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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CYCLE

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Fire, 827:consummation of one period within the greater cycle; this is signified by the ten of relativeFire, 831:the forms of those existences who, in another cycle, will seek vehicles. The petals are destroyedFire, 836:their objective is to become men in some future cycle. The goal for a man is initiation, or toFire, 836:a conscious Dhyan Chohan, and in some distant cycle to do for the humanity of that age what theFire, 839:not nearer to it until the passing of another cycle. They await the hour, the hour of sacrifice.Fire, 842:to the Path and one fifth set back for another cycle. Lotuses of passion or desire. They are soFire, 845:evolution. To become the solar Pitris of another cycle. To follow any of the paths earlierFire, 845:directly into the animal evolution of the next cycle and so eventually individualize. Their threeFire, 846:is coming to the birth only the next greater cycle will reveal. The mystery of the moon (S. D., I,Fire, 847:be driven back [847] for his own good to run his cycle, hidden in his den and confined within safeFire, 861:of the Logos, [861] or His second major egoic cycle, yet it is the fifth when viewed from anotherFire, 870:aided by his own Master (if he is evolving in a cycle wherein hierarchical effort for humanityFire, 881:a conscious Builder, a solar Pitri of a coming cycle. This [882] is one of the great revelations atFire, 891:When they have pursued their evolutionary cycle, they will take their place in a later cycle in theFire, 891:cycle, they will take their place in a later cycle in the ranks of certain deva bodies that areFire, 897:life, fulfiling its function and running its cycle. The mythic forms above referred to are butFire, 918:psychic action and reaction. During the great cycle of logoic appearance it is the second type ofFire, 937:the Mother, produce that which pursues a tiny cycle, and burns." The first step of the Ego towardsFire, 948:part of this round before the conclusion of the cycle, and its dissipation will be one of theFire, 974:so strong that it can pursue its own little life cycle and fulfil its work, being only linked toFire, 990:the karma of the manvantara, or secondary [990] cycle, be adjusted, and so much planetary karmicFire, 990:perfection, and the consummation of the greater cycle. Cyclic evil, or tertiary evil, lies hid inFire, 992:having opportunity within the system. Second, a cycle of existence, spent in unlimited evil, andFire, 993:balancing of forces towards the close of the cycle, when the force or energy involved isFire, 993:The force begins thus to flow when any cycle is two thirds run. It deals with the greaterFire, 995:the fact that, in this solar system, during the cycle of humanity, the astral body is the pivotalFire, 996:fire from all that triply is, and pursues his cycle. The fires of hell await, and lunar fire diesFire, 998:Logos) is in deep meditation during the whole cycle of physical incarnation. This solar meditationFire, 1012:enlarges its form, and starts it into a new cycle of activity, The second line of stimulationFire, 1017:then, and let the inner workers enter on their cycle. One of the fundamental concepts which isFire, 1020:lives in any specific direction, and the final cycle of work upon the astral plane is entered upon.Fire, 1025:rising smoke is seen. Let him again, after the cycle of peace, call on the solar Angel. The work ofFire, 1036:particular ray. One ray does pass through its cycle in that length of time, but only one, theFire, 1036:length of time between incarnations. Some Egos cycle through their incarnations and their pralayasFire, 1037:year spiral. Some idea as to the Mahachohan's cycle of emanatory impulses may be [1038] gathered byFire, 1038:which we might call lesser impulses (and the cycle of one hundred years to which H. P. B. refersFire, 1039:lesser impulses. There is a one thousand year cycle of greater moment). There are vaster cycles, ofFire, 1045:the medium of the Sun, pursuing its own inherent cycle, yet spiraling in cyclic fashion through theFire, 1046:as rotary or spiral activity. The lesser cycle can, from certain angles of vision, be regarded asFire, 1057:through the Heavens. The exact figures of the cycle which covers the vast rotation must remain asFire, 1058:these various horoscopes for the next stated cycle, and Their records are of profound andFire, 1063:- S. D., I, 669, note. Spirit passes through the cycle of Being. - S. D., I, 160. The devas are theFire, 1065:this is felt sufficiently strongly, the atomic cycle is completed, the dense form is dispelled, theFire, 1067:greater form, to be held in place for a specific cycle by the stronger energy. This process ofFire, 1073:is elevated into another kingdom in which the cycle is again repeated. This can all be expressed inFire, 1074:the human kingdom. For this particular greater cycle, the goal of evolution is man; whenFire, 1075:transmutation marks the completion of a cycle of rotary-spiraling activity. No atom becomesFire, 1076:in all the kingdoms of nature so that when the cycle is run the process of planetary radiation mayFire, 1076:upon a very few. The others will run a longer cycle. The initiatory cultural process which has inFire, 1078:unit by unit. This period, as far as the larger cycle is concerned, began when the Door ofFire, 1079:the activity gradually ebbed until a recurring cycle brought in influences which produced a newFire, 1079:the highest point of what is occultly termed "a cycle of the third degree," and a similar degree ofFire, 1079:and thus transcended the fourth kingdom. The cycle is again on the upward turn; about theFire, 1079:and we are on the way to the fulfilment of a "cycle of the second order" or of a period ofFire, 1080:race on to the right line though the peak of the cycle of stimulation will not be until the middleFire, 1080:are divided into two groups, according to their cycle and according to their type of energy. TheseFire, 1083:system equally revolves upon its axis but in a cycle so vast as to be beyond the powers of ordinaryFire, 1087:rounds. The revolution of any one globe. The cycle of the three worlds. The wheel of a plane. TheFire, 1088:Heavenly Man travels. There is, first, the vast cycle of unfoldment through which a "spark" passes.Fire, 1089:exact but is indicative of the truth. The vast cycle of unfoldment (which rendered later evolutionFire, 1089:The five spokes of that wheel had each a cycle of development, and one in which they were welded atFire, 1091:systemic wheel, but not all in any particular cycle are to be found revolving upon a specificFire, 1092:of the incarnating Ego is also seen. The egoic cycle, or the turning of the wheel of theFire, 1092:they seldom emerge, pass through their cycle and achieve their objective. It is not possible toFire, 1093:is also, the Wheel of a race, or the lesser cycle of incarnations - forming a definite series -Fire, 1102:those forms which he intends to use during the cycle of incarnation, through the bringing togetherFire, 1104:of force until (towards the close of the cycle of incarnation) the activity which has beenFire, 1108:ring-pass-not, and which (at the close of the cycle) is the active principle behind devachanicFire, 1125:of the solar system of an earlier greater cycle in which the knowledge, or the manasic principle,Fire, 1125:and need love. Some few, through a mysterious cycle of events inexplainable to man in this solarFire, 1126:Therefore, it will be apparent that for a long cycle of time, the black magician can persist andFire, 1130:One of the main functions of the Master in this cycle (though not in all cycles) is to teach HisFire, 1137:most important in some ways during the present cycle for it borrows from all the other six groupsFire, 1150:be given out to the world during some recurring cycle, a disciple of high position in a Master'sFire, 1151:when an initiate (who has nearly completed his cycle) appears in incarnation to express almostFire, 1163:which is energized during the involutionary cycle. It is not considered a principle; and isFire, 1168:the due guarding of the form in this particular cycle and its perpetuation. It is only powerfulFire, 1170:not operative in the animal kingdom during this Cycle or chain. One of the problems of the nextFire, 1174:conformed to) enables a man to enter into a new cycle. It is the law of the adept, of the Master,Fire, 1182:and, therefore, is triple during this particular cycle. From the sevenfold great Bear. From the SunFire, 1188:own plane. It is the cause of that continuous cycle of form taking, of form utilization and of formFire, 1199:of cosmic energy. They stand for a recurrent cycle of that first type symbolized by the number 8.Fire, 1200:sixth and seventh hierarchies are, during the cycle of incarnation, his very self. They are theFire, 1219:It is these laws which the coming cycle of regeneration will enunciate, and which the Great LordFire, 1221:way of entrance, thus forcing him through the cycle of rebirth until he finds the portal ofFire, 1278:- with His dim reflection solar - completes His cycle, meets His brother, becomes the Son, contactsFire, 1281:every aeon cometh forth and passeth through His cycle upon a cosmic Path; That which in greaterGlamour, 53:life. At some period in the present life cycle, recurring and recapitulating as it does the eventsGlamour, 128:which controls spirit for a long, a very long, cycle of expression; it is not matter that controls,Glamour, 134:will be inevitably brought about by means of the cycle of necessity through which we are nowGlamour, 156:Physical ray - 7th - incoming ray. Each great cycle in the zodiac is in the nature of anGlamour, 156:who was faced at the close of the spiritual cycle (not the physical which goes on toGlamour, 158:When a racial incarnation and a zodiacal cycle synchronize (which is not always the case) thenGlamour, 160:opportunity and postponing - until a much later cycle - your determining choice. This is true ofGlamour, 181:at any particular point in the evolutionary cycle. This is possible and has been achieved down theGlamour, 183:revelations. In the case of the first, the time cycle is long; in the second, the time cycle isGlamour, 183:the time cycle is long; in the second, the time cycle is short. A very good instance of thisGlamour, 246:and needs the great length of the evolutionary cycle. With the mass of world energies and systemicGlamour, 266:of development for humanity and inaugurates a cycle of existence of which we know, and can know,Healing, 41:short life counts for very little in the long cycle of the soul, and it is counted well worthwhile
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