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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CYCLE

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Destiny, 38:perfect expression of divinity for this cycle and, therefore, the Teacher alike of angels and ofDestiny, 42:of the evolving life in any particular world cycle: Spirit and matter. Life and form. The ego andDestiny, 70:influence of their soul ray, leading to another cycle of fluidity, before the definiteness of theDestiny, 70:problems. When the world again settles down to a cycle of peace and with opportunity for furtherDestiny, 76:we are watching the beginning of a new phase and cycle in the history of the country which emergesDestiny, 79:be finally resolved for this particular world cycle. Germany is mediumistic, as was its dictator,Destiny, 126:civilization; towards the end of the seventh ray cycle he will work equally hard to perpetuate whatDestiny, 137:creative work during this time. This particular cycle of expression marks a climaxing point in theDestiny, 137:expression marks a climaxing point in the larger cycle. During the coming age, the intelligence ofDestiny, 140:to or subsidiary to the second. In this world cycle it might be said that the emphasis of allDestiny, 143:fifty years, thus breaking into its own normal cycle, because it is deemed that the needed specialDestiny, 146:live and work in this interim period and in this cycle of transition, with all its resultant outerDestiny, 150:followed, as we are told in the New Testament, a cycle of thirty years wherein all we know is thatDiscipleship1, 16:together down the years and throughout this life cycle, then the group can carry forward into theDiscipleship1, 19:of what is the objective in any particular time cycle. The present objective is that the humanDiscipleship1, 25:of the intuition in this present world cycle. When that Plan is sensed, there comes the realizationDiscipleship1, 64:blindness. But that later, in some far distant cycle, and when karma has worked upon them and theDiscipleship1, 67:when the world has entered into the next cycle and era of peace. Certain types of force are, as youDiscipleship1, 86:satisfactorily meet human need in the immediate cycle. He is ready for the instant relinquishing ofDiscipleship1, 97:One life is but a short moment in the long cycle of the soul. The true disciple will never fallDiscipleship1, 106:some ways your main hindrance. I am here for a cycle to teach you to the best of my ability and IDiscipleship1, 106:who respond for the service of the next life cycle. Ask of me, therefore, questions if youDiscipleship1, 113:the life of all true servers) an interlude or cycle of experience which may temporarily negate yourDiscipleship1, 113:which may temporarily negate your present cycle of influence but this should only be preparatory toDiscipleship1, 115:following reason: You must enter upon the next cycle of activity with set purpose, clear vision andDiscipleship1, 115:attention to facts. You have ended one cycle of effort last month at the time of the Full Moon ofDiscipleship1, 115:Moon of May. You are entering now upon another cycle. I would have you keep this steadfastly inDiscipleship1, 122:you big results and you will enter upon the next cycle of phenomenal existence with much upon whichDiscipleship1, 136:of mine, you are entering a phase in your life cycle in which you may become - if you so wish - theDiscipleship1, 149:of the period and to your particular life cycle, will come for you release into service. ThisDiscipleship1, 158:Plan is he who visions it as it may be in the cycle of the life but who also sees the small andDiscipleship1, 164:of gathering together your forces for another cycle of activity in connection with the New GroupDiscipleship1, 165:the New Group of World Servers is a three year cycle and to this rhythm you will find yourselfDiscipleship1, 165:find yourself conforming. The end of one such cycle came in May, 1936. Another towards which weDiscipleship1, 165:lines of least resistance. Make each three year cycle conform to the rhythm of creation. In theDiscipleship1, 211:that you may gather the fact that the present cycle of loneliness is still objectively true butDiscipleship1, 225:of the times and of the work for this immediate cycle, you may have heard it said that I amDiscipleship1, 249:that at the time of the full moon this year one cycle of training and of integration closed and aDiscipleship1, 249:closed and a new one started. The keynote of the cycle which passed was discovery - discovery ofDiscipleship1, 249:years. You have learnt and known much. Now a new cycle begins and the keynote of that must beDiscipleship1, 262:glad. Now you are entering slowly into a new cycle of activity. Let it be distinguished by love andDiscipleship1, 269:climaxes into hours of dynamic crisis. Then one cycle of work ends in some direction or another andDiscipleship1, 269:work ends in some direction or another and a new cycle of activity commences in the same place andDiscipleship1, 329:- S.C.P. June 1936 BROTHER OF MINE: A new cycle is being entered upon by you, as it is by all in myDiscipleship1, 329:have earned. The world itself enters upon a new cycle at the [330] end of this year but does soDiscipleship1, 347:and methods of presentation alter with each cycle, because the receiving equipment of man steadilyDiscipleship1, 348:to summarize achievement and to accept it. A new cycle always eventuates from such a moment ofDiscipleship1, 348:recognition and of conclusion, and into such a cycle you are now moving. Be therefore prepared bothDiscipleship1, 348:both for deepened vision and for a fresh cycle of testing. You might ask me, my brother, of whatDiscipleship1, 383:closes, leaving you thus free in your next life cycle for service, a service to be rendered withDiscipleship1, 387:of development. The high water mark of your life cycle (in the broader and wider sense) will not beDiscipleship1, 424:at the Full Moon of May, 1936, into a new cycle. This you also did. A most definite sifting andDiscipleship1, 426:the glamor of depression and enter upon the new cycle with joy. Discipleship1, 438:years and must continue to face. This present cycle or period in your life is one in which you areDiscipleship1, 442:soul has brought you into incarnation in this cycle. Apart from the fact that you are equipped forDiscipleship1, 442:I give you the keynote of your present soul cycle, which will cover several incarnations, but whichDiscipleship1, 464:1937 MY BROTHER: You are entering upon a new cycle of life and of usefulness. You stand on theDiscipleship1, 503:of humanity. You are now passing through a cycle of difficult preparation, prior to moving out intoDiscipleship1, 539:have to be made that are determining for a cycle, but for a cycle only. It is pre-eminently aDiscipleship1, 539:made that are determining for a cycle, but for a cycle only. It is pre-eminently a question ofDiscipleship1, 550:yourself for fuller service in your next life cycle. The way to that is through love, plus mentalDiscipleship1, 595:whom you may happen to know) about the new cycle of work which is unfolding, about the groupDiscipleship1, 608:- L.T.S-K. September 1937 MY BROTHER: A fresh cycle of work is opening up before you at this time,Discipleship1, 609:and your passing through the door to this cycle of work is for you definitely a following of theDiscipleship1, 615:life (which is but a moment of time in the long cycle of the soul), doing the little things behindDiscipleship1, 624:going on in the exigencies of the stress of this cycle. It is one work, my brother, and all forcesDiscipleship1, 664:as for so many disciples in this particular life cycle, the lesson has been to learn to moveDiscipleship1, 698:Beyond that, no Master may go. In this world cycle, the work of the Hierarchy is conditioned by theDiscipleship1, 714:in deep meditation for the greater part of the cycle of lives of any one individual, and that it isDiscipleship1, 730:ray or rays. In the early days of the present cycle of hierarchical effort (between 1925 and 1936),Discipleship1, 743:form to the disciples, assembling this cycle at the call of the Hierarchy. Only those who are atDiscipleship1, 746:and interplay is only attained after a long cycle of the outer relation of the accepted discipleDiscipleship1, 756:the Plan, which is the expression, in any given cycle, of the working out of the divine Will. ThisDiscipleship1, 761:plus the massed sorrow - spread over the entire cycle of life, past, present and future - ofDiscipleship1, 769:I referred to "disciples assembling, in this cycle, at the call of the Hierarchy." This has aDiscipleship1, 782:for twenty years and is now entering into a new cycle of growth and usefulness - along with theDiscipleship1, 789:would bring to your attention is that in the new cycle which will come at the close of the war, theDiscipleship2, 13:results. Each of you has passed through a cycle of real difficulty and strain. This is true of allDiscipleship2, 24:I refer will not be taken in this immediate cycle. The rest of the group have to wait for him. InDiscipleship2, 24:mind the peculiar opportunities of the present cycle and the outstanding need of humanity. Many areDiscipleship2, 33:him to know this. So, my brothers, we face a new cycle of work and one in which C.D.P. and P.D.W. -Discipleship2, 44:as individuals and as a group, in the coming cycle - a cycle wherein the new ideas and ideals mustDiscipleship2, 44:and as a group, in the coming cycle - a cycle wherein the new ideas and ideals must be stressed,Discipleship2, 44:be grasped and finally brought into being, and a cycle wherein the effort of all members of the NewDiscipleship2, 78:Such it must remain for this immediate life cycle. The strength of your radiance, your potential asDiscipleship2, 79:in order to fit them for the work of the coming cycle. In the cycle now so near at hand, the LordDiscipleship2, 79:them for the work of the coming cycle. In the cycle now so near at hand, the Lord of Love will seekDiscipleship2, 96:each and all of you. This will close our cycle of instruction. If you avail yourselves of theDiscipleship2, 97:creatively used - the closing of a preliminary cycle and the beginning of a new cycle of spiritualDiscipleship2, 97:a preliminary cycle and the beginning of a new cycle of spiritual usefulness and of fresh growthDiscipleship2, 102:with this inevitable experience. In the coming cycle of service, however, you will not have theDiscipleship2, 104:at any particular time, during any particular cycle. This unanimity of purpose produces a veryDiscipleship2, 110:all disciples and to the Hierarchy. The coming cycle is momentous in its offering of opportunity,Discipleship2, 130:will externalize the results of the preceding cycle of spiritual and mental brooding. In this way,Discipleship2, 136:upon this ancient writing: It refers to the cycle immediately confronting us, of which the work IDiscipleship2, 151:appropriateness in the setting of a time cycle. If plans mature as desired by the Hierarchy, theDiscipleship2, 151:the two Instructions - one dealing with the Cycle of Conferences, (The Externalization of theDiscipleship2, 160:however, as we understand the term. In our Aryan cycle, another great invocative cry is issuingDiscipleship2, 173:has marked also for him the entrance into a new cycle of activity; this cycle will culminate duringDiscipleship2, 173:the entrance into a new cycle of activity; this cycle will culminate during the next three hundred
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