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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CYCLE

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Rays, 227:work of the Hierarchy during the next great cycle, that of the Aquarian Age, we shall therefore beRays, 228:work upon a planet and in a planetary cycle which have been conditioned by Pisces for more than twoRays, 235:whole, will differ from that of the previous cycle; with these factors the Hierarchy has toRays, 238:as They may be with the Plan for the immediate cycle with which They and humanity are confronted,Rays, 244:of human creative art of a very high order. The cycle of suffering is nearing its close, and weRays, 245:will continue to do so; every [245] great world cycle sees the emergence of greater beauty, andRays, 297:the strictly human evolution in this planetary cycle is sight, culminating in that spiritualRays, 305:aspiration, implemented (towards the end of the cycle which leads to the treading of theRays, 315:all the days, even unto the end of the age," or cycle. Here He was speaking as Head of theRays, 318:old blood religion of the Jews. In the coming cycle, this distorted teaching on death will assumeRays, 332:the Old Commentary when referring to the present cycle through which mankind is passing. [333] TheRays, 339:astrologers know well, there comes a life cycle wherein the disciple reverses himself upon theRays, 346:develop rapidly as the world settles back into a cycle of peaceful growth and unfoldment after theRays, 369:far removed from [369] the factual life of the cycle, and therefore useless for the cycle of divineRays, 369:life of the cycle, and therefore useless for the cycle of divine life which existed. The growth ofRays, 371:of the "Unknown God" (for a period of a life cycle) is seen in completeness and is alreadyRays, 382:into a third historical period. In this coming cycle we shall see the first stages of the greatRays, 385:a major attempt is instituted in this particular cycle to achieve soul fusion. When that isRays, 400:of Sanat Kumara, or until the end - of the world cycle), he will find himself faced with aRays, 402:potency of love into our planet, and till His cycle ends He thus must work." This is but a roughRays, 414:be added that our planet is, in the immediate cycle, owing to the factors I have lately consideredRays, 419:spirit - meet its requirements in any particular cycle and at every stage of growth, consequentRays, 419:contribute to the evolutionary process as they cycle in and out of manifested expression. It shouldRays, 436:in error, and it takes time (coming within that cycle of limitation) intelligently to interpret andRays, 450:reiterate. In the work of the evolutionary cycle, however, man has to repeat what God has alreadyRays, 461:it is carried to its conclusion - for this world cycle - through the development of the threeRays, 462:into outer expression at the end of this world cycle. Here is the vast and necessary picture,Rays, 462:He is therefore entering upon a new cycle where - this time equipped with full self-consciousness -Rays, 466:from the three worlds. It is - in this world cycle - pre-eminently a question of fusion andRays, 477:race were concerned. The humanity of that world cycle were, however, all of them extremely psychicRays, 484:will make the goal of evolution in this world cycle are already beginning to do so. In the process,Rays, 496:have to be made that are determining for a cycle, but for a cycle only. It is pre-eminently aRays, 496:made that are determining for a cycle, but for a cycle only. It is pre-eminently a question ofRays, 499:in the sense of completion, but a closing of a cycle of mental perfecting, preparatory to a cycleRays, 499:a cycle of mental perfecting, preparatory to a cycle wherein the mind will be rightly used as anRays, 505:again and again his personality has (in the long cycle of incarnations) been on all the seven raysRays, 505:completed bridge - at the end of the world cycle - one ray light and color will predominate, theRays, 521:humanity in the Christ. Christ came to end the cycle of this emotional approach which had existedRays, 550:The conclusion of a twenty-five thousand year cycle or movement around what is called the lesserRays, 550:called the lesser zodiac. This connotes a major cycle of experience in the life of our planetaryRays, 551:the sixth Ray of Idealism. This has had a long cycle and has greatly hastened the evolutionaryRays, 552:"creative raising" necessarily produces a cycle of tremendous difficulty in the life of theRays, 552:with a major creative planetary activity, then a cycle of very great disturbance eventuates whichRays, 553:activity falls into two parts: A destructive cycle, wherein the old order passes away and thatRays, 553:agents are the intelligentsia of the race. A cycle of restoration, with many accompanyingRays, 556:into the Light - a light which grows from cycle unto cycle and is known as supernal Energy Itself."Rays, 556:the Light - a light which grows from cycle unto cycle and is known as supernal Energy Itself." IRays, 558:Rays of Attribute which, in the evolutionary cycle, condition his character (or apparatus ofRays, 559:fourth Creative Hierarchy. During the long, long cycle of the present fifth race, the so-calledRays, 559:Love-Wisdom. This I much earlier pointed out. A cycle of lives upon the third Ray of CreativeRays, 559:a small period of modern history. The Aryan cycle covers the period of the relation between groupsRays, 560:four rays. Towards the middle of the Atlantean cycle (untold millions of years ago) the influenceRays, 561:in this particular world period and during the cycle of treading the Paths of Discipleship andRays, 571:this ray comes into manifestation in this world cycle, we have the appearance of fundamental sexRays, 572:the first initiation will be the appearance of a cycle of entirely new creative art. This creativeRays, 572:happiness and well-being, so in the seventh ray cycle we shall see men engaged on an even largerRays, 576:This takes a very long time and may cover a cycle of many incarnations. He is constantly fightingRays, 577:the intermediate period is regarded as "a cycle of perfecting." That which is being left behind andRays, 578:and which he has created throughout the entire cycle of incarnated living, have all to be clearedRays, 578:work done and which will inaugurate the world cycle and period in which the task of reorganizingRays, 581:work of sixth ray energy, the result of the long cycle of Piscean energy, and the impact of theRays, 609:of the two principles and brings in a final cycle of unfoldment to which I can give no trulyRays, 642:and momentous effect upon [642] mankind in this cycle, and upon the disciple preparing forRays, 646:into incarnation, transforms the speech of the cycle, enriches the existent vocabulary, and bringsRays, 651:condition. This prefaces an entirely new cycle of spiritual experience - the experience of theRays, 651:of ambition (aspiration), there may come a cycle of lives where the ambition is directed to theRays, 652:from the very dawn of the evolutionary cycle. The initiate in good standing looks into the heart ofRays, 652:planetary Logos. During the coming interval and cycle of preparation for the sixth [653]Rays, 674:carried over so potently into [674] this Aryan cycle, it is however indicative of the attainment ofRays, 676:questions. Under the influence of the Piscean cycle which is now in process of termination, theRays, 688:is a climaxing point and also inaugurates a new cycle of activity leading to the seventh InitiationRays, 689:his entrance into an entirely different cycle of experience. Rays, 706:with a sense of expectancy. During the preceding cycle of lives of initiatory service to humanity,Rays, 706:appearance of his soul and for its long, long cycle of incarnation: the Monad, the Spirit, the One,Rays, 710:wisdom and experience (garnered in the life cycle of many aeons of incarnation) are now the soleRays, 713:due and something for which the long previous cycle of initiation has prepared Him. The revelationRays, 731:have been many deaths within the aeonial life cycle of the initiate: The familiar and constantlyReappearance, 18:realized by the Hierarchy that before the cycle of true democracy (as it essentially exists andReappearance, 21:time is unique in that it is (as never before) a cycle or period of conferences - communal,Reappearance, 22:and with this trend He will have to work. The "cycle of conferences" which is now swinging intoReappearance, 23:the period of Christ's reappearance; it is a cycle as real as the cycle of conferences now soReappearance, 23:reappearance; it is a cycle as real as the cycle of conferences now so busily organizing. ChristReappearance, 23:with the resurrection life. The present cycle of conferences is preparing men everywhere forReappearance, 29:all the days, even unto the end of the age" or cycle. (Matt., XXVIII, 20.) The important word isReappearance, 29:after (what would be called the end of a cycle). In Greek the final end is another word "telos." InReappearance, 30:with the old blood religion of the Jews. In the cycle which Christ will inaugurate after HisReappearance, 55:plus the massed sorrow - spread over the entire cycle of living - past, present and future - ofReappearance, 74:be (under this Law) balanced by a corresponding cycle of calm, emotional quiet and mental poise,Reappearance, 76:that one such Son of God is - during this cycle of tension - seeking to cooperate with the Christ.Reappearance, 79:that age came to an end and the new astronomical cycle came into existence. The average ChristianReappearance, 82:the Teacher and Leader during the Aquarian solar cycle. He is the first of the great world TeachersReappearance, 88:understanding. That is why, at the end of the cycle which He inaugurated two thousand years ago, weReappearance, 106:origin and appeared in the early stages of the cycle of Aries, the Ram. We are told that theReappearance, 106:the Bull; this was the preceding astronomical cycle. These are astronomical cycles and not aReappearance, 123:into the light of day. As we know, our present cycle marks the end of the Piscean age; the next twoReappearance, 127:in the other parts of the world; during this cycle came the Buddha, Shri Krishna and Sankaracharya;Reappearance, 135:invocative today. The agonizing emotional cycle through which humanity has passed during the pastReappearance, 147:been forthcoming. Never has there been a time, cycle or world period when there was not the givingReappearance, 158:humanity, in the Christ. Christ came to end the cycle of this emotional approach which had existedReappearance, 163:and the potency of God, and thus end the cycle of agony and distress. The answers to this are many.
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