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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CYCLES

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Astrology, 7:and energies, the impulses and the rhythms, the cycles and the times and seasons that esotericAstrology, 77:- to the centers and to certain prominent "cycles of polarization" emerging as the foreordainedAstrology, 78:These twelve planetary lives (with their own cycles, points of crisis and moments of polarization)Astrology, 106:the beginning of recurring and constant cycles of experience, the beginning of the period whereinAstrology, 106:and, in reality, introduce four different cycles of progress upon the Path in its various stages ofAstrology, 112:with their twelve month and their 25,000 year cycles. They bear out much that I have given youAstrology, 121:of the imprisoned life into new forms or new cycles of the divine Adventure. This Mutable Cross, ofAstrology, 141:therefore, a sign in which the significance of cycles is mastered and understood by the initiate.Astrology, 262:(Leo-Virgo) through the three above stages or cycles. She stands also for the womb of form and forAstrology, 312:subsequent identification with it for many long cycles. It is "the gate which stands wide open,Astrology, 387:secret of Aries is the secret of beginnings, of cycles and of emerging opportunity. At the thirdAstrology, 410:the greater rounds of the zodiac or a period of cycles of approximately 250,000 years has aAstrology, 410:in the zodiac during one of these 25,000 year cycles finds its analogy in the life cycle of the egoAstrology, 431:responded to the triple light but not until the cycles passed and passed again. Late in the day ofAstrology, 473:particular life or group of lives. The three cycles of major import in the consciousness of theAstrology, 475:triangles predominantly active in the first two cycles are fused and blended in the third. TheseAstrology, 561:the triangle of manifested Monad, plus the three cycles of four energies, focused and blended inAstrology, 596:astrologer will be unable to prove because the cycles involved are too long; intuitively he canAstrology, 619:as a result of that conflict and death. New cycles of Being and of consciousness are initiated byAstrology, 638:the stars. (S.D. Vol. III, 339) This system (or cycles) cannot be comprehended if the spiritualAstrology, 657:races." (Vol. II, 811) "One of the most esoteric cycles is based upon certain conjunctions andAstrology, 679:in The Secret Doctrine "One of the most esoteric cycles is based upon certain conjunctions andBethlehem, 19:dispensation comes between the two great world cycles, and just as Christ consummated in HimselfBethlehem, 43:great points of attainment, all climaxing cycles and initiating new ones. These are the firstBethlehem, 103:it was divided into definite periods and cycles, and though obviously the detail of what He had toBethlehem, 126:fact seems to have some glamorous appeal. Cycles of mysticism, cycles of philosophy, cycles ofBethlehem, 126:have some glamorous appeal. Cycles of mysticism, cycles of philosophy, cycles of scientificBethlehem, 126:Cycles of mysticism, cycles of philosophy, cycles of scientific expression, cycles of rankBethlehem, 126:of philosophy, cycles of scientific expression, cycles of rank materialism - such is the cyclic wayDestiny, 15:in control and passing through one of its rare cycles of activity we read that they butchered andDestiny, 18:it has been from the beginning of time, but the cycles of the Hierarchy, though relativelyDestiny, 66:frequency. This is oft forgotten, because the cycles are so much vaster than those of humanDestiny, 136:in incarnation throughout the Aquarian Age. Its cycles are the longest of any of the ray cycles.Destiny, 136:Its cycles are the longest of any of the ray cycles. However, within these major cycles there areDestiny, 136:of the ray cycles. However, within these major cycles there are periods of intensified activityDestiny, 137:They are, when out of incarnation, called [137] "cycles of withdrawal but not of abstraction." TheyDestiny, 143:the third ray) might prove disastrous. The ray cycles are usually set and determined, but, inDiscipleship1, 72:learns to pay no attention to these recurring cycles and interludes between the pairs of oppositesDiscipleship1, 124:the remainder of this life and its succeeding cycles... Discipleship1, 129:habits of a lifetime or maybe of several life cycles. But you have courage and a steady will andDiscipleship1, 165:of World Servers must work in these three year cycles and the foundation of cyclic attainment mustDiscipleship1, 242:begin now our real work and can regard the past cycles as simply preparatory in nature. TheDiscipleship1, 256:will be a better understanding of the Law of Cycles. There will then eventuate a comprehension ofDiscipleship1, 256:wise for sixth ray people to master the Law of Cycles and of rhythmic growth, for theirDiscipleship1, 267:the requirements with perfection; there may come cycles of aridity and of a seemingly staticDiscipleship1, 267:the personality, is too strong for these cycles to be more than transient episodes. I am notDiscipleship1, 323:what the inner path of reality signifies. Such cycles of realization must inevitably be succeededDiscipleship1, 330:but does so unconsciously. Disciples enter upon cycles or, rather, register their effects earlierDiscipleship1, 557:very weary. The vehicles have been used for many cycles and their potency (in a positive sense) isDiscipleship1, 557:out, which is the approaching goal. For long cycles, the soul has been negative in its effect uponDiscipleship1, 598:might be, described as a series of steady growth cycles, accentuated at intervals by definiteDiscipleship2, 150:thinks not in terms of years and of brief cycles (though long to humanity), but in terms of eventsDiscipleship2, 223:to them, cycle by cycle. The length of these cycles is one of the mysteries which is strictlyDiscipleship2, 223:Council Chamber of the Lord of the World; these cycles have reference only to manifestation in theDiscipleship2, 325:which it took them years to master in earlier cycles of hierarchical effort. This is true, on aDiscipleship2, 330:also "associated Masters," particularly during cycles of rapid initiation, as is the case [331]Discipleship2, 332:comes during any cycle of initiation. These cycles (for our purposes) fall into three categories:Discipleship2, 332:influx of power. At the period of these cycles, all within the Ashram react in some way or another;Discipleship2, 334:in the least. The Masters think in terms of cycles and not in terms of an individual life; as youDiscipleship2, 334:me, for instance, in terms of one thousand year cycles. What you may have done in this life, unlessDiscipleship2, 335:it is still in the experimental stage. The "cycles of interest," or those periods in which theDiscipleship2, 336:deeper understanding and over much more extended cycles of time. The result of this more frequentDiscipleship2, 339:of Karma, because it predominantly concerns cycles and the sequence of world events. There is muchDiscipleship2, 345:aspect. The "passing" of zodiacal and other cycles. This sixth Formula is a deduction from theDiscipleship2, 365:cyclic living into life itself. The Purpose of cycles. Control of timespace consciousness. [366]Discipleship2, 394:dark. Aspirants usually bitterly resent the many cycles of darkness through which they seem to go;Discipleship2, 451:in reality points of detachment. They mark the cycles of tension and should be carefully studiedDiscipleship2, 452:can arrive at a real understanding of the Law of Cycles - in your own life, in the life of anyDiscipleship2, 454:in order to help you to find the length of your cycles of inhalation and exhalation, I wouldDiscipleship2, 482:as well as the age, the background and the time cycles of the disciple. I would point out to you,Discipleship2, 535:but the soul thinks in terms of life cycles. A full and rich life cycle will open up for you as aDiscipleship2, 548:in its hand. Within the Ashram you must work. Cycles of speech transmute themselves into periods ofDiscipleship2, 548:than a personal one. The previous two cycles of teaching to which you have all submitted yourselvesDiscipleship2, 550:I stated in the last instruction to you that "cycles of speech transmute themselves into periods ofDiscipleship2, 550:could at present be characterized by the term "cycles of speech," could it not? Yet within theDiscipleship2, 550:could it not? Yet within the Ashram, if those cycles of speech are to be eloquent of truth, theDiscipleship2, 563:in training, true samadhi is not possible. The cycles of enforced quiet and of conscious withdrawalDiscipleship2, 684:is the present need of humanity and the law of cycles. The urgency of the time and the uniquenessDiscipleship2, 736:or results but are the commencement of new cycles. It is a momentous time in the soul's progressEducation, 8:teachers as Steiner, for though the seven year cycles have their place, the division is apt to beEducation, 8:be over-applied. I would also suggest ten year cycles of development, divided into two parts: sevenExternalisation, 93:this solar system of changing forces, shifting cycles and constant mutation directed towards theExternalisation, 96:that it was the points of crisis and the cycles of tension which constituted for you the majorExternalisation, 114:is true of the individual is true of humanity. Cycles of civilization such as that we call ourExternalisation, 120:and their worldwide extension began. These cycles are similar to the inbreathing and theExternalisation, 278:course. I would remind you that the law of cycles is the law governing the appearing and theExternalisation, 293:before the disciple. Similarly, there come cycles wherein the Dweller on the Threshold appears andExternalisation, 294:my brother, They do appear from age to age. Some cycles in a disciple's life present one aspect ofExternalisation, 448:happenings. All true movements conditioning long cycles in world affairs have at their center aExternalisation, 489:thinks not in terms of years and of brief cycles (though long to humanity), but in terms of eventsExternalisation, 520:esoteric "Fire of God" which brings to an end cycles, ideologies, organizations and civilizationsExternalisation, 524:much can be noted. For aeons and for countless cycles, the Hierarchy has functioned withdrawn intoExternalisation, 525:who are not even disciples. For aeons and for cycles, the Members of the Hierarchy have beenExternalisation, 525:from certain of the arduous labors of the past cycles. Some of the available inflowing ShamballaFire, 6:Every manifested life has its three great cycles: Birth - Life - Death. Appearance - growth -Fire, 7:- rajasic life - sattvic life. Knowledge of the cycles involves knowledge of number, sound andFire, 7:and color. Full knowledge of the mystery of the cycles is the possession only of the perfectedFire, 45:His fifth initiation, thus completing one of His cycles. When the rotary, the forward, and theFire, 47:system, and has completed one of his greater cycles. 13 When the three blaze forth as one fire,Fire, 71:ever, as do all things in Nature, in ordered cycles. The stimulation, for instance, that is the
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