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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CYCLE

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Externalisation, 304:the foundation of the world." In the earlier cycle, the then initiates spoke of the "sacrificialExternalisation, 309:it. Prophecy, expectation and the present time cycle testify to the opportunity. This possible dualExternalisation, 338:to move forward into light, and the new world cycle, beginning in Aquarius, will be definitelyExternalisation, 342:for all and to break its constantly recurring cycle, and a steadily mounting desire to bring to aExternalisation, 350:The two Full Moons form one complete cycle of work and should be prepared for in line with theseExternalisation, 390:good can be evoked? Can the evocation of a new cycle of spiritual contact and of liberation beExternalisation, 445:III - Forces behind the Evolutionary Process The Cycle of Conferences March 1945 The three monthsExternalisation, 446:their thinking may prove so effective that the "Cycle of Conferences and of Councils," now beingExternalisation, 447:already taken place, thus inaugurating this new cycle of group functioning. The League of NationsExternalisation, 448:works singularly for ineffectiveness. The long cycle of ecclesiastical rule has biased humanExternalisation, 452:every country - hence the inauguration of this Cycle of Conferences and Councils. This cycle willExternalisation, 452:of this Cycle of Conferences and Councils. This cycle will prove long or short, according to theExternalisation, 455:for the blueprinting and planning which the Cycle of Conferences and Councils will undertake. OnExternalisation, 457:into momentous consideration during the coming cycle of conferences: The tendency to crystallize,Externalisation, 457:because they will realize the need for a cycle of restoration before final and lasting decisionsExternalisation, 465:era of right thinking. This will end the present cycle of emotional distress, of agony, of glamorExternalisation, 470:- facts as real and as imminent as the coming Cycle of Conferences, and facts for which the pastExternalisation, 470:the Evolutionary Process The true work of The Cycle of Conferences about which I wrote earlier willExternalisation, 478:throughout the world in preparation for the Cycle of Conferences and the coming worldExternalisation, 480:realized by the Hierarchy that before the cycle of true democracy (as it essentially exists andExternalisation, 480:era and the wisdom of the Buddha to the cycle of the distribution of the energy of love, for whichExternalisation, 482:the resurrection of humanity from the death cycle through which it has been passing. TheExternalisation, 490:appropriateness in the setting of a time cycle. If plans mature as desired by the Hierarchy, theExternalisation, 491:at this time receiving - one dealing with the Cycle of Conferences and other with The Work of theExternalisation, 517:to the period of thirteen years from now for the cycle of fourteen began the year before IExternalisation, 518:brief period; with rapidity it moves through its cycle; with rapidity it disintegrates and isExternalisation, 518:increased during the vital and unusual cycle upon which we entered in 1918, which will beExternalisation, 519:upon which the Hierarchy is embarked within this cycle: Its appearance, expression and activityExternalisation, 520:the training needed for initiation. Each major cycle receives new forms of the same ancient, yetExternalisation, 520:yet basic, teaching. This present one is such a cycle, and much of my own work is in connectionExternalisation, 523:of disciples and of humanity in this new cycle. We can begin on our first point, but only thoseExternalisation, 530:externalization of the Hierarchy. The present cycle (from now until that date) is calledExternalisation, 530:Hierarchy are all at this time passing through a cycle of great activity. In the adjustmentExternalisation, 537:it as an essential aspect of the Plan. The "cycle of Shamballa impact" is now over; the appeal ofExternalisation, 553:joy: this year 1946 marks the beginning of a cycle in which humanity is more closely involved inExternalisation, 556:be apparent to you, therefore, that in the new cycle now beginning with the climaxing of the warExternalisation, 567:unexpected development, will condition the cycle into which we are now entering. This is,Externalisation, 567:because Aquarius governs the greater immediate cycle of 25,000 years and is also the sign intoExternalisation, 567:He is making full and intelligent use. It is a cycle also wherein, for the first time, the threeExternalisation, 567:the effects of which will never be lost. It is a cycle also in which the planetary Logos, havingExternalisation, 608:plus the massed sorrow - spread over the entire cycle of living - past, present and future - ofExternalisation, 616:and the potency of God, and thus end the cycle of agony and distress. The answers to this are many.Externalisation, 633:of those who would work in the new emerging cycle. The starting of the Arcane School by A.A.B. wasExternalisation, 635:exalted Son of God may be called in any world cycle) is in reality closely related to the far moreExternalisation, 639:World War (1914-1945) and is acquiescent to the cycle of well-intentioned money control. A worldExternalisation, 669:In this particular though relatively short cycle, my Ashram is in a key position. It is closelyExternalisation, 673:of the Hierarchy may entail in any particular cycle. These energies bring about what we idly callExternalisation, 675:plans of the Christ for the new and coming world cycle. The organizing of these five centers willExternalisation, 676:Lodge, and hitherto quite successfully. But the cycle of success is slowly closing because theExternalisation, 688:the cosmic Forces of Evil, but - in the coming cycle and as a result of the triumph of the ForcesExternalisation, 690:Shamballa and to [690] Humanity, ushers in the cycle of complete defeat of cosmic evil upon ourExternalisation, 692:transmission of energies there stored. In the cycle which is now close at hand, these magneticExternalisation, 692:starting the life and soul within it on a new cycle of spiritual growth. [693] I have worded allExternalisation, 693:and in manifestation at this time and in this cycle are there in conformity to the Plan and inExternalisation, 700:of disciples and of humanity in this new cycle. Meanwhile, what is it that you, my brothers, mustFire, xiii:a form, starting it upon its [xiii] evolutionary cycle in time and space. Thus is form brought toFire, 17:to that fifth great turn, passed through the cycle and entered into peace. The lesser wheels comeFire, 29:The surface of the globe circled through another cycle. Men of the higher Fifth mastered the lowerFire, 33:Three times the blue enfoldeth, and when the cycle is completed the purple fadeth and is mergedFire, 33:is traversed. Three the great colors in the cycle that counteth as the fourth, violet, blue andFire, 33:revolution. Four are the colors secondary in the cycle of discrimination in which the revolutionFire, 41:the development of cosmic love in this greater cycle. This ray is governed by the Law of Synthesis,Fire, 44:as a duality, though what lies hidden in a later cycle, evolution alone will disclose. This thirdFire, 44:the goal of logoic attainment for this greater cycle or period of this solar system. [45] When theFire, 47:(viewing it monadically) of the great cycle or manvantara. What shall we therefore find? Just as inFire, 47:at the apotheosis of human attainment for this cycle. When the latent fire of the personality orFire, 57:of the mind and of the Spirit, so in an earlier cycle attainment was marked by the blending of theFire, 76:of Karma which falls to His share in any one cycle, greater or lesser. He thus brings about andFire, 88:process in the immediately coming lesser cycle. Our aim, therefore, is to make the secondary bodyFire, 100:essences from within any ring-pass-not when the cycle has been completed. This matter of theFire, 102:giving place to a gradual perfection. Every cycle originates from an other cycle of a relativeFire, 102:perfection. Every cycle originates from an other cycle of a relative completeness, and will giveFire, 102:are still greater. The aim for this greater cycle is the blending, as we know, of the two fires ofFire, 127:destruction that is final for this manvantara or cycle. He may, by the uniting of the two fires ofFire, 129:cessation of aspiration. This, as the perfected cycle draws to its close, will be true of theFire, 131:withdraws its life from out of the sheath. The cycle draws to a close, the experiment has beenFire, 131:The planetary Logos likewise in His greater cycle (the synthesis or the aggregate of the tinyFire, 133:in every human life nor even in each planetary cycle. The mystery of the moon is the mystery ofFire, 138:work; it marks the end of one lesser cycle of development, and the beginning of the transference ofFire, 145:this mahamanvantara or day of Brahma (the logoic cycle) [146] we shall not be able to conceive ofFire, 150:in time and space, but within a still vaster cycle. These preliminary statements have been laidFire, 157:of manifestation, at the beginning of a solar cycle or mahamanvantara (or one hundred years ofFire, 158:for the length of their greater or lesser cycle until the third quality is brought into definiteFire, 158:separations of Spirit and matter. The end of a cycle, whether planetary, human or solar, TheFire, 164:the two remaining rounds in any planetary cycle, and the sixth and seventh root-races in thoseFire, 172:root-race, or to the fifth round in the larger cycle; he is conscious of two activities withinFire, 175:the blossom can be produced. 74 "When the last cycle of man-bearing has been completed by that lastFire, 175:- when the hour restrikes - gather for a new cycle of man-bearing maternity, and give birth toFire, 214:the Christ. 91 The inner round is a mysterious cycle of which little can be told. It is notFire, 231:as a body of expression for the latter. The life cycle of the Son is one hundred years of Brahma inFire, 231:of Brahma in the same sense as man has a life cycle consisting of a certain number of years,Fire, 231:years, dependent upon his karma. During the life cycle of a man, he expresses what is in him at hisFire, 231:form ever more adequately. Each life of lesser cycle in the great cycle of the Ego or Self, seesFire, 231:Each life of lesser cycle in the great cycle of the Ego or Self, sees that expression moreFire, 231:of the Self until there comes a culminating cycle of lives in which the Self within rapidlyFire, 234:characteristic He has to develop during His life cycle. Each Heavenly Man, therefore, embodiesFire, 235:and has also seven principles; in each life cycle he works at their development. He likewise hasFire, 245:of consciousness to the Logos in a still larger cycle (to that of the three solar systems of whichFire, 248:rotating to a fixed key - the key of his life cycle. A man is distinguished by activity on one orFire, 251:to a fixed key which is the key of His life cycle within the still greater mahamanvantara or logoic
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