent in Aquarius during this world cycle because it is, in a peculiar way, aAstrology, 141:upon all further progress for themselves in this cycle and on all satisfaction of their ownAstrology, 150:Mutable Cross as he passes through an Aquarian cycle. The words are: "And the Word said, Let desireAstrology, 151:When these three signs form the end of the cycle of expression upon the reversed wheel, then youAstrology, 154:the coming into manifestation, the involutionary cycle and the experience of the Cardinal Cross asAstrology, 157:of light, and the darkness of the earlier cycle is lightened by the Bull. The Goat becomes theAstrology, 158:which further ascent in any particular life cycle is not possible. Capricorn is, therefore, theAstrology, 159:above, the sign in which is inaugurated a new cycle of effort, whether this effort is in connectionAstrology, 183:every aspirant, for there comes a moment in the cycle of lives wherein a point of balance isAstrology, 189:should endeavor that every life experience or cycle of life experiences should work out as anAstrology, 216:lessening as Mars nears the end of its present cycle of influence. Already, the trend of modernAstrology, 218:is consequently most powerful in this age or cycle and hence the expression in every land today ofAstrology, 231:This final judgment, as far as this planetary cycle is concerned, will take place in the next greatAstrology, 231:will take place in the next great world cycle and by that time two-thirds of the human race willAstrology, 233:the deciding factor, whereas in the next great cycle it will be the minds of men which will do theAstrology, 254:in this treatise. But in the major involutionary cycle which concerns the mass movement ofAstrology, 255:position to study, because when the evolutionary cycle is upon us, we ourselves are too closelyAstrology, 256:great advancement) of the first half of the life cycle in solar system one, whilst Virgo is anAstrology, 272:Scorpio, in which the note of the evolutionary cycle which it dominates is "the Word made Flesh."Astrology, 278:the work carried forward in this major world cycle. Some idea of the creative story above indicatedAstrology, 285:because of this fact also that in this present cycle (the antechamber of the New Age) you have theAstrology, 286:perfection, prior to entering into a new cycle of progress. This links Leo consequently withAstrology, 286:it therefore marks - in this manner - a new cycle. When self-consciousness is born (as at theAstrology, 286:(as at the moment of individualization) a new cycle begins. This numerical significance links LeoAstrology, 302:from life to life and which form - during the cycle of reincarnation - the repositories or theAstrology, 328:We shall then have the inauguration of a long cycle of beneficent development in which the conflictAstrology, 329:dim point of light found at the center of the cycle of manifestation, faint and flickering. It isAstrology, 344:and more easily ascertained facts. In this world cycle, Gemini, Taurus and Aries are threeAstrology, 345:is one sign and influence which, in any world cycle, dominates the other three. Such dominatingAstrology, 345:effects necessarily change when a world cycle changes, but for the present cycle, Gemini determinesAstrology, 345:when a world cycle changes, but for the present cycle, Gemini determines the paramount influenceAstrology, 347:the end and the beginning and is, for this great cycle of the zodiac, the Alpha and the Omega.Astrology, 357:for the development of humanity. In this world cycle and for humanity as it is now constituted youAstrology, 361:to the "brother whose light grows stronger cycle by cycle" and thus to the soul whose nature isAstrology, 361:the "brother whose light grows stronger cycle by cycle" and thus to the soul whose nature is love.Astrology, 380:exoteric emphasis and life, preceding each new cycle of incarnated expression. As the individualAstrology, 380:astral shell, he definitely comes into a Taurian cycle, for it is desire which impels to rebirthAstrology, 382:to the sign Aries which - in this world cycle - is the sign of beginning, it constitutes,Astrology, 383:In saying this, I mean in this particular world cycle and at the peculiar stage of evolutionaryAstrology, 396:Mutable Cross controls. [396] The angle of the cycle of lives wherein the dualities are recognizedAstrology, 398:to Taurus and from Taurus to Scorpio. This cycle of moves constitutes (with the greater cycle) aAstrology, 398:cycle of moves constitutes (with the greater cycle) a rhythm of experience of tremendous moment.Astrology, 399:of a particular planetary influence in any sign cycle (making it what has been technically calledAstrology, 408:however, that several times in the great life cycle of the Earth, there have been changingAstrology, 409:five thousand years where this greater round or cycle is concerned. This period of five thousandAstrology, 409:of five thousand years covers the complete cycle of transition until complete freedom to functionAstrology, 410:250,000 years has a correspondence to the life cycle of the Monad. The progress of the Sun as itAstrology, 410:25,000 year cycles finds its analogy in the life cycle of the ego or soul. The lesser zodiacAstrology, 415:force and two lines which - during a particular cycle - are conditioned by it. For instance, youAstrology, 415:its triple expression in time and space during a cycle of manifestation, for - as you know - theAstrology, 420:will come to the top and become, for the cycle, the outstanding characteristic of the triangle.Astrology, 424:our minds if it be remembered that in this world cycle in our systemic manifestation it is theAstrology, 425:to truth and to knowledge must, in this cycle, be in consciousness. In another cycle such anAstrology, 425:in this cycle, be in consciousness. In another cycle such an approach may be focused in the will orAstrology, 435:streams of force which, in this particular world cycle condition and basically influence ordinaryAstrology, 436:eye. The third eye. In this particular world cycle it is Capricorn which is producing the moment ofAstrology, 441:and potent in results. In this present world cycle all results are of unusual significance and alsoAstrology, 447:demands and desires of the lower nature. This cycle of experience is followed by a painful life of
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