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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CYCLE

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Discipleship2, 173:Those passages all refer to the same time cycle with which this Invocation deals and which it seeksDiscipleship2, 186:which will condition human thinking in the cycle just ahead. The second stage of this trainingDiscipleship2, 188:possible level. To initiate a great invocative cycle wherein invocation will unify, blend and bringDiscipleship2, 191:of the attitude you should hold during the cycle into which you are now entering. You will see thatDiscipleship2, 206:Just as the Hierarchy - in this present cycle of world endeavor - is working through the New GroupDiscipleship2, 219:it will evoke a response from humanity and a cycle of organization, of planning and of effectiveDiscipleship2, 219:human family is transiting out of a pronounced cycle of karma yoga into the required cycle of rajaDiscipleship2, 219:pronounced cycle of karma yoga into the required cycle of raja yoga, from unthinking activity intoDiscipleship2, 223:of his Purpose, as it is revealed to them, cycle by cycle. The length of these cycles is one of theDiscipleship2, 223:his Purpose, as it is revealed to them, cycle by cycle. The length of these cycles is one of theDiscipleship2, 223:in the three worlds for the remainder of this cycle of planetary experience. This has not alwaysDiscipleship2, 233:basic purpose of Sanat Kumara is revealed from cycle to cycle by his Agents in Shamballa, and is byDiscipleship2, 233:of Sanat Kumara is revealed from cycle to cycle by his Agents in Shamballa, and is by themDiscipleship2, 238:human consciousness, in any world or historical cycle. Today more truth is being recognized (andDiscipleship2, 260:on the other rays but only in this world cycle. 2. The Stage of Polarization. This is the stageDiscipleship2, 280:the "new house" in which humanity will live; cycle after cycle and civilization after civilization,Discipleship2, 280:house" in which humanity will live; cycle after cycle and civilization after civilization, theDiscipleship2, 284:the door to new life and closing the door on a cycle of manifestation, a civilization, or a race orDiscipleship2, 301:through the reorientation required by the time cycle and through an entirely new adjustment to aDiscipleship2, 311:the impending realization for which any opening cycle attests its waiting, and for the new truthsDiscipleship2, 315:they do share in the work of the Hierarchy. That cycle of sharing has seemed for aeons too far awayDiscipleship2, 316:of an interlude of darkness, of aridity and a cycle of "blank abstraction," which persisted in itsDiscipleship2, 316:experience. It is interesting to note that the cycle now being inaugurated in the world is that ofDiscipleship2, 318:of occult teaching during the next developing cycle. It is this type of work which I have beenDiscipleship2, 332:power or love or insight which comes during any cycle of initiation. These cycles (for ourDiscipleship2, 339:recognitions, and the conclusion of a karmic cycle. The ordinary teaching on Karma (particularly asDiscipleship2, 339:recognitions: A recognition of the end of a cycle of happenings, i.e., retrospection. TheDiscipleship2, 339:of the appearance of an eventual yet imminent cycle, i.e., prevision. [340] An acceptance ofDiscipleship2, 358:largely in the Aquarian quality of the present cycle; these energies are steadily eliminating theDiscipleship2, 360:aspect of the will. The probable duration of the cycle in which the Plan can progress from itsDiscipleship2, 361:of the Plan in any particular century, cycle or world period. These phases are: The phase ofDiscipleship2, 371:corresponding exits are those which, in this cycle, disperse the energy - generated by theDiscipleship2, 397:the purposes of instruction during the coming cycle. Discipleship2, 399:of the initiate into the circle and into the cycle of the Universal Mind"; the initiate is thenDiscipleship2, 419:the planetary Logos in this particular world cycle is undergoing an initiation which will shift hisDiscipleship2, 421:of acquiescent waiting, and inaugurate a new cycle of deepened hierarchical activity. RecognitionDiscipleship2, 430:truth. It is his point in the evolutionary cycle which makes that inevitable. The moment that suchDiscipleship2, 433:of penetration covers the long evolutionary cycle wherein the Soul is seeking to establish contactDiscipleship2, 433:The stage of Polarization covers the cycle in which Soul control is stabilized and consciouslyDiscipleship2, 455:you start again, thus establishing a three year cycle in your process of rhythmic mental building.Discipleship2, 474:this incarnation - you will pass on into a life cycle which will reveal to you the path which, asDiscipleship2, 485:plane is being disbanded until the next life cycle of the majority of the members has arrived. ItDiscipleship2, 488:for work in the New Age and in the next life cycle, and their realization is often bigger than theDiscipleship2, 490:what they have done for you during this life cycle or during the past week or day; then definitelyDiscipleship2, 514:enhances your problem and makes the whole life cycle one of the utmost pain yet one of primeDiscipleship2, 515:you with loving understanding for a very long cycle. My love ends not and my care of you isDiscipleship2, 516:will mark the consummation of this major life cycle. As you know, and as I have before pointed out,Discipleship2, 518:is a major essential practice in this next cycle of your life, but you will have to decide forDiscipleship2, 520:that focused point throughout the entire life cycle of a planet. This great Intention embodiesDiscipleship2, 528:In order to answer them you should enter into a cycle of intense quiet and - if possible - ofDiscipleship2, 529:period of self-imposed discipline - enter into a cycle of very great usefulness. I foresaw thisDiscipleship2, 529:a cycle of very great usefulness. I foresaw this cycle of useful work when I first contacted you.Discipleship2, 530:wisely determined and you will enter upon a new cycle of spiritual life if understanding and aDiscipleship2, 532:renewed service, to new ideals, and to a fresh cycle of creative living? Or will you settle downDiscipleship2, 535:in terms of life cycles. A full and rich life cycle will open up for you as a consequence of thisDiscipleship2, 548:the work of the Groups of Nine, and in the first cycle of the New Seed Group work this wasDiscipleship2, 562:(again speaking technically) for a new cycle of service. This requires on his part absence or aDiscipleship2, 572:upon the physical plane, leaving to a later life cycle the development of a more dynamic andDiscipleship2, 574:is also the incoming ray for the next immediate cycle. A knowledge of the ray influences,Discipleship2, 585:Some particular life in some particular cycle may indeed be momentous and of outstandingDiscipleship2, 592:which will release humanity in the coming cycle. You have worked better than you know or care; youDiscipleship2, 595:goodwill. That will is he. The Plan for this cycle of the sixth objective crisis is goodwill forDiscipleship2, 598:mentioning W.W. because this is his first [598] cycle as an accepted disciple; the service which heDiscipleship2, 649:there are lives which equally so stand out in a cycle of lives because of the varied experiencesDiscipleship2, 655:have a disciple upon whom - in your next life cycle - I can depend and lay responsibility, andDiscipleship2, 678:could to "absorb" you into the work of the new cycle, but hitherto quite unsuccessfully. You tendDiscipleship2, 680:useless between these two alternatives. The new cycle is upon us, brother of mine; there is no timeDiscipleship2, 680:This period will not last. I need you in the new cycle and in the new expanding work. There is noDiscipleship2, 681:and many like you as the work expands in the new cycle. Will you stand by him, by my work, and byDiscipleship2, 693:plane relationship; it can also refer to a cycle of physical plane conditioning or circumstance, toDiscipleship2, 703:MY BROTHER AND MY FRIEND: Since you entered the cycle beginning with your forty-second year, lifeDiscipleship2, 712:R.S.U. and F.C.D., she can round out this life cycle with satisfaction to her Master - which is allDiscipleship2, 735:find peace, joy and divine assurance. After the cycle of lives in which the mental ray varies fromDiscipleship2, 735:to him the gain or the non-gain of the past cycle of living experience. Such a proposition facesDiscipleship2, 749:can be noticed. Those who work in this coming cycle must cast off fear and refuse to register inDiscipleship2, 754:to work in this manner, they will enter upon a cycle wherein evil karma will no longer beEducation, 9:history and the intellectual training which the cycle of his life makes compulsory under the lawsEducation, 29:which characterizes the aspirant of this world cycle, perhaps I should say this manvantara or worldEducation, 32:to reiterate. In the work of the evolutionary cycle, however, man has to repeat what God hasEducation, 149:nation) will enable mankind to take them. A new cycle of experience, of psychological developmentExternalisation, 25:of the necessary momentum in the immediate cycle. I call you, therefore, to a month of innerExternalisation, 78:disciples as they seek to serve in this critical cycle; these two forces must also be taken intoExternalisation, 88:is coming in. It depicts this present world cycle. The emphasis of the rays changes in connectionExternalisation, 93:the kingdoms in nature, but in this particular cycle it is not possible to fit them in such a wayExternalisation, 101:of the nature of the purpose for this particular cycle and what its conditioning activities shouldExternalisation, 112:7, which are the years of a complete personality cycle. I do not wish you to infer from the aboveExternalisation, 113:We are ready to recognize that when a man's life cycle has been run and he has learnt the lessonsExternalisation, 114:we are watching the death of a civilization or cycle of incarnation of humanity. In all fields ofExternalisation, 119:In the early stages and during the long Lemurian cycle, infant humanity steadily evolved and yet inExternalisation, 213:the sad possibility) negatively futile. A fresh cycle of civilization, culture and growth will haveExternalisation, 222:strain of the times - the new and needed fresh cycle of civilization and culture. Many refrain fromExternalisation, 242:of things as they should be in this next world cycle. When this vision of the new world order hasExternalisation, 269:in the night of time, when the greater world cycle started in the sign Sagittarius, the Archer. TheExternalisation, 269:is sometimes (towards the latter part of the cycle) depicted as an archer, riding on a horse andExternalisation, 269:riding on a horse and (in the early part of the cycle) as a centaur, half man and half horse. BothExternalisation, 277:time, no matter what many men think. This is a cycle of steadily growing activity, with the aim inExternalisation, 278:to re-establish order on Earth and to end the cycle of aggressive wickedness in which today we findExternalisation, 278:ourselves. The question arises here whether the cycle is susceptible to interference and whether itExternalisation, 287:guidance and revelation in this present world cycle of 2500 years. Year by year He returns. For aExternalisation, 301:four. These Avatars have not, in this world cycle, experienced human life. 5. Divine Embodiments.
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